Thursday, May 22, 2008

Summer Bliss

We have decided that for several reasons its best to go ahead & take our summer vacation a bit earlier this year. So, we're packing up & headin' out this weekend!
These 8 days are undoubtedly my favorite days of the year..... being with my family in a beautiful little town, white sand & crystal clear water....pure bliss.

We hope to do some of this...

loads of this... plenty of this...some of this too...

hope to find some of these...
& a little time for this....


Hope each of you has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend & we'll see you when we get back!

& one more thing....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a little of this & a little of that

You sweet blog friends,
you just never know what you'll be subjected to when you drop by here.
Sorry about that!
But, none the less, you continue to be some of the most encouraging friends!
Thank you , again, for all the heart felt words of concern lately. We've had some heavy days lately combined with some heavy conversations.
I appreciate each & every note so much. You are so dear.
I realize some wonderful bloggers keep things just "business" with wonderful photos of personal creations & loads of crafty inspiration and I love those. Some of my favorite blogs inspire me with amazing photography or wonderful eye candy. A few blogs that I read are full of broken hearts that are just getting through to the next day. Each of those speak to me, whether connecting to a deep place in my soul
or just leaving me with a beautiful verse or quote and a smile.
I guess mine is just a "where I am" for the day kinda blog
--usually uneventful & probably quite boring....sigh.
I wish I was better at keeping a hand written journal~ I'm working on it!
The local strawberry patch is in full bloom.
For the last several years we've made a few trips each summer.
Our freezer & our friends are all loaded with yummy homemade strawberry jam. I'm hoping we will get a chance to get out there before they are all gone.
Here are some pictures from years past...
all pre-digital camera so sorry for the lack of clarity.
I love the first two-Caroline with a mouth full of berries & juice stained fingers to match!

between several pairs of red cowboy boots,
red hannah andersson clogs
and some cute straw hats,
Caroline has always been a good sport for
"i'll take the pictures, you pick the berries"

sweet emi, about 8 1/2 years ago...

I also wanted to include a few of Madison in class. She has worked so hard this year & I've seen so much improvement. Due to the level she dances, she goes to class 5 days a week...whew!

switching gears...
Have you seen the new Amy Butler goodies
( found them at Michaels)
....oh my....
great colors, great textures, little fabric swatches ,
fabric tape, cute little tote , way too fun die-cuts,
fabric colored brads,
glittered & flocked paper.....give me strength!

Since I'm all over the board,
for all you AI fans...
we have some serious love going on
for our man
David Cook !!!!!
Another thing.....found these t's at the gap.
Surely they are the softest t-shirt I've ever worn & at $16!
run & grab a few!

6 more days & those cuties will be out of school...home all day, asking when we can go to the pool, eating all the food, leaving me remembrances of them in each room, wiping me out of diet coke .......
I mean , 6 more days until I can spend loads of time with my sweet girls....wink!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I just got off the phone with Lil.

She has been feeling so emotionally up the last few times we've spoken that her fragile voice caught me a little off guard.

She tells me that her cancer is terminal this time....the doctor didn't want to use a number but told her it would be considered a stage 4.

~~that took my breath away~~

I can't imagine her tender heart right now. She's beat this nasty ole disease many other times. I'm certain she's never been told her diagnosis was terminal.

Our little conversation went back & forth between talking about the soup made by a sweet friend that I'll bring by tomorrow, to her feeling like "all these doctors appointments" aren't doing any good, to she wants to weed her yard today because it might rain tomorrow, to the fact that there is no cancer in Heaven.

Her sweet hubby was sitting right beside her. I tried to picture what his sweet facial expressions were ( yes, he has creases in his face from his perpetual smile). I've been in his position before.

I've sat there while the doctor explained to my loved one that the cancer had spread & was worse than they expected. I've sat there as my stage 4 loved one talked about trips we would take ( someday....) to where "all the papers" were kept.

I wonder if despite his full day of being Lil's primary caretaker & just the business of getting it all done, if he ever lets her see his tears fall.

I never did.

I'm not a crier.

I don't like to feel that whatever I'm dealing with is bigger than me....I much prefer the days when everything is in its place & as it should be.

But today as I sit here typing these words , the tears are falling.

I hate for her to feel ( even if its just today) that she is loosing hope.

I want her to continue to balance ( as hard as it is) between preparing for what may come however hanging on to hope~

that's all I have in me right now..........

Friday, May 02, 2008


I tell you what, one of the cutest things to me has been when my girls have lost both front teeth at the same time...I love it!
I love how they have a little temporary lisp
I love how their little face even changes shape
Its the quintessential cute kid time Caroline lost her first tooth last week & then the second one yesterday.
OH my, I could just eat her up.
I'm praying those big girl teeth don't drop in before we head to the beach!

Sweet Emi lost her two front teeth during an accident she had when she was only two years old. You talk about cuteness...we saw that toothless grin for years. & yes , she did indeed have a speech impediment that has since resolved. She now ( after the help of orthodontia) has a beautiful full smile.

Madison only had both of them out for a short time. Between those humongous gorgeous blue eyes & the toothless grin .....

Now Savannah happened to loose all four top teeth at the same time.......good grief was that cute.
We had a large charcoal portrait done of her during that time. The artist asked if I would like for her to "draw them in". Was she crazy? of course not!

I know some of you sweet mothers prefer a mouth full of pearly whites...but give me those few precious toothless grin days any day!
Have a wonderfully blessed weekend
ps~ i listed a few little goodies on ebay if you wish to come visit