Friday, July 31, 2009

confessions of a photo junkie

madison grace~~ seaside '09

i thought i might need to explain the whole excessive photo taking issue that i confessed a few entries ago. despite taking over 2,500 images, surprisingly i really didn't feel that i had the camera in front of my face during my entire vacation.

i think for those of us that enjoy taking photos its really all about balance. the balance between wondering if i'm going to miss a moment that i want to tangibly capture forever vs the should i just put my camera down & be in the moment.

for me, many fun activity moments i usually do not even have my camera out---the recent family trip to the Atlanta Braves for example..nope , no camera. its funny how many times my girls will say...."what, you didn't even bring your camera?!" but rather, i enjoy capturing them in their world....cheering, dressed up for a dance, a good hair day, whatever. for years emi hated having her picture taken. honestly, as soon as i pulled it out of the bag she would morph into a completely different child. often times looking quite forlorn. this summer she was just beside her self excited about all the potential "photoshoots" as she called them. she talked about how she might do her hair, the outfits she'd wear, the jewelry. she frequently would ask me " can you take my picture here". i loved it!

i think there's something that makes the object of a photo feel special , feel cherished, when we take the time or make the "sacrifice" in making the effort or taking the time to capture those moments. i love taking my girls out individually & just doing a little impromptu picture taking , whether on a snowy day or an evening out in the field. my reward is seeing how happy they are when they view the finished product....when they are able to see through a photograph just how beautiful they are

how beautiful i see them

there's something just magical about the shore to me. i feel so at peace. like nothing bad is going to happen while i'm there. the sound of the crashing waves. the amazing miracle that those waves know just where to stop on the sand. the beautiful vastness of the ocean. the color of everyone's cheeks after a day playing outside. the fact that i don't have to cook dinner-just seeing if you're still paying attention. most years, i'll only see a handful of seaside sunsets. i want to hold those moments. i want to look over them year after year.

i love the images of little one's toes in the sand
little girls building sandcastles
white dresses on a sunkissed girl

so yes, i did enjoy the moments. many of them. meanwhile capturing a "few" for my forever too

Sunday, July 26, 2009

say what you need to say....

She drove away today
no, she didn't run away
she didn't even leave for college
but she drove away.....on her own , for the first time

we've just begun another chapter in our life
& in our relationship
one of rapidly growing independence
she didn't leave for college today
but i'll blink my eyes & we'll be there

i have two years left with her in our home
will i have 'done it right' that day when she does leave?
research shows the majority of the influence we have on our children is done by the time they hit 12 years old
i'll be quite honest, with three of my girls past that point, i frequently, no daily, wonder if i've done it right & usually feel like i have failed.

this summer she & i have a had a rough time
mainly due to miscommunication & misunderstanding
& this has broke my heart
i would dare to say that most severed relationships stem from one of these.

she & i are much alike
first borns
both usually feeling we are right
& lacking patience
& maybe a little stubborn, just a little

i feel like i've dropped the ball
i've let this summer fly away where i really should have just stopped
stopped & hugged her
stopped & apologized
stopped & told her how proud i am to be 'Savannah's Mom'
refusing to let another day go by with unresolved issues
& i plan on it
i told her last night that i want she & i to head out , just us two for a little time together before school starts back.
with a large busy family it has seemed a little overwhelming to make sure both dan & i get one on one time with each of the girls
but i need to do this
i need to say those important things
i need to make sure that when that day arrives
when she really does drive away
i feel like i did it....that i did it right
as much as i could
& that she leaves with her love tank full,
confident that i love her & that i'm always on her team
i love you sweet girl

Friday, July 17, 2009

pass the herbs please, handsome

The last couple of years i have planted herbs just outside my kitchen door. I love having a variety of fresh ones to choose from as i cook. they're so easy to grow & do well in ground or in containers.

basil, cilantro, oregano and rosemary are my favorites.
i use my little williams sonoma herb snips & feel mighty cute doing so.

my sweet fella left early this morning for an out of town retreat with his fellow administrative team . so last night i made one of his favorite meals.

