Thursday, December 29, 2011

one of my most favorites! {catherine ~a senior session}

since it feels like i'll never get all our christmas photos
edited & a 'final christmas post', or 4 written
i want to share one of my most favorite sessions from this past fall.

catherine is one of my precious abby's best friends.
i was thrilled to be asked to shoot her senior photos.
she is gorgeous & such a "just as beautiful on the inside" young lady
who just so happens to be headed to UGA in the fall...
& i think i know a certain AXO who is hoping to see alot of her during rush ;)

i had searched high & low for a fabulous vintage suitcase for her session.
i knew i wanted to capture the 'going away'-ness of her senior year
& thanks to the magic of facebook, a friend scored one at an estate sale & 
even swung by to drop it off as i was walking out the door to photograph her!

we headed over to the tracks which incidentally are across from the police station.
adds an element of fun to a session when you incorporate an illegal walk on the tracks.
is it illegal? anyways.
as i began to talk through my plan with catherine we could hear a train coming in the distance.
i figured we could go ahead & get started but her mama would have nothing to do with it.
i was momentarily frustrated with the train's poor timing
& then i realized what fabulous shots it would be
to have the train moving in the background!

catherine is laughing so wonderfully because her mama was freaking out.
freaking out i tell you
that we were too close to the train!
thankfully we lived
& she didn't ask for a refund
& we got what i believe are some of my favorites. ever!

congratulations on UGA sweet catherine!
may the rest of your senior year be filled with wonderful memories
& excitement for the future!


Love Being A Nonny said...

Goodness...she is gorgeous! The pictures are stunning! I love the suitcase pics!

Cassie Bustamante said...

wow- she is so gorgeous! beautiful pictures- you must be such a proud mama! my daughter is almost 5 and i cannot imagine taking her senior pictures! but i know i will be there in what will seem like a minute!

KTG said...

Oh So beautiful!!

Between You and Me said...

she is a beautiful so many of them that I'm having a hard time choosing...but those of her laughing on the train track are amazing...they captured her truest smile!

I also really love that last one that you featured......

Yippee....another UGA bound girl!

slip4 said...

Beautiful girl and a talented photographger...a winning combo! I wish you lived closer to Richmond, VA so you could take my son's senior pics next year. Love your style!

sle said...

Beautiful subject and I must say you brought out the best in each photo! Great work, Paige! Happy New Year!!

Talia said...

Gosh, what a beautiful girl! Your photos are gorgeous. How I wish you were in Ohio!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos..

just ask beth said...

she is adorable and you captured her spirit perfectly!!

Louise said...


Serendipity that the train had burgundy, gold and brown colors in some of those shots, to match with her pretty dress, necklace and boots?

Melaine Thompson said...

oh Paige, you are soooo good! I love her dress! :)

Alecia said...

I had a train photo shoot one time & the train came but it was going so fast we didn't have the beautiful cars in the was a bunch of blur! The pictures are just did a great job. I love how each one of the train pics looks so different b/c of the different cars in the background...and the pics in the field...sooo soft & lovely.

Kelly H said...

love the pics... and funny you should question if being on the tracks is illegal... I was taking some pics with my kids last week on some tracks, and was kindly informed by the local police officer that we should get off the tracks(he went further to share that the train company had told them to press tresspassing charges on people that they found there after a warning was given) so... i guess as long as your police station isnt giving you a hard time, i guess you are fine!!

RobinfromCA said...

What a lovely girl and such creative, beautiful shots! The train tracks are the perfect place and that fortuitous train arrived just in time - just like the suitcase!

Amanda said...

Her sweetness shines through in those photos. I cried looking at the ones of her laughing at her sweet daughters will always have to laugh at my over-protectiveness as well. Gosh, I really did cry at that...I need a pill or something.

julieann said...

These are for sure your best pictures yet. I can see how much you think of her in each shot... I love the whole train track adventure. You were creating memories of a fun shoot too... Keep up the good work.. Happy New Year!!!

Lindsey said...

teenagers just get prettier and prettier. Love these of Catherine! Best wishes to her as she starts this next stage of life!

Maria said...

How fun!! I love the photos and the name Catherine:) I can't wait to hear what SMK has to say about rush "on the other side." It's intense and a great responsibility but when the week is over and you get the young women you've been working for.

Maggie said...

WOW She looks AMAZING!!!! Great photographer too~

Anonymous said...

Love these, you are so awesome, and she is so beautiful.

Unknown said...

This girl is beautiful, she has the most gorgeous smile ever :)

Wonderful photos Paige, the story of the train made me laugh....altho I would have been that Mama too, thinking "get my baby off those tracks....please!!" LOL! x

Jenn A said...

I do now know this girl, but she is stunning!
Great photos!!