Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

championships & community

saturday was one of those days i'd love to bottle up
& reproduce over and over.
not only because our highschool won 
what i think
is it's 79th
state championship
but also because of the awesome feeling of community that day.

communities rally when crisis strikes
and we see everyday folks rise up to be heroes.
i've seen that here when our area flooded a few years ago 
& many lost their homes, including our trevor and his family.
( who incidentally just a couple weeks ago were able to move back in)
there's the flip side too.
when community pulls together and comes together to support teams
and the accomplishments of stellar athletes.
 that's exactly what saturday was here in my town.

our boys baseball was playing our nextdoor rivals
for the 5A state championship, best 2 out of 3.
games were starting at 4 but early in the morning 
folks headed over & claimed their seats.
emi was up with sun blowing up balloons.

my older girls have all embraced the love of our baseball team.
savannah was a fanatic last year when we won state.
she passed on the baton to emi who has fallen in love with the boys of summer.
madi is a diamond girl which means she works her tail off in the concession stand 
& passes out treats to the fans.

we live walking distance from the school
& can hear the ballgames from our house!
as i ran saturday morning & passed all the state championship signs along the road,
each holding balloon bouquets
i could feel the excitement begin to build in our little town.

football, baseball, swim, soccer, cheerleading,
wrestling, basketball, cross country,
home of the legend, jeff francoeur,
an amazing list of accomplishments at parkview.

one of my best girlfriends son is one of the team studs.
i've watched their family and friends pour their heart and souls
into the sports these young men play since they were in preschool.
it was a true to joy to be there & witness them 
take state championship...again!!
( many of the pics are of him)

Congratulations Chan Brown & 
the Parkview Panthers!!!!

bear with me
it was tough to limit pictures!

read more here


i had my camera focused on rob when i knew we were about to win....
i love his expression...he has to have the biggest heart out there!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

isn't she lovely?

i realize that it may be in poor professional taste
to claim a certain session as a favorite
but with a gorgeous pregnant mommy
& her precious family,
how could i not?

unless i totally missed it, maternity sessions weren't all the rage,
like they are now,
when i was pregnant with my girls.
what i would give for a session like this.

you may remember last fall i had the privilege of photographing 
it's a huge honor to capture these images just before baby
madeline rose
makes her debut.

liz is dan's administrative assistant & precious friend too.
there's a few knudsen girls that can't wait for baby girl
to arrive!
thank you liz & darren

i hope you enjoy....


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