Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DIY for the college girl & back to school

we loaded up the car sunday & moved savannah in to her sorority house at school.
yes, school cranks up mighty soon down here 
with my other girls beginning monday!
as much as savannah loved life in the co-ed dorms at UGA
she is thrilled to be in the sorority house.

earlier this summer i posted an instagram about some crafts she created for her room.
she really enjoyed what turned out to be easy peasy creations
that are each very thoughtful in nature.

her rommate made the "he will cover you" on an 11x14 piece of wood. 
stained first & then painted.
savannah printed off an enlarged silhouette of the state of georgia
& laid it on her canvas, painted over with gold metallic acrylic
& then removed the silhouette. she then painted a heart over atlanta/athens area.
the smaller 4x6 canvas with the lyre, the symbol for her sorority.
again using gold metallic craft paint.

then she made these beauties after being inspired by a similar craft on
she took 2 11x14 stretched canvas & painted over them with a gold/bronze metallic craft paint.
she then laid removable sticky letters down
to form the words from this famous hymm.
she then using a dry foam brush technique
painted over the gold/bronze & the letters with a creamy acrylic paint.
then removed the letters super easy without taking any paint off.

her friends went nuts.
wouldn't these be awesome in 24x36 format too?

so crafted more.
she made bailey & her roommate at ole' miss
each a canvas with their favorite scripture
done in the same technique, just different colors.

savannah made herself the psalm 103 to add to her menagerie of
other goldy metallic crafts for her room.

you might recall my own DIY jewelry board from this post
which was done on a large 24x36 cork board.
savannah's room isn't large enough for that size 
so she crafted one, with the help of dan, a tad smaller.
we used the door knob thingies from hobby lobby
& upholstery tacks around the perimeter
& then just push pins for the smaller pieces.
with the board being covered in burlap, earrings will easily hang freely from the fabric.


psalm 103. 1-5
Bless the Lord, O my soul,
    and all that is within me,
    bless his holy name!
  Bless the Lord, O my soul,
    and forget not all his benefits,
 who forgives all your iniquity,
    who heals all your diseases,
 who redeems your life from the pit,
    who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy,
 who satisfies you with good
    so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


i apparently am unable to blog in real time.
if you follow me on instagram i apologize as
you either have seen some of these
or you might see some again!
so here's a little menagerie of life lately.

~ all in one purse. true story.
lip gloss hoarders unite.
(burts bees, victoria secret, revlon, cheapy, chanel, mac, cheapy)

~ emi & dan on the last of the Braves game gifts.

( bought tickets for dan. 5 games. 2 tickets for each.
then he took one of us to one of the 5 games.
best gift ever)

~along with lipgloss 
i do appreciate a great mascara.
i have high hopes for this one.
i'll keep you posted.

~we move her in to her sorority house. tomorrow.

~ fresh peaches from south georgia.
always reminds me of my grandparents.
~stalling before bedtime.
the perfect time for a snuggle though.

~ packaging for my photo session discs.

~ my most worn color this summer.
cocktail bling from essie.

~dan cleaned my hairbrush drawer.
without prompting. made my day!
mason pearson brush was a luxurious gift from a dear friend.
makes me feel like a glamorous movie star.
life changer for your hair. seriously.
~ a few weeks ago , one of my friends had tickets for norah jones.
they couldn't attend. we scored!
took the blue eyes out for mexican first, then dan & i went to 
cafe intermezzo for incredible desserts.

~ she was playing at the historic fabulous Fox Theater

~ when the concert was over, we walked on to Peachtree Street
to find two wedding parties with the bride and groom making their exit.
sparklers and all, two different venues,
one in a horse & buggy
one in an old rolls royce.
so fun.
the lady in front of me turned around while i was taking the above shot & the one below
& was all "why does everyone have their phones out? what's there to take pictures of?"
sad life she surely lives.right?
i wanted to say. geez lady. don't you instagram? tweet? or facebook?
this is a rockin cool city. capture it baby!
but i exercised restraint.

~ i could eat fresh summer tomatoes
off the vine every day.

~blue eyes heading out to meet two of their favorite teachers 
from elementary school
who took them to see Brave

~trevor's sister had a baby.
her name is elyse & she is scrumptious!

~brinkley. always up for a playdate.

~ madi & i visit my favorite little coffee shop,
dancing goats,
after a photo session.
mini cinnamon sugar doughnuts & a decaf nonfat frozen latte :)

~ beth moore taught at passion city church a few weeks ago.
love listening to that woman.

~ so she says "lets make a funky rocker face mom"

~ madi takes brinkley for his debut ride in her convertible.
they went to the icecream place
where he recieved a complimentary doggy sundae.
he still loves me more madi. good try though ;)

~my extraordinary assistant on shoots.
i usually say something like, "hey, