Tuesday, July 29, 2008

6x6 layouts

I think 6x6 pages are probably my favorite size to scrap.
The photo seems to easily stay the focus.
I don't need to find loads of things to fill my space.
& they are super quick to put together.

Back in the late spring, my fave scrap store here in Atlanta (shared about here) asked if I would be their spotlight artist for a few months. I was asked to bring several 12x12's and a project or two to share. I had this Heidi Swapp 6x6 album in a box filled with my photos & papers for over a year just waiting on me to complete. Nothing like a deadline to get your creative juices flowing!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A morning in Virginia Highlands

There is a wonderful historic neighborhood in Atlanta called Virginia Highlands. Beautiful homes built in the 1900's, charming sidewalk cafe's, eclectic shops, gourmet food & kitchenware, pottery painting, funky dress shops, ice cream parlors, you name it -they've got it.
Dan & I went yesterday for breakfast at Belly General Store. Known for their fresh olive oil -melt in your mouth bagels ( haven't eaten one of those since I started Weight Watchers-my taste buds were so excited) and scrumptuous cheese grits. Such a funky place I thought I'd share some images. The first are just outside their front door.....a beloved Coke sign & vintage chairs. Here in Atalnta, all carbonated beverages are refered to as "coke", "would you care for a coke" might actually mean " would you like any various carbonated beverage?", just not pepsi!
Need to remember this spot for a funky photo shoot!

This spring I began quite a search to find Atlanta's best cupcake for Madison's birthday. Searched high & low--word of mouth, websites, etc. Belly was actually named Atlanta's Best Cupcake ~ after all it is all about the cupcake isn't it? I mean look at these babies....

Each day a different 1/2 dozen or so flavors are featured. Yesterday was carrot cake, red velvet , double chocolate, peanut butter & jelly, & yellow with chocolate. But everyday, those huge fun colored cupcakes are available. Definately worth the drive!

Loved all the urban touches....great lanterns, wire baskets, big tubs for fruits & veggies, but I especially loved the chalkboard menu hung by ropes.

Just down the street is a great salon & spa , Key Lime Pie. For all you precious blog readers who also judge their books by the cover, wouldn't you come here just because of the great funky name! Totally diggin' their window display. Sadly, they were closed---the interior was loaded with greatness!

I was all over these wonderful colors featured in Bella Cucina's window.....robins egg blues, creamy white & golds, sunflowers....could've just moved right in. Would I have still needed to cook dinner?
We were headed over to the new Urban Outfitters when we got a frantic call from our stranded cheerleader. Oh well, all good things must come to an end! wink!

Thanks for sharing the great books too!

Have a wonderful day


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my summer reading list

Would you think less of me if I confessed that yes, I do indeed judge a book by its cover. I am always drawn to the graphics & the image on the front. I love a thick page with the edges all ruffed--I don't know what that's called but I love it.
Looking at these covers , wouldn't you guess they would be great books too?
Well, they were.Chosen by a Horse....tearjerker. What was I thinking? I cant handle sad animal stories. Strange thing I can handle sad people stories, bad sad animal stories, no way.
Reedeming Love~probably the best story I've ever read.
Swimming Lessons~sequel to the Beach House. Loved 'em both, love Mary Alice Monroe. & yes, they both have great covers.
Swan House~ historical fiction based in Atlanta. loved it! loved it!
Dwelling Place ~ the sequel to Swan House, personally didn't find it to be quite as fantastic.
Grayson~precious true story about a girl swimming with a baby whale. Has those ruffly page ends that I love.
Harry Potter 4 & 5~fabulous, amazing, what more can be said. i've never read anything remotely as creative as what J.K. has done in this series. Huge books, have taken breaks and read other "lighter" books inbetween. The girls have given me a Nov 26 deadline ( release date of the movie-duh.)The Shack~ I was a little hesitant to read this one. Usually books that are "all the rage" I stear clear of.
Oh my.....amazing!! A must read. Will change you!

This little fella was in the yard today. Apparantly enjoying the stiffling 100 degree weather. Fall , where art thou?
I have received a few questions ~~ sorry so late in my response!
The matching brown & white giraffe bikinis --from Gap kids this season.
The bright blue & white matching dresses from a few posts ago---Lilly Pulitzer summer 2006 line. Truth be told, last summer all the girls had a piece in this print, even big Dan sported the matching tie while we were on vacation. Gotta love a man that will wear a Lilly tie, in public no less.
The dresses below are also Lilly. Believe this is an older print that came out in 2002.

A precious reader asked me weeks ago, maybe months ago to recommend some great christian music. Obviously music is a personal preference but a few of my fave's are Third Day, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Chris Tomlin & David Crowder. Christie Nockels has the voice of an angel-she has sung with her hubby in the Christian group Watermark, and supposedly is going to release a solo project soon.

Since I am a little all over the board, I wanted to thank you~ Jackie Carl. You don't have a blog for me to swing by but you always leave a sweet encouraging comment on every post....thank you! thank you! :)