Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Summer break is wrappin' up....

Hard to believe but the girls do indeed go back in 13 days. Man, where did summer go? Even though our summer playtime is ending the hot weather here in Atlanta is just now starting to really get cooking! As much as I need order, I really have enjoyed ( & always do) just hanging out by the pool with everyone~ sleeping in too! No carpools, no crazy after school schedules. This time each year when all the schedules start solidifying i wonder, "how will i get everyone where they need to be AND get a great meal on the table?" But I know moms all over the world will give me an Amen to that one!

Few pics from July 4th~

I have hosted a bible study for several years in my home. Definitely a blessing. Definitely a wonderful way to bond between other women . I believe the Lord has given us friendships to encourage one another and to just come alongside each other. But the business of life often competes with time we should make to nurture those relationships. & nurturing them does take a commitment. This year I am hoping to do just that. I decided to take a break from the organized study. I have been blessed with many women in my life who are a few years older than I. They have "been there-done that". I want to spend time with them & discover their secrets. Find out how they transition with children.....especially when they become teens. I know none of them are perfect as they'd be quick to say, but I know I love them & have much to learn from them. The first thing each of them has told me is SIMPLIFY. Learn to say no. Do not make yourself feel like you have to be at the school or church every time the doors are open.

Of course, we need to be involved in our children's lives. Of course we need to be their advocates & their support. But I think we feel guilty if we don't do it all!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A little behind

I receive scrap kits from Jenni Bowlin & Scrapologie each month. Love both of them! However, during the last couple months of school....well, who am i kidding, since February I got way behind. So, I've been playing catch up. Bought a 6 foot table at Sams this summer & converted part of our playroom to my art/work station. Makes it light years simpler. Now I can just keep a running couple of layouts up & going at all times. Before I had kept all my stash, which is quite large by now, in various places in our master bedroom. Needless to say, that was quite a chore to get papers, embellishments, ribbons, anything. That plus the fact that I am a compulsive neatfreak non clutter girl made for little project time. Blah blah blah. And, now with the new love of my life, its much simpler to photograph these little creations & get 'em up on the ole' blog
From the Tuscan Sun May Scrapologie kit....

Finally figured out that i should try to print Rhonna's digi frames on a transparency & then lay them over my pics for a fun layer & textured effect. I guess that was a big duh to everyone else but I'm catching one! Of course you can photoshop those babies right over your image but i love the layered look. Who knew?

Love these 7 Gypsies papers!

Ok, so the Beauty layout wasn't from a kit....MME bohemian line with some Heidi flowers for fun & a huge photo corner...love those. By the way, thanks Rita. I had a edger from Heidi & couldn't quite figure it out until you blogged about it & now I'm hooked...use it on every LO>

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Could I live here?

You bet!!
I often times think that if i lived in Florida I would tire of the hot humid weather. However, if I could live in Seaside, I would adjust! This town is insanely too cute. One of the first of its kind developmentally & architecturally. Unique homes-each one gorgeous or cute in its own way. Each home has a white picket fence with the name of the "cottage". Little brick streets where everyone rides their bike. Central lawn with amphitheatre that hosts concerts or movies on the lawn for children. And the shopping.......oh my!! Gotta love a little pink house!
This one is one of my faves......robins egg blue, deep pink door & yellow shutters!Seaside chapel

One evening we ran into a family with an awesome dog....looked like a huge version of our great dane mix. This is Rex-part dane & part mastiff, weighing in over 200 lbs!
Sweet dog!
These were taken in Fusion, a glorious shop filled with blown glass wonders!

Of course we rented pink bikes.
Are you crazy!
Inn by the Sea just opened by Vera Bradley...gorgeous!

I love how this home has a rusty vintage urn filled with shells just outside the front door. Ummm, would definitely have one of those outside my dream cottage!
Sugar Shack...how cute is that!

Friday, July 20, 2007


"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in the truth"
3 john 1.4
I pray my girls choose to follow Christ not only because of how we raised them , but because they themselves desire a relationship with Jesus, a personal relationship.
This week I was honored to attend the funeral of a godly woman. A matriarch whose children have walked with the Lord. Whose grandchildren walk with the Lord.
She was 96 when she passed away.
She loved Jesus & she loved others.
Isn't that the greatest comandment?
I'm sure the angels greated her with a hug & called her "Suga" as she called her loved ones in the manner only a gracious southern woman can speak.
Her son is a tender man. He took care of my Savannah when she was a baby, in our church nursery. Every week, I mean every week we would come to pick her up & she would be safe in his sweet lap.
He is the husband to one of my most favorite sweet friends on the planet. My friend Katie has told me so many sweet precious stories of Gam...that's what they called her by the way. Her name was Mary Frances...isn't that gorgeous?!
Anyway, Katie is also one of those women who raised her daughter to walk with the Lord.
I pray I can be 1/2 , just 1/2 of what these women are.
Days like today, I feel I have already fallen so short.
Days like today I wish I could have a do-over.
Days like today I wonder what will they say about me...
Sweet Katie & Bob, I know you miss Gam. I wish I could have sat at her feet & learned from her. But I have you Katie..& I treasure every minute I get learning to walk with the Lord from YOU>

Yes, something about this pose I just love. Took this one at this last vacation....
& took this one , last year.
Every time I look at this I think she needs to be on a Kenny Chesney add!