Thursday, June 30, 2011

sunflowers & sororities

i have officially lost my mind.
it's 12:51 
which means it's approximately 3 hours past my bedtime
& about 5 hours until my alarm goes off!

emi's flight just departed from Lima!!!
we'll pick her up from the airport in a few hours & i'm beside myself excited.
sadly, i'm out of my creamer 
& since i don't do black coffee
tomorrow morning may be a tad painful.

but anyway.

this photoshoot is maybe in my top 3 faves of all times.
i love sunflowers
i love big laughs
i love cowboy boots
& i really love these three girls.

for the last two years
we've worked with a group of 15 or so middle school girls
each wednesday night.
spending time with savannah, bailey & abby
& watching them pour into those girls
is a priceless memory that i treasure.

we wanted to do a little photoshoot before bailey headed off to ole miss
for summer school
sniff sniff
& begin a few for abby's senior photos.
the last several years that my family roadtripped to the sunflower farm
savannah wasn't with us
so i really wanted some of her.

savannah & i spent some time today chatting about all her upcoming excitement with college
& sororities.
she'll head to athens in early august for rush
& is so excited!!
the nursing school i attended didn't have sororities
so this is all new for me.

so many fun things going on right now.
sometimes i feel i can barely keep up 
with all that my girls have going on.
one day i know it will all come to a screeching halt
but for now
i sure do love it!

& abby
you three girls are such amazing young women.
& i am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for this
next chapter in your lives.
you have an inner light that shines brightly
that i know is from Him.
i pray you know the depth of His love for you
& sense that He truly goes before you
in all you do.

i love you dearly