Tuesday, December 06, 2011

tour of homes & a family session

Jen Rizzo is hosting a virtual holiday tour of homes.
the tour began yesterday and today will feature Dear Lillie & Jeanne Oliver's homes!
i think one of my favorite aspects of blogging is peeking into homes 
& being inspired by their decorations!!

swing by on friday & i will share what Christmas looks like in our home this year.

 this is the view from my big comfy white chair.
i start my mornings here usually on google reader,
having my quiet time, maybe reading a book.
last night before caroline climbed into bed, she said 
mama can you wake me at 7:20?
if you're editing a photo at 7:20 you don't need to stop, you can just
come and get me when you're done with it.
guess that tells you what i've primarily been doing while sitting in my comfy white chair lately!

over thanksgiving break i was commissioned to photograph a young family.
the mom asked if i would come to their home for the session.
as she described the location
i realized i had driven by a few weeks prior and fell in love.
friends i have to tell you, i absolutely loved her home.
( i hope she'll blog and share some of the interior. if so i'll hook you up!)
from the pebble drive, to the large front porch with swings and linen pillows.
rich dark hardwoods, creamy white interior, huge lanterns
monograms, sprawling back porch with a swinging bed
& little edison bulb lights on the ceiling.
magazine worthy but better.
i won't steal any of her thunder with my inadequate description
but if i were to move in there today,
i would not change a single thing.

she greeted savannah and i at the door
and from the moment we stepped inside
the warm southern hospitatilty of both her & her hubby
and precious children
had us hook line and sinker.

we're hoping she'll need a nanny this summer.
or a cleaning lady! ha!

here are a few from that day~

 thank you gary family
for the privilege of photographing 
your beautiful family!


Kelli said...

I can't wait to see your home! That photo shoot is so precious. You really captured some great candid moments (those are my fav). I'm sure they appreciated all of your hard work. We'll keep our fingers crossed for a nanny opening ;)

Debby said...

You did a beautiful job. You can tell that they were very relaxed. What a cute family.
Excited to see your home. Caroline is so funny.
Happy Holidays.

Between You and Me said...

ask me how excited i am to see your house on friday?


love these shots...may be some of my favorite that you've taken this season.....

I'm totally loving her front porch with those pumpkins and her kids are a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

adorable as in ridiculously adorable.

traci said...

can't wait to see your lovely home. great job on the session. sweet family and you captured their love.

Talia said...

What a lovely family. You did an incredible job - the photos are great.

giosmama26@yahoo.com said...

I've been looking so very forward to seeing your house on the tour. I can't wait for your day. So far, I'm loving it! You always do amazing work.

Your photos are beautiful.I bet the family is jazzed and adoring each and ever shot.

Happy Holidays.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

That's a crazy amount of cuteness right there!!! Love it.

primjillie said...

What an adorable family! You did a wonderful job. Those little girls are adorable! I hope she takes your suggestion because we would all love to see her home. Would you mind telling us the darling children's names? We are expecting a new grandbaby and are on the lookout for names, and I bet they have cute ones!

Jill Palumbo

sugar said...

I can't wait to visit Friday! I am blogging again....just a little. Hope you'll stop by :)

Tricia said...

Your family room looks amazing Paige, I can't wait to see the rest of your holiday home!!

Bravo with the photo session, what an adorable family and you're quite the photographer my friend.

Kacey said...

Super excited to see your home! I love your cozy living room.

Cute family session with a beautiful family!

Alecia said...

Nice work...I see the swinging bed at the end...looks so cozy!

Can't wait to see the rest of your home all decorated for Christmas...the living room looks LOVELY!

patty said...

lovely photos of a beautiful family, and your home---beautiful as well.

Michele said...

I can't wait to see your home Paige - I think I could move in to your home as is too!! Beautiful photo shoot as always! You have such a very special gift :)

My Secret Life in Lilly said...

Visiting from Jen's Christmas Walk & linking to a blog post. You family is beautiful!
Christie @ Carter's Cottage

brockey said...

Can't wait to see your home. The photo session by far my favorite so far : ) Beautiful family....... those girlsI could just eat them up !!!!!!

Unknown said...

These are beautiful Paige...my favourite is the big sister whispering to the little sister, that is a perfect shot. Gorgeous family :)

Cannot WAIT to see your house.....eeeeeeeekkkkk!!! X

Anne Lorys said...

Your hom eis amazing, as are your gorgeous photos of this beautiful family!

You are gifted in so many different areas!

Big hugs,

tara said...

You did a wonderful job paige!what a gorgeous family! I am excited to see your home on Friday...I am sure it will be spectacular!