Tuesday, September 30, 2008


~She loves tumbling . She tumbles all day , every day. She watches big sissy at her competitions & is inspired. Her coach tells her she'll be caught up with sissy in about 2 years....that pumps her up!

~She eats ice cream everyday after school. She prefers chocolate chip mint, or most anything with chocolate in it, adds milk, chocolate syrup, & princess sprinkles ( pink & blue which when melts into the green ice cream is ever so lovely.

~She loves to read. She loves Junie B Jones. When she reads Junie B to me, I laugh hysterically. Surely the author has meant for little 7 years with a voice just like hers to read her books!

~She is a snuggler. When I wake her in the morning, I tell her she smells just like a warm buttered biscuit. I love warm buttered biscuits. When I'm at work, she'll send me a text message ( off daddy's phone of course) telling me that my warm butter biscuit is waiting on me!

~She doesn't like meany David that rides her bus-he yelled in her ear. She doesn't like Sam because he threatened to stick up his middle finger. She told him that was a really bad thing to do. He shot her a birdie anyway. She'll be taking a note in to the bus driver tomorrow. ( yes i did change their names, not that any of my neighbors read my blog or anything)

~She has her toes painted frosted cashmere blue.

~She loves her ginormous bubble gum flavored Lip Smacker lip gloss.

~She didn't want to wear her insanely cute Mini Boden dress to school today ( pictured above). She tried to smile but i could see her face getting all blotchy & red as she was trying really hard not to let me see her cry. She picks out her clothes 6 days a week, ok?!

~She told me I could pick out her clothes the rest of the week after taking her for a breakfast burrito this morning....to help avoid Sam & David of course and ease the pain of her 'unfortunate ensemble'.

~She's 7 1/2 & I think she's wonderful

Friday, September 26, 2008

i am a lucky girl

yesterday amidst the stress of our nation's economy
all the talk about John McCain's suspended campaign
the 'into the night' talks at the Capitol
Letterman acting like a jerk
with my almost empty gas tank~

I hooked up with my new found 'thanks to the world of blogging' friends
i giggled & laughed
i was hugged
i played at Pottery Barn Kids for almost 2 hours
i watched two little birdies flutter around our table at The Corner Bakery
i learned about Chinese adoptions
i learned about her surgeries, one of many
i learned about my new friends
i delighted in my day
& i left with a heart full of gratitude for a precious little girl & her warm, loving mommy and how they made me feel like a lucky girl ....just to know them
photo courtesy of pixel fairy productions :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

the kindness of a stranger

this blogging community is amazing. you probably are already quite familiar with the nielson's story. apparently, there has been a phenomenal support from the blogging world for them....prayers, auctions, news stories, the list goes on. kindness from people that without the internet would otherwise be strangers.

while i may never meet any of this family, i feel such a connection to stephanie. i think of her often & pray for her daily. i printed out a few of her gorgeous photos ( thank you wendy) to carry with me & have in my bible. while i sometimes feel guilty for spending too much time surfing around on blogs, finding their story has given me confirmation that this online world is a good thing. i am honored to be given the privilege just to come along side of some incredible families & their journeys and lift them up with prayers and encouragements.

i am also humbled by many of the friends i've made out here the last year or so. several of you have lifted my spirits on days when i'm down. sweet pixel fairy princess dropped by unannounced one day ---waaaaaaay out of her way, just to bring me a giftbag full of treasures. thank you friend, you are a treasure.
i have met sweet courtney who i will hook up with for lunch in just a little bit.
i've met a couple of young moms who my hubby taught ( just a few) years ago :)

so while i may spend a little too much time on line, i am forever changed and blessed by the kindness of what would otherwise be a stranger & the many wonderful 'you's' out there.
so thank you.

"Something that has always puzzled me all my life is why,
when I am in special need of help,
the good deed is usually done by somebody on whom I have no claim."