fresh tomato & basil sauce & pasta
home made meatballs

& yes i realize pasta and potatoes are probably not a proper combo, ina would be so disappointed. but being a meat & potatoes kinda guy, i knew this would make him happy.
red potatoes with parsley and rosemary. boiled & added butter and sour cream.

i love asparagus but for quite some time i couldn't get my girls to touch it. i began roasting those babies & now it's hands down their favorite green veggie.

snip the ends
roll the spears in extra virgin olive oil
add coarse salt , dried rosemary or basil
roast at 400 for about 20 minutes.
seriously yummy

we never have a single spear left over

sourdough bread
again, rubbed it down with evoo
added coarse salt & topped it with my fresh rosemary
broiled it up

fresh lemonade for the kiddos,
glass of wine for me

james taylor on the ipod
a perfect dinner was served.

darn it
i always forget dessert
maybe i can think up something sweet for that handsome fella

its a good thing he doesn't travel frequently
i miss that boy when he's gone for just two nights.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Can you do the Hoe Down Throw Down?


you don't know the Hoe Down Throw Down?

what about the Ice Cream Freeze

a girl simply can't return to school in a few weeks and not know these!!
i'm thinking ya'll best get to work on those...
thought i'd share a few of my current fave things around the house~~

the sweetest package from Rebecca with such attention to detail! packaged so cute I didn't even want to take it out...maybe just set it on the counter for a few days to enjoy

thank you sweet girl...i love 'wish'.

you made my day!

For years I have loved soldered silver charms, even buying supplies for a failed attempt to try to master them myself. The charms my friend Cathy creates are by far the loveliest i've seen-anywhere. I have several photo charms that she's created for me & they are gorgeous!

She & I had talked several times about creating a bracelet. She makes "wee charms" which are insanely the birth of a charm bracelet was created. While she was whipping these beauties up across the pond, i was searching for the perfect chunky bracelet.
Talk about attention to detail....each monogram charm is backed with beautiful vintage lovely on both sides. one monogram for each of us , joie, and a seaside charm.

Cathy you are so dear to me. you show me so much about being a selfless loving 'mum' and your generous tender heart touches my soul.

you are a kindred spirit that i am thankful for each day

love you friend

ps--cathy is soon to open her brick & mortar shop in Australia. if you haven't visited her blog, its a must will feel like you've known her forever.....and you too can have some fabulous silver charms!

One of the things we purchased at the beach is this great frame created from the wood of old boats. huge & all chipppy....i love it!!
its hard to tell from this shot but it has a space for 4 4x6 photos.....just haven't gotten those puppies in there yet!

i have been looking for something exactly like this . when i walked into one of my most fave little shops "Pickets" i nearly flipped. its about a 24inch tall rusty urn with a trellis topper.....came home & filled it with shells
no shocker there
so its hanging out on the kitchen table & it makes me smile!

meanwhile over in the dining room i filled our
humongous primitive dough bowl with starfish & other white seashells.

& since this is a where is she going next post,
why not throw in some beach shots.

i tried to capture the water in the late always looks like there are little diamonds floating on the water
i could look at that view all day
every day

Sunday, July 12, 2009


YAY Reagan....
send me your email addy and your mailing address & I'll get the ball rolling for your
Coastal Living subscription

Go ahead & talk about me
I can take it
I realize the thought of over 2,000 photos in 6 days sounds insane!
& Tara , I totally appreciate that we are on the same page. If you can swing 1,000 photos in a day than surely I'm not alone in my obsession.

The first year Dan & I took the girls to the beach with his family I took about 10 rolls of film ( 10rolls of retro is that).
My sister in law didn't bring a camera. I'm suprised I didn't get immediately kicked out of the family. Who knew my obsession would grow into paparazzi-esque photo taking!

I have to admit my girls are pretty good sports. I try to have the camera out first thing in the morning before everyone is wilting. Then, my fave time on the beach is around 7pm, so most evenings
the girls knew after dinner we'd head back out for some more.
There's something truly magical about those days, just our family out there on the white sand. Time really does seem to stand still. Capturing each little moment allows me to store them in my heart in a tangible way.