Thursday, December 15, 2011

wrap it up

i'm telling you what,
talk to women about shoes
ask their opinion
& seriously we have a great blog conversation going on!

ya'll are awesome.
i loved, LOVED all the comments.
i put it out on facebook too ( the metallic vs glitter tory's survey if you missed it)
& totally enjoyed all your enthusiastic responses.
i loved hearing about all the granny's who in their 90's were still rocking
the glittered kicks look!

lesson of the day....
you're never too old for glitter!!
as far as the shoes....well...i'll keep you posted.
i've wanted the metallic forever.
in fact, had promised myself that if i dropped a jean size
after training last year for the half marathon i'd splurge & treat myself.
you can see how far that got!

anyway...while we're on the topic of all things gold & glitter
i thought i'd share some of my gift wrap with you.

years ago i would wait until i'd tucked in each of the girls
& then spend christmas eve in a christmas wrapping frenzy.
shoot me now.
these days, what i try to do, is put everything in boxes as soon as i purchase.
i tell the girls, NO peeking.
their loss if they spoil the surprise.
then i get everything wrapped early. 

i love for the outside of the package to be as fun as the gift itself.
well, it makes for a pretty view under the tree anyway.

some of the things i use:
i print small silhouettes of the girls & glitter the edges
vintage christmas cards, i glitter those too
ornaments & glittered snowflakes.
paper shred & wired ribbon.
years ago i printed out little endearments
& cute little sayings on cardstock & re-use those each year.

i also try to collect gift boxes during the year.
pretty much anytime i buy something from anthro i ask for a gift box...shhh....


Nancy said...

Inspiring! I'm totally stocking up on ornaments on the 26th. Your girlies are so lucky :)

Sheri said...

mom.of.the.year :)

Jboo said...

Holy cats! I love this!!! Am trying to also wrap earlier than Christmas Eve.

Totally agree -- you are mom of the year!


Shannon said...

Look at all those gifts!!! I want to come to your house for Christmas morning ;) They all look so pretty wrapped up and just waiting to be opened. Looks like you are all ready for Christmas morning.

Paige said...

K, now I have to make mine prettier NEXT year!! I love them and I'm so impressed

Privet and Holly said...

They are all a beautiful
reflection of the heart that
chose them. Your girls
must feel a little bit sad to
open such works of art!

xx Suzanne

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

You want to know what I think would be fun? Wrapping presents alongside you, and then photographing it all together! Gosh I adore you. Everything looks amazing and I'm sure everyone is going to love those sweet goodies!

Rachel said...

looks great! love it!

Rebecca said...

So simple & yet so classy!
Forgot to say it before....I like your alternative to the standard tree skirt. Very n-ice!!!

Tiffini said...

To pretty to open:)
You have inspired me to be more intentional in asking for gift boxes throughout the year!
Hope anthropologie doesn't come looking for you now that blog land will be asking for more boxes;)
Beautiful just like your heart!

Tiffini said...

To pretty to open:)
You have inspired me to be more intentional in asking for gift boxes throughout the year!
Hope anthropologie doesn't come looking for you now that blog land will be asking for more boxes;)
Beautiful just like your heart!

Anonymous said...

The wrapping is beautiful and looks so nice under your tree..I love how ya did the tops of the boxes different..

Renee said...

It's beautiful!!!! I love it!!!! Your girlies are very lucky.

Micah Jamie said...

Gorgeous! I love fancy finishes don't you? Also, I wanna change my vote....metallic defintely metallic!

brockey said...

love :) I too wrap boxes but with nothing in them to decorate under my fresh tree and use them over again!!!!! So pretty to unwrap !

Sharon said...

I love that you kept most of the boxes white with no paper just beautiful trims! So, I'll be on the lookout for more boxes and less wrapping paper.

Jacqueline said...

It is so special how much time and effort you put into your gift wrapping. Everything looks just so beautiful...who even needs the gift inside? I would just like to receive and empty package that looks that beautiful.

Kerri said...

YOU are amazing! XOXOXO

Talia said...

Absolutely stunning - as ALWAYS!

Love you, love your blog!

traci said...

ok. you may have totally revolutionized how i wrap presents in the future. amazing. so simple but gorgeous. i am wondering if my family would miss the unwrapping aspect of it.

Heather said...

Wow, your packages look SO pretty!

Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

SO peaceful and beautiful, Paige! I've missed you!

Between You and Me said...

I love that you put so much time and effort and thought into each gift wrap.

I'm sure your girls appreciate it, too!

I know this is totally off the subject, but girl, your floors are amazing.

Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous Paige!!

I am inspired by you and am off to giftwrap now!! Your tree looks so pretty surrounded by those beautifully decorated boxes X

Rebecca said...

I love your gift tags, and of course the beautiful packages. Awesome work! I'll be thinking about you and your packages this weekend while I'm madly catching up on my wrapping!

Anonymous said...

wow! your girls are really fortunate to have a mom like you! you're so organized and thoughtful :) I'm a teenage girl as well, who reads your blog because your photography is so beautiful. I love my parents, but for the past few years if I get a christmas present at all it's something small that I requested and never a surprise. I'm not complaining, but I'm really blown away by all the effort you put into making your girls surprised on Christmas :)

Kat said...

Can I come over to your house on Christmas morning?! Those packages are gorgeous!!! Lucky girls! xoxoxo

Maggie said...

So pretty!!! Almost to pretty to open.. ALMOST!!!!! Yep mom. of. the. year totally agree~

Anonymous said...

The sea of white boxes with all the shiny trim is soooo so pretty! LUCKY LUCKY girls.

I am a very visual person but I don't like wrapping paper, and wrapping! I would do better with boxes!


brockey said...

Inspiring but was wondering. Are the gifts for your girls and do they decorate there gifts to you and you family the same

Lindsey said...

Oh my the gifts...they are almost too pretty to unwrap!!

Alecia said...

Gorgeous...I have the same initial ornaments from PB to put on my nieces presents :-) I also have the same polka dot wrapping...LOVE IT! I like all your ideas of little notes with glitter trim...and girl...your bow tying skills are impeccable! :-) Merry look fantastic under the tree!

Michaela said...

Gift wrap is so fun! Your packages look like something I saw recently on Style Me Pretty (: Lovely!