~William Feather ~

also, thank you to my sweet mom for bringing us pot roast, fresh bread & yummy yummy homemade chicken salad while i was a little below the weather this last week.

that same day my awesome journal from rebecca sower arrived. nothing like homemade goodness & an etsy treat to cheer me up!

madison has begun practice for the nutcracker....she will have dance 8 different times in each 6 day cycle ( all before the performance even begins!)....this really excites her but wears me out just thinking about the logistics

we're also knee deep in football season 'round here.
games each friday night & cheerleading competitions on saturday mornings.

emily is loving getting plugged in with the vast amount of youth activities our church holds. we are blessed to attend a church whose heart is to reach the next generation. the programs, the people, the everything is to help these kids get a solid spiritual foundation especially while in middle school.
she was so sweet the other day. she said " mom, i think its a good thing that i'm not busy with alot of extra circulars. that way i can be at church for all the great things there".
preach on emi!
you have a kind heart & you inspire me to be a better person.took these pictures sunday.....this little bit is just growing up way too fast

The smallest act of kindness
is worth more than the grandest intention.
~Oscar Wilde~

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

my august jbs kit

Definitely my most favorite Jenni Bowlin kit! Everything shown is from the august kit except for the house chipboard book~ can't remember which line that is from.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

trick or treat...definately a treat!

I always know I"m in for treats when I drop by Linda's blog, Restyled Home. She does a fantastic job of keeping us in the loop, doesn't she?!
For her latest scoop....drumroll please...

Calling all Matthew Mead fans....this is your lucky day!
His new Matthew Mead Halloween magazine is here--& it can be with you too by purchasing at any local news stand across America & Canada too!
Can you stand it!!??

Wouldn't it be totally fab if he would create and publish a monthly magazine....life as we know it , would never be the same.
Go check out his website for a gazillion super duper cute downloads, templates, style ideas, etc.

These little do it yourself glasses are some of my fave from his creations.

Thanks Matthew for always being an inspiration!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I heart your blog, too

I want to thank Rita & Sara for sending me the " I heart your blog" award.... I'm totally flattered as these 2 women I check out on a daily basis and I admire them so much!

I'm going to break the chain and do something just a little different.

First off, I have to share with you this story. Ever since running across Stephanie's story a few days ago, I just can't get her off my mind. She is a gorgeous young mommy with more passion for life and for her precious family than anyone I've ever known. Her blog, apparently loved by many, has been rolling for some time. I spent much of the weekend just reading all her fun entries. She's amazing. She just spills out love all over each entry. Her horrific story has touched many & there is already quite the support being built out there for her & her husband. Her sister has a blog full of links and information tracking her extensive healing. I would love to post her family's amazing recent photo, with permission from Wendy of Blue Lily Photography.....you must go here..... to see the rest.

Oh how I pray for her healing.

On another note, I would love to share two blogs that are just special to my heart.

These ladies are by no means new to blogland , but just a couple of my favorite women who have much wisdom & much creativity too. I wish they lived on my street because I'd love to hang with them and just learn about life from them....
Becky & Rebecca. Yes, don't hate me, but the journal shown on her current entry...well, its mine, all mine. ( as soon as I paypal her anyway~ wink!)

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting her, I'd love to introduce you to my new special friend Cathy. She is my kindred spirit & has quickly become one of my favorite people. I am honored to call her friend! Our daughters have become fast friends too. So what they live in Australia....maybe one day I can actually squeeze her neck. Cathy creates the most gorgeous soldered charms ~~ I wear one almost every day!! Cathy is a beautiful person who happens to have a beautiful blog.

Two ladies who I am just thrilled to see they have a blog....
Ki Nassauer....thanks Lynda!
& Rachel Ashwell...if you sit still, I'm sure you too can hear the hallelujah chorus

I also love to swing by Erin Vey's blog.
She has a great dane- I had a great dane & all owners of great danes, well, they're just good people.
She has incredible photography skills.
She is cute as a button
& since I love doggies, its a fun place to visit & think happy thoughts.

By the way, I mean no disrespect including such a serious story along side the fun blogs that I like. I just wanted to share people that touch me, whether by their character and lives they live or their courage and passion for those they love, or just a creative soul who a "visit with" does my heart good. This blogland is incredible....serves a creative outlet & brings us together. I love it.

Thank you Wendy for allowing me to showcase your incredible photography. You have an amazing gift. Another great reason to move to Cali!

Blessings to you~

On yet another note, I will have my surgery Monday. I will be so glad to get this behind me & get the final pathology report back . Surely a shopping spree to Anthro is just what the doctor will order for my recovery.....don't ya think?

ps~just found another great blog tonight... the inspiredroom & she's doing a great give away too! i must get off this computer!