Sunday, May 29, 2011

Savannah's Graduation!!!!

Friday night was awesome!!!
We had beautiful weather & an absolutely perfect graduation service for Savannah.
I didn't cry.
I am so darn proud of her that the night was just full of smiles

I moved to this community after Gregg passed away
knowing it was known for it's fantastic schools.
Parkview High has been an exceptional school
& provided Savannah with an excellent education.

She will leave here completely prepared for life at University of Georgia.
I'm going to do this here,
so please forgive the obnoxious mom moment
i think the numbers are correct...i'll check with her when she comes home.

She graduated with honors
ranked 30th in her class of almost 600.
top 5%.
she is was in Beta Club
& Mu Alpha Theta
and an Honors Graduate.
She was invited into the Honors Program at UGA.

i am beyond proud of you sweet girl!

our sweet Bailey gave a fantastic speech!!!

the kids swaying back & forth during the alma mater

sweet emi , always smiling!
( her ringtone on my phone is happy girl by martina mcbride. she lives up to that!)

my brother & sister in law
who we love dearly.
hard to believe she's old enough to graduate huh buddy?
don't you remember coming & helping me feel secure
when i was a single mom in this home
during tornado watches?
she was only 4!
& now....

love you & thank you for all your support of my girls all these years!

i don't want to embarrass Trevor
but i might as well share this now....
i have encouraged each of my girls to hold off on the boyfriend thing
at least until jr/sr year.
i didn't need to push that one with savannah
as she's a pretty tough sell.

she started dating Trevor a year ago
& i'm convinced he's the greatest guy in that school.

the night he picked her up for their first prom
& i saw how respectful and sweet he was to her....
& how he looked at her
i knew she held out for a great guy!
we love you Trevor & know you'll do great things at UGA
even if it's not UT!

sweet moment with savannah & her daddy.
how he loves her so....

 sweet friends sharing the love for a great watch!

my prayer for each of my girls
is that they go through high school
with two awesome friends
like Trevor & Bailey.

If i could have chosen two perfect special friends for her,
i would have chosen you two!
i love you both!

Congratulations Savannah!!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh the Places You'll Go

 graduation is tonight.
at the risk of sounding completely cliche, i can't believe it's here.
often times i look at her & wonder how she can be 18 years old
when i often feel 18 years old myself.

last night while savannah was out with friends,
i placed a card on her pillow for her to find when she returned home.
one of those annoying cards that plays music,
but it's the Dr. Seuss Oh the Places You'll Go card.
she is a voracious reader
& always loved Seuss,
so it seemed perfect.

as i read what each of her sisters wrote, it filled my heart.
things like "i want to be just like you when i grow up"
"i'm so proud to be your sister"
"i'll miss you"
& "i love you"

i climbed into bed and told dan i needed to have my game face on tonight.
i work all three days of the holiday weekend
& simply can not be emotional while trying to function in my job.
might hold off on reading that card again until tuesday!

"So be sure when you step,
Step with care and great tact.
And remember that life's A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed?
 Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed)
Kid, you'll move mountains."
Dr. Seuss
yesterday i had a little end of the school year gift waiting for each of the girls.
with savannah heading off to college i wanted to start a little tradtion~
giving the girls each a piece of jewelry before they go
that i also have a matching piece to match.
nothing expensive or fancy just something that we both like.
when i saw the Dream Big leather cuff on jeanne's site
i knew i had found the perfect piece for savannah.
she's a super smart girl, independent and confident.
yesterday as she opened her presents i reminded her
that no matter what she chooses in this life
i know she'll be successful
while i'm super sad that she's leaving our little nest
i am filled with joy that she's wrapped up this chapter in her life
so very well
i can't wait to see what the Lord has for her future!!
"You're off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So... get on your way!"
Dr. Seuss 
(print by piedpiperphoto available here )

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

may, you've just about wore me out

for the last few days
we've definitely been dragging out of bed around here.

years ago i went cold turkey and took caffeine (for the most part) out of my diet.
in the last year i've chilled a little and have slowly added just a little back in.
dan makes a pot of coffee each morning ( heavy on the caffeine) that i make a fat free latte out of.
this morning, i asked him to make me a small pot of decaf before he left.
i have a couple carpools, spin class and a stressed out 4th grader.
what was i thinking?

i virtually never have a stressed out 4th grader, but today is the science olympics.
last night at 10:30 ( an hour and half past her school bedtime) she was wrapping up the completion of the can car. can car take 5. when her daddy helped her figure out why attempts 1-4 had not been working , she sobbed happy tears and thanked him profusely. precious.
he wanted us to practice with it before school. let me tell you, i'm probably more stressed than she is about it's debut.

our highschool baseball team has made it to the AAAAA state championship.  savannah has road tripped down to south georgia several times this week to cheer them on. saturday is a big day around here as they play in the finals!
good thing she's been a busy girl, since her sweetie has been in Mexico for a week.
which reminds me,
have i posted prom pictures yet?

please tell me i'm not the only one who can't remember if i'm coming or i'm going these days!

the big ballgame follows friday night~graduation for smk & her class of over 700!
gotta remember to pick up kleenex.

can you tell this post is an attempt to keep up with our life?

madison has been her baker self, of course, making icecream cone cupcakes for her health class.

a few weeks ago , she created a super cute treat for a fellow Harry Potter fan.

some randomness....

caroline loves to wear her glasses while she works on her homework.
says it makes her more intellectual.
the kicker~
the frames are empty!
what a riot!

please forgive what appears to be an abundance
of photos of myself in this post.
with events, banquets and grad parties to attend
we've ended up with a handful of couple photos of dan & i.
as one who never feels comfortable in front of the camera, i'm really trying to be better about that.

if i've already posted mother's day photos,
i'm sorry to subject you to them again
but i'm running out the door
(science olympics remember)
i don't have time to go back & check old posts
however, since caroline declared that i'm "the bomb dot com"
i'm feeling good, even without caffeine!

ya'll have a great day!
& wish caroline's erupting volcano & oatmeal can car good luck!
with 2 more days of school left, we can make it!