Tuesday, December 13, 2011

a Christmas Eve table & my love for gold

i want to share with you a little place setting i have in the dining room for Christmas Eve.
i'm not usually one to have the places set for days but
i found these goldish champagne chargers at Micheal's, on sale of course
& loved them so much i wanted to go ahead & enjoy them.

i have used silver ones for years but i am completely in love gold this year.
i went through a gold & silver phase about 12 years ago 
after copying being inspired a friend's veritable mansion home
where everything was very formal
and gold
and she had drapery and angels everywhere.
not really 'me'. but i tried to make it me because i thought she was awesome.
that was before the black & white and color phase
which was well before operation minimize
& let's paint every room in the house creamy white
& buy white furniture.

wow, i feel like our pastor on sunday mornings
getting way off track!
just kidding buddy!

back to the gold~
now i feel the look, vibe, feel, whatever you wish to call it
in our home is what i'll stick with.
commitment at it's finest.
adding in some touches of gold (again)
has added a little elegance to our very casual home.

back to the table~
each of the girls has a little something to open on Christmas eve
& no girls, it's not jammies again.
so each gift is in it's little jcrew silver box with some gold sheer ribbon
( this was martha's line from--gag me--kmart but you can find it at target..i think)
a little vintage paper shred
& a glittered letter from walmart.
the place card holders are little ornaments from michaels, in the dollar section.
the eat drink & be merry napkins were from lemonademakinmama.
the vintage style lollies are from cariboo coffee.
i printed off their names onto cardstock & glittered the edges.

in all honesty,
i probably spent more time setting the table
then i will actually preparing the Christmas eve meal! ha!


Polly said...

looks beautiful! do you finally feel like you've found "your" style? I've been through so many phases in decorating, but my home finally feels "right" to me (maybe not anyone else who comes over, lol). I love how you used the shred on the packages!! I'm always inspired here!

Renee said...

LOVE... you are always so intentional. you inspire me. thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your table looks beautiful..I love your style and enjoy reading your posts..Have a great week..

Sheri said...

Looks awesome Paige! Your missing two places for your and your sweetie :) Great job and enjoy your beautiful family this wonderful holiday season. xo

Micah Jamie said...

you had me at "little jcrew silver box"!:). Gorgeous my dear friend.

Between You and Me said...

girl....you make it look so easy!

traci said...

i need help in that department. and you could be just the person to help. gorgeous paige. i have never been a table setter.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous table! I love the little boxes and ornaments on the plates...those little touches make it much more special. I could look at beautiful table settings all day. They are so inspirational to me.

And I spy an awesome chalkboard in the background! I have one in my kitchen but desperately want one in my dining room for sweet messages to my guests.

Hope you're having a very lovely holiday so far ~ xo

Unknown said...

When your girls eventually leave home....long time ahead I know.....is there any chance that you could adopt me?! Please! Is there a waiting list one has to put one's name on? I'm quiet, polite, no trouble whatsoever.

I just want someone to look after me the way you look after your family and to live in such a lovely home.

I'll leave you to think about it, you'll let me know won't you? ;)

I absolutely love the place settings Paige, I am going to work on doing something myself, such a lovely idea.

I love how you have found your style - I do think it's a girl's prerogative to try different things and see what works though :) X

Shannon said...

oh thank goodness I'm not alone in the changing of styles! My poor husband dealing with all of my ideas and money spent on decor ;)

Okay back to your beautiful table setting, of course I love it! Love the way you wrapped the girls gifts with those lettered tags and the gold with the red looks so formal! But then those adorable napkins bring back to fun again. Great job Paige!

3 Peanuts said...

So cute. I have very similar place cards but from a little boutique. I could use more so I might stop m=by Michael's today to see if I can mix some in:) It looks BEAUTIFUL!!! And congrats on your news!!!! You will be absolutely perfect at Sibi's event. I do a lot of public speaking and I pray just before each time that God will put the words in my heart, mind and mouth that HE wants me to say. And you know what---He always does:)

Love Being A Nonny said...

Running to get glittered letters and make yours mine!

P.S. Just signed up for the PEARL Event...cannot WAIT to meet you in March!

Kelli said...

Wow...you are prepared! It looks beautiful and classy. I know each person will feel so welcome at your table :)

Sibi said...

Ahem.... The table setting... The boxes... The letters.... The sparkles... I can only take so much. Between you and Darby today I am curled up in the fetal position on a pile of leftover Cheetos no less. xoxoxo love you.

Kerri said...

Everything is so beautiful! I did see the mini ornament placecard holders at Michaels too. You have inspired me to make handmade gift tags too~a few weeks ago I stamped a Christmas tree on cardstock and glittered the edges! I love the little gifts~did you put a suprise in them?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I am off to Michaels'! Let the copying begin! At first I thought you must have calligraphied the names. Hope you tell us what was in the boxes - after Christmas!

Thanks for sharing!


Jboo said...

So very pretty!! Love it! Also got those sweet napkins from LMM!


Jacqueline said...

What a cute idea! I love the packaging and the little glitter initials. Lucky daughters you have!

patty said...

very pretty... love the wooden bowl with silver pine cones... so warm and festive, too~

Jodi said...

Your table looks lovely! I too love the gold; I have used alot of gold decor around the house this year. I also love the table runner, hand made?

Take care, Paige!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

AhDORable! I love your cute tables... I wanna come over and have you cook me something yummy.. I promise to completely appreciate the cute table too!! And thank YOU for the sweet shout out about my napkins... now I get why I've had inquiries about them all day. ha! Love you for that!!

Tiffini said...

paige..all I can say is sweet..wow
This is what making memories is about. This is what they will remember.
It is all so pretty and yes Renee is right

Rebecca said...

I see your comments everywhere...so I'm surprised I haven't visited before now. Your home is beautiful. Saw you over on Tara's post & couldn't resist stopping by. Glad I did.

A Vintage Vine said...

It is beautiful Paige, the red and gold fit together so well and the bowl of pine cones really make that table, thanks for sharing!

jillnicd8 said...

So beautiful! You're such a great Mom!

Fonda @Southern Scraps said...

Beautiful table! I've been through some phases before too, especially with the Christmas decor- pink, burgundy, gold, to red and white, and this year blue and green.

Lola and Bea said...

What a lovely bolg and how beautiful your table looks. I forgot that I had those exact same plates stashed away up in the cupboard. They look so wonderful with the gold chargers. I am going to get mine out and use them for Christmas dinner. Thanks for the inspiration.