Thursday, December 01, 2011

Who He is....

I want to introduce you to a new bible.
Ann Spangler has teamed up with the God's Word Translation
to edit and create 

The scriptures have many names for God.
I love to learn about the God i serve,
to learn "who" he really is.
The names used in the scriptures provide us with a deeper, more intimate knowledge of him
and his character.
Names such as Yahweh, El Shadday, and El Elyon,
tell us that God is lord,
he is almighty
he is most high.

In the Names of God Bible
you will learn background information associated with his names.
you will have devotional readings for each name
& learn the specific promises connected with each name.

I love this version.
It's a wonderful supplement to my daily devotions
& an excellent avenue for me to draw closer to the Lord
through the power of his name.


Alecia said...

Yes please!!! I'll be running to the nearest LifeWay or Mardel's to pick one up...thanks for sharing!

Kerri said...

Thank you for sharing Paige. I really need to spend more time with God now more than ever since it is the beginning of Advent.
I also wanted to let you know that some of the words you wrote yesterday about Dan really touched my heart and made me think about my own marriage. I am so grateful to have you as a friend!

Gail said...

I give thanks for YOU!! I don't know you person..However, God sure reveals your heart to us all via this blog. Funny how that seems to work..I can be with someone in person and never know their spirt or soul...It's only when God alone...reveals to us who HE wants to--- do we see! Thank you for sharing your heart, and truth. You sure are teaching this...OLE' dog some new ways!!! God Bless you in all you do, Honey....Thanks...G