Thursday, May 31, 2007

I love Lilly

I do, I love Lilly.
Lilly dresses, Lilly accessories, Lilly bags & Lilly shoes.
But my most favorite is Lilly swimwear.
Unfortunately, now I really only have 2 "Lilly compliant" children- exactly what's up with that?!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Home

Some random shots from around the house this week.
My uncle collects antique clocks-repairs & restores them. I think he currently has 50 or so that he has displayed or is in the process of fixing them. They are all gorgeous! I have been blessed to have received a few from him. They each need to be wound each day-drives my girls crazy because they vary sometimes between a few minutes. I love the sound of a ticking clock. This one is in my kitchen.
The kitchen used to be painted a fun raspberry benjamin moore color but since the rest of the downstairs, porch included , is all neutral I felt it needed a change. Personally I love the buttery cream walls---allows me to change out my fun table clothes & accessories-paintings too. In my dining room I have a large bowl of shells. I place them out usually at the beginning of May--a sign that the beach trip isn't too far away! We bought slip covers for our chairs from Pottery Barn--I love them. At the time we ordered them Pottery Barn was running a special on monograms....another thing I love. They each have an ecru "K" on the back,
Several years ago we were asked to be on the Christmas Tour of Homes. I had wanted my theme to be a fruit theme. I had a dear friend paint a verse from Galatians about the fruits of the spirit. I have it right as you walk in the front door. The oil is another NA Noel wannabe that I painted in my class.
Our front yard gets the full afternoon sun. Very hard to have anything other than verbena or lantana in the front during the hot July &August months. I do love having black urns filled with ferns until it reaches those 100 degree days!
I filled a glass hurricane with sea glass from Pottery Barn & placed it on the table on the back porch for our outdoor dinner times.
Oh joy---I think I will purchase a 6 foot table...add it to the playroom/computer room so I can keep my scrapbook, paintings & other crafts out while they are in progress. Currently everything is neatly all packed away in shelving units....I think I need a "where women create" workroom to inspire me!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

32 more sleeps

Yes, around here we count down sleeps until our sacred family vacation.
We have vacationed for the last several years in Seaside favorite place.

I would love to share some fav beach pictures each day before we go.

These were taken over at Carillon Beach~ a gorgeous gated community with amazing homes on the water. Yes they have a community carillon in the center of their little town...precious. We come smiling up to the security guard each year & ask if we can please come in to take some pictures. Usually we have the beach to ourselves. Gorgeous!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Strawberries once again

Thank goodness, we did it!
I have been draggin for days-fever, cough, headache, body aches, no energy, blah blah blah.
Maybe because Savannah had bronchitis two weeks ago. Maybe because I've been trying really hard to get my far-from-beachworthy self into the gym that i pay for monthly. Maybe because its the end of school & all us moms are wore out...who knows. But I have felt awful. Meanwhile my beloved berry patch is closing in a few more days & I had to get over there.
It was a glorious day-not a cloud in the sky & quite breezy and pleasant for May in Georgia.
We came home & made 2 1/2 dozen jars!!

4 gallons freshly picked strawberries $33
New ball jars, sugar, & sure jell $40
Spending the day with my favorite girls
& making enough jam to last through the year

Went today to my local Walgreens who has a clinic inside--who knew? Came away with a 3 day z-pack....hopefully on my road to recovery. Between that and knowing my freezer is stocked with my favorite treat, I think I am a happy girl.

Happy Memorial Day! This nation is blessed by all those who have fought for our freedom & the freedom in other countries too.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Strawberries in Sepia

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Thank you sweet friend.....

you always create precious edits for me!

The Strawberry Patch

We are so fortunate to have a strawberry & blueberry patch not too far from us.
We usually go at least twice a season & then come home to make the Sure Jell freezer jam. The last couple of years we have used the little silver topped retro mason jars in the fun shapes...too cute!
Picking berries has become a treasured family tradition for me.
Of course, all the girls pick the berries for me while I take the photos! Not a bad trade since I make dozens of jars of jam huh? Just teasing girls...I know y'all help me!!

Just wanted to share some photos from over the years at the berry patch

What is sweeter than a mouthful of berries

& the juices all over your fingers??!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

What is lovely

So, cute Miss Rebecca tagged me.....ok~this will be fun!!
Thankfully instead of listing 5 weird things about myself she asked to list 5 things that make my day lovely!

#1~ A couple of wrens built a huge nest in our garage a few weeks ago~ & I do mean huge! Two days ago we heard the little chirpings of the babies....i love that!

#2~ Several days ago some of my best girlfriends took me to Watershed. Watershed is a fabulous restaurant that Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls created. It's housed in a converted gas station! I love the colors inside...very beachy.....blues & creams. The menu is wonderful! They also treated me to some sweet birthday gifts. I love those girls!
#3~ I am almost finished with my N.A. Noel wanna-be oil painting. She uses the most wonderful colors. Hopefully one day we will visit her studio, The Sanctuary. I love her work!

#4- We only have 44 more sleeps until we go to Seaside!! Our family has spent the last several summer vacations at Seaside. I am in love with this little town. White sand, clear blue turquoise water, picket fences, precious shops, wonderful food, great concerts & movies in the amphitheatre. I love this place!!

#5~ This book came in the mail today. Written by a friend of ours & full of wonderful words of wisdom. I love a good book!

Philippians 4:8

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wedding Bliss

This weekend,we had the privilege of being a small part of, what had to be , the most elegant glorious wedding I have ever witnessed. Not a single detail was missed.
Courtney & her family are precious friends of ours. Court was the national champion gymnast while she attended Auburn. She is full of personality. She is kind. She is gorgeous. She loves Jesus. She loves her family.
I would love my girls to grow up to be just like her!

She asked Caroline to be her flower girl last fall. Caroline has counted the days ever since. We picked out & eagerly awaited for her gown to arrive!

The bridal luncheon was at The Swan House~ the most wonderful place to have a luncheon here in Atlanta.

The wedding was at a beautiful traditional baptist church---something we see very little of these days.

The day of the wedding everyone was just so joyful. Courtney seemed completely at ease & enjoyed every little moment. Her bridesmaids wore gorgeous brown gowns. The mother of the bride was breath taking! She wore a beautiful silver gown. Oh my, everyone was radiant.
The flowers were amazing. Pink huge roses!

Courtney & Ryan , we wish you all the best. What a joy to witness such a beautiful wedding.
We love you!