Thursday, June 26, 2008

capturing the moments

I promise they didn't match everyday.
I promise I didn't talk them into wearing the same suits on the same day~~ because we all know, had it been my idea they would never have agreed.
I promise I did not wear a giraffe bikini that day.

A friend recently asked me how I manage to take so many pictures of the girls ( actually, she probably thinks I'm crazy). I told her that had I have known back then how much I would have grown to love photography, editing photos, journaling & eventually scrapbooking, or that I was to have 4 daughters, that I would have invested in a photography class years ago.

I also told her this....I love the smiles my girls have when they see me spending time working on a photo I took of them. They love it when I spend hours getting things just right in a layout that is all about them. I want them to know how much I value our times together, how much I value their little moments, their simple days & their big events and accomplishments. I want them to feel beautiful & comfortable in front of the camera. Its very important to me that in these days of so much pressure on them , that they know they are a gift to me & I treasure them so. Especially the moments spent at the beach. I love those days & capturing hundreds of pictures allows me to go back and relive those memories day after day.

I probably shouldn't share what my complete view of scrapbooking was years ago....definately not a good one! I thought of large groups of women spending hours together cutting up photos into goofy shapes & writing dorky sayings of what the picture is obviously get the picture. Then I stumbled upon Heidi Swapp--talk about blowing that image out of the water. She is cute & funky --that's all I need & off I went with that. Then along came Jenni Bowlin & Rita too. I love how they take a simple photo, embellish around that & make a little document of life. Now all the goodies out there to choose from & narry a tacky sticker in sight!!

There are so many amazing photographers whose blogs I am daily blown away by. They take these amazing photos in fun & funky settings with vivid colors. Gone are the days of olan mills photos, huh? Watching the way many weddings are now shot & those pregnancy photos too--oh my! Who knew how cute a pregnant belly with mommy's hands folded in the shape of a heart could be? A vintage settee out in a field of wildflowers....oh do I need a shot like that! Anyway, I keep saying I will learn how to use my photoshop elements, that i will take an online course from her, but I never seem to find, err...make the time. sigh

also.....thank you sweet Clare and Susie for sending me this sweet blog award!
Looks like my shout out award today goes to all the fabulous ladies who inspire me to capture & keepsake the simple moments in my day.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

the same, yet oh so different

Having four girls , three of whom are all close in age, it continues to fascinate me as I watch their different personalites & temperments unfold.
& yes, they are all so uniquely different.

Meet Emily, or sweet emi as we often call her.
This almost 12 year old has a tender loyal heart & i mean loyal. I liken her to the character Lucy in the narnia series. never holds a grudge, never treats others as she's been treated-she outkinds everyone, thinks everyone is good, is kind to all people, gives you the benefit of the doubt, quick to forgive, can be stubborn, tells me often that she thinks I'm pretty, very naive, loves her baby sister, will hold my hand in public, wants to be a school teacher, & asks everyone she sees to pray for her grammy who is quite sick.

My little bit, my precious baby girl Caroline, born 5 years later but on the same day that my first hubby Gregg was diagnosed with cancer. I know I've shared that before but I think its just a special little gift from the Lord.

Its so sweet to watch each of her older sisters completely dote on her. She loves them so much & they love her big! She is very outgoing & has a super cute personality. Not a whiner, very gentle & affectionate, smiles & giggles constantly, loves Jesus, athletic & things seem to come quite easy to her. loves to read, independent, loves chocolate, currently has her toes painted sky blue, a leader & has the cutest button nose I've ever seen.

oldest sister & littlest sis...definitely think these two have the most in common & remind me of each other. It brings joy to my heart to watch these two have such a fun relationship as they grow up.
My valentines day girl, Savannah--15 years old...oh my!

talk about growing up in the blink of an eye.

sometimes when i see her smile, i can still see that little 3 year old face , that sweet girl that lost her daddy at such a young age. i see that precious girl that made me want to get out of bed each day & keep on keeping on when the world was too big for me.
here is that smile she had 12 years ago...

very smart-has had straight A's from kindergarten through 9th grade, top 10% in her class of over 700, has more friends than she can count, great sense of humor,a talented gymnast/cheerleader, completely obsessed with david cook, an ferocious reader, wants to go in the medical field, super independent & loved dearly by me. currently doesn't have a boyfriend ( not that they aren't constantly asking!) & has never acted like she really needed one --you go girl!

i love that she's the age where we can talk & dream about her future. she will be a great success at whatever she chooses...skies the limit baby girl!
thirteen going on thirty, Madison Grace my middle child.

very easy to please & oh what a blessing that is in a house full of girls!, loves to shop, has always loved to dress up, loves all things concerning fashion & fun hair too!
my ballerina, tenderhearted, probably the most introverted in our family, never liked to read until she discovered harry potter & now there's no stopping her, calls me mommy, has the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen, laid back & gentle. keeps the messiest room in the house, dependable, my helper, loves little children & thankfully not boy crazy!
growing up into a lovely young lady right before my eyes!

I try to not compare the girls or make them think that I value a certain quality higher than another. I love that they are all so different--definately makes for fun in our house & a little bickering here and there is ok too!

I love you girls!!
I am so tickled to share a special treasure that arrived today from Australia!!
an absolutely gorgeous charm created by my new dear kindred spirit blog friend, Cathy.
I have loved these silver photo charms for years & this one is perfectly made!
Drop by & say hello and see her beautiful pieces.
Thank you thank you dear Cathy!!!! this will be an heirloom treasure for each of us!

another ps~ the shades of inspiration photo button at the top of the page is a flickr group that Sara has started. I began a little late but am looking forward to seeing what everyone brings to the group! check that out too!

have a great day!

Monday, June 16, 2008

though we travel the world over to find the beautiful

we must carry it with us

or we find it not

ralph waldo emerson

Monday, June 09, 2008


03.03.08 the date i started weight watchers

14 weeks of counting my allowed points per day & working my tail off

186 miles i've run

4 the harry potter book i'm on ( just thought i'd throw that in)

75 body sculpting, step, spin, kickboxing & weight training classes taken

0 mcdonalds double cheeseburgers

75 times i've played kanye west's 'stronger' on my ipod during my run

3 sizes dropped

25 pounds lost!!

10 more to go!

(ps--can't get the font smaller on the 'miles i've run'.....crazy)

Friday, June 06, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

as sung in my best julie andrews voice---

pastel colored cottages with white picket fences
rosey colored sunkissed faces with sand in their toes
breezy cool evenings
days without a cloud in the sky
white sand that surely must glow
crystal clear water
finding little shells along the shore
grilled shrimp poboy on a crispy bagette
our condo being just above a wonderful flower shop
a jazz festival out on the lawn
hearing my girls laughter above the sound of the waves crashing
spending uninterupted time with my favorite 5 people
these are a few of my favorite things...

i'll go ahead & give my beach photo next several entries will probably just be pictures from the trip . might not even have much to if you wait until later this summer to visit, i'll understand--wink!!
something about capturing these wonderful days, capturing the moments where everyone seems so at ease & enjoying life, living in the now. i treasure these pictures that we take each year. i will look at them over & over again. i will edit, enlarge, make photo cards, scrapbook, journal, pick out a christmas card picture, frame them , & look at them again until my heart is content.

i know the gold hue in this first one maybe over processed but i LOVE how we captured the little sunbeams. my sweet emi has for years, not wanted me to take many shots of her. this year she was like a different girl.
i soaked it up. i took as many of her as i could.
these next 2 were just spontaneous silly moments pose, no directions, just laughter.

these are for my UGA alum & bulldog lovin' little brother....

our favorite evening treat...snow cones, huge ones! the owner offered to let the girls climb in for a shot...too cute.

a seaside sunset....

this was my favorite new little cottage. the owners must have just painted it this year.....yummy buttery yellow , a periwinkle door, and my favorite detail.....bubble gum pink painted porch ceilings.
i really do think i could live here.....

this one is growing up way too fast.....sigh

it's good to be back home & have all the laundry done!
one is away at cheerleading camp
one is at ballet camp
last night at 8pm it was still 90 degrees & i saw my first lightning bug......its definately summer time here!