Monday, October 31, 2011

Nora Fleming special offer at Carol & Company

i'd like to introduce you to Nora Fleming serving ware.
you may already be familiar with this beautiful line of serving pieces & minis
but if not,
i think you're soon to be smitten.

 nora fleming pieces are creamy classic white.
each piece is both practical & pretty.
from cake plates to deep pasta bowls
fun square platters to candy dishes
these pieces will work well with any tablescape and any decor.

another perk to this line
is the super duper cute "minis" that can be added to each piece 
to create a seasonal touch
or fun theme.
they are beyond adorable!

 whether you're bringing snacks to your little one's classroom,
 appetizers to your tennis match
just adding some whimsy to your family's dinner table
these serving pieces will definitely be a hit.

so here's the special~
Nora has graciously offered the first 30 customers that order any platter/serving piece/cake plate 
 the santa boot mini automatically for free
no need to add it to your shopping cart, it will load automatically.

my platter & minis arrived last week
& as you can see, i've already enjoyed playing!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

a little Gryffindor student perhaps?

little bit has spent the better part of the last 4 weeks deciding what she'll be for halloween.
little miss social butterfly has 3 parties in 3 days
& had big plans for her costume,
which has changed possibly 6-8 times.
she actually had found a super cute cotton candy thing she was going to create
but boring mom that i am 
campaigned for her to use what she already has
& be a Hogwarts student.
there may have been a few tears shed...but she emerged with her own fashionable twist
on the school of witchcraft & wizardry uniform.

complete with wand
time turner
& harry's scar
she took off last night for party #1.
the thing i found hysterical
is that brinkley was convinced she was going to throw
her well chosen stick wand and they could play a quick game of fetch.
i have now figured out the secret to getting him to pose!

surely the sorting hat would chose
Gryffindor for her!

Friday, October 28, 2011

a winner, unrelated images & my thoughts

wishing each of you a happy friday!

since this post seems to go south after a series of completely unrelated, yet never posted images,
i'll go ahead & share the winner from the Vintage Tea Collection.
thank you again jen!

Leslie said...
What fun!!! I would love anything from her!!
 congratulations leslie!

~thursday evening journal entry~
this has been one of those weeks where i've been humbly reminded i can not possibly do all things well in my own strength. but He does meet me right where i'm at & His mercies are new every morning.

i stayed up late last night & woke at 5:30 to be at the breast center at 6:30 for my mammogram.
usually that would be enough to have me frazzled all day. despite myself (being a nurse) any trip to a doctor sends me down the road of what if's. it's ridiculous really. but it's true.
however i forgot about that appointment as soon as i pulled back onto the highway with all the morning commuters. i was immediately lost in thought. my mind is a little overloaded right now. i've been trying to make some work decisions, trying to come up with lovely destinations for photo sessions, financial concerns, trying to make sure i don't forget a friends know how it is.

i popped in my new david crowder christmas cd. yes i did. & actually i'm a little late. i usually crank up whatever the latest christian christmas cd is early october. a couple years ago it was the casting crowns cd. followed by the chris tomlin christmas cd & now this year, david crowder.
i thought to myself how i would love to enter the holiday season with a peaceful expectant spirit.
to enter the holiday season with a new focus on where the Lord is leading me both spiritually and professionally. deep breath. 

later, i grumbled at my husband when i got lost trying to find a pretty park today. yes, google map landed me smack dab in the middle of a culdesac. 
noticed that today might just have been the peak day for the glorious leaves here in atlanta. pure beauty.
snapped at a retailer (via email of course) for giving me what i thought was poor customer service only to be humbly proven wrong. i had the dates wrong in my head of a transaction i thought they'd messed up. gosh i hate being wrong after i've been the goob. humbling moment #478.

i ran into jcrew looking like a farm girl. a total mess. baggy cuffed jeans. oversized shirt. toms. ballcap. the sales lady looked me up & down. no lie. i'm certain she was dying to tell me that old navy was across the street & they were probably more my speed.
she sweetened up when i purchased something.

on to williams sonoma where i was reminded that at age 45 i've never cooked my own turkey for thanksgiving but would love to give a try this year. wish made me miss dan's mom. sigh.

( do you feel like you're in the middle of  reading "if you give a mouse a cookie" ?)

had a conversation with someone who i think is one of the most amazing positive lovely women i've ever not met in real life. follow? she humbled me with words of love & affirmation. i hung up thinking, gosh if she saw me today or heard my negative thoughts she'd never had said all those blessings. kind of a divine appointment really.

came home & snapped at emily. poor kid. can't win for losing. clenching mom of the year title. again.

ran 2 miles. should be running much further at this point.

asked my sweet husband who's glass is always half full to take me to dinner. i begged for caffiene as i about fell asleep on the ride over. i rambled. he listened. he smiles. he tells me he thinks the world of me. i don't deserve him. really i don't.

i'm real deal kinda girl who has days where i'm humbly reminded i can't do it all. i like to think i can but reality loves to slap me back in to my place. i fail at much. i drop the ball. i don't volunteer enough & i forget to respond to emails. i work best when things are in their place. preferably clean and tidy. 
& today things were not clean & tidy.
i made two beds at 5pm.and i am ocd enough to tell you, that alone can completely undo me.
i left laundry in the washing machine. wet. for hours. i know right?

but here it is,
i know that i know that His mercies are new every morning. 
i know that i know He is faithful & true.
i know that i know His name is a strong tower.
& i know that i know that He still loves me even when i fail....
Jesus still loves me.
this i know.


I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
   where does my help come from?
 My help comes from the LORD,
   the Maker of heaven and earth.
psalm 121.1&2

Thursday, October 27, 2011

capturing the simple moments at a beautiful wedding

several months ago, liz asked if i would photograph her wedding.
while that was a huge compliment
i explained that not only was i not a trained wedding photographer,
i didn't have the equipment to shoot a wedding.

she so sweetly said, well, will you just come & do what you do?
no pressure.

liz was a stunning bride.
you could just sense her desire to soak in all the little moments
& enjoy all her friends and family celebrating and honoring her special day
as she & her little man married her prince charming.

liz paid me what has to be the highest compliment 
i think i've ever received as a photographer.
as soon as she walked up she told me,
"i'm so glad you're here. i know you'll make me beautiful"...
easy to do when your client is stunning.

here are a few of the little moments from her special evening.
& thank you liz.
i wish you & your precious family 
a life time of all your dreams coming true

one of my favorite moment...
the sky was almost completely dark but i knew liz had wanted a shot down on the dock.
i drug them  asked them to quickly sneak away from the reception...
if i only had some van morrison to play in the back ground,
they may not have returned ;)