Wednesday, December 07, 2011

i love this artist, chapter 2

first off, i realized my title from yesterday's post must have fooled a few of you
because i had a few more hits than usual.
sorry about that, 
but seriously you must go through the holiday house walk so far!
today's homes include the holly mathis & the sara from sadie olive too!

i know we've talked about her before,
hence the title,
but i felt the need to share some of Janet Hill's
holiday paintings.
i love everything she does
& the whimsical titles she gives each one are so fun!

i love everything about this one~
 reminiscent of my favorite icon, jackie kennedy

the not yet sick of chevron dress print

minnie wore white shoes after labor day print
 i purchased this one after having my farmtable redone

this one makes me wish i was a ginger,

 of course i'm smitten with this one too,

back in the spring i shared the austen dresses prints i purchased for madison's room,
they are also available through janet hill.


Kat said...

Her prints are amazing. I am hoping to acquire some of my own. Love her too!

Jenny Beth said...

dont you just adore these precious prints?? cant wait to find a spot to put them in my house!!

Micah Jamie said...

Lovely. I have to check her out.

Shannon said...

I see a few new prints I haven't seen before!! Her art is so beautiful :)

Between You and Me said...

her prints are amazing....but you wishing you were a ginger is more awesome. :)

Katiebee said...

i had never seen her work until you posted awhile back...i'm in love! thanks for sharing~



Unknown said...

I love the 2nd & 3rd images, beautiful colours :) X


I gave her prints (framed) to my daughters last year . . . they loved them. It is fun to see them in their homes this year.


Farmgirl Paints said...

she's my absolute favorite. ahhhh...thanks for the eye candy:)

Rebecca said...

I love her prints! I especially love the chevron dress print. Running over now to look at her website!

Alecia said...

They're does one choose?!? I love all your fun finds that you share :-)