Wednesday, August 26, 2009

an afterschool dialogue

Mama, a boy at school today was telling everyone i had the swan flu

You don't have the swine flu honey. Why was he saying that?

He said i have the swan flu because my eye was watery & itchy.

Darlin', watery itchy eyes are definately not a symptom of the swine flu. you were probably just having allergy like symptoms.

You mean i'm allergic to something?

Yeah, you're allergic to boys that spread rumors about cute girls.

Whew, at least i don't have the swan flu.

Sweetie, its actually the swine flu, not swan flu. mean swine flu like pigs?

You got it.

Mama, I think the swan flu sounds much prettier.

ps--the rockin little dress was purchased from a Bushel & a Peck last year.
Jeanne has just restocked her shop & everything is wonderful!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

~~~Happy 13 Sweet Emily Austin~~~

This weekend, my sweet Emi turns 13!
the precious age teeter tottering between sweet and nieve & all grown up
worrying about what everyone else is doing
facebook & cellphones
lip gloss and hair scrunching gel
shaved legs & hoop earings
sleepovers & stuffed animals
good night hugs & kisses
holding hands with mama even in public

i know i've said this before
but since its my blog i'll do it again

sweet emily austin
i found out i was pregnant with you just days before daddy gregg found a lump
that's why i called you my angel baby
because you were like a freebie to me....a special gift during a horrifically difficult time

your middle name is austin after your great grandaddy who passed while you were in my womb
the name emily after my favorite doll when i was little

we scheduled your induction around daddy gregg's chemo
he was able to be there for your delivery only to get sick that night & never be quite the same
he was able to hold you until only a couple weeks later
when a seizure confirmed the worst
the cancer had spread
he went to heaven while you were in the suite next door
only 13 weeks old

i think the Lord has a great sense of humor
you look just like him
same huge brown eyes & curly hair
muscular legs...that'll be great for running-wink
always smiling
everyone's friend
he'd be so proud of you angel baby
just as i am
emily & i were able to spend some time a few weeks ago
just the two of us
we headed out to Serenbe
a beautiful hip & funky community about an hour south of atlanta

figured we could hang out

grab some yummy lunch & have 'the talk'

serenbe has a funky vibe
sorta urban loft meets horse country
but i soon realized
for this mom & her almost 13 year old
was quite a snoozer
only one super cute shop...sigh
but check out the funky street lights

here's the infamous farmers market
which is great if you live there
but not as fabulous as my grandious expections

gorgeous flowers
but since we were having "the talk"
& had an hour commute
figured the gorgeous flowers wouldn't make it

the cute yellow lab puppy
the highlight of our day
besides "the talk" more of the funky street lights

very cool light bulb fixtures

cute house with fab roof
emi was so impressed
the blue eyed daisy bakery
funky decor
but again
a tad disappointed
some shots from our nature walk
which consisted of the 40 yards between the blue eyed daisy & our car
since it was 100 degrees

even the stop signs & the speed signs were done in the cool rustic iron things

tin roofed homes
very very cute

so Serenbe
we were very impressed with your whole urban vibe thing going on out in the middle of no where but just a little boring for a teen ager & a mom who had high hopes for some grand shopping
but we'll be back one day during the holidays to enjoy how great you look all dressed up in your christmas finest, i'm sure
for those of you who caught the whole "talk" thing
it went great
i didn't really have a set plan
sorta winged it & it turned out the best of all 3 i've done so far

back to emi
who is turning 13 years old tomorrow
& 13 years is about the length of time i'm sure reading this entry might just take....

some of my favorite images are of sweet emi contemplating the ocean
i always wonder what your thoughts are...

Happy Brithday Sweet Child!!
I love you so
big lubs!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

we go together.....a post about bff's

this past weekend was full of encouragement & celebrations for a couple of the girls and their best friends
madison & her besties painted tshirts & wore pink to support & encourage her closest friend as her mommy endured her first surgery, all 10 hours , since being diagnosed with breast cancer. please note
even the cast, flips, painted nails, camis & hairbows are all pink
we love you jenny!!

on a much lighter note
i must share with you what savannah & her girlfriends did to celebrate one of the girls 16th birthday.
this surely wins the creativity award
& maybe an award for maybe a little over the top!
( can't wait to see what she whips up for my bday--wink!)

this involved months of planning , preparations & shopping

it all began with a typed "anonymous" letter being delivered to bday girl at school
followed by kidnapping & a scavenger hunt

here's the angels pre-kidnapping at birthday girl's home post hiding all her gifts

channeling their inner gangsta!

birthday girl being blindfolded

birthday girl cracking up as 2 of the angels take their task very seriously

savannah carrying in blindfolded bday girl
trying to continue to maintain all seriousness

birthday girls house was full of birthday gifts to be found via the elaborate scavenger hunt
the girls had bought her loads of gifts including a dress, shoes & jewelry for their evening event, which mind you is still a surprise
the angels have now dressed & left gangster wear behind

much horsing around continues

& lots of hugs
we're all about the hugs at 16 right?

birthday girl & angels arriving at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta for the big reveal
birthday girl realizes the friends are also treating her to a night at the musical

realization & tears call for more hugs of gratitude
poor corporate man caught in the paparazzi

jay walking in downtown Atlanta
please note the friends are all in black & felt later that they may have looked a little too dreary while birthday girl sports her new ensemble
which is NOT black


sexy glamour shots

maybe a little much sexy glamour shots!

totally cute girls

girls just wanna have fun
& i'll give you one guess who the biggest ham of 'em all is...

so proud of you girls & how you love on & support your friends.

If there is ever a tomorrow when we are not together there is something you must always remember: you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think, but most important of all, even if we are apart, I'll always be with you.

(Christopher Robin to Pooh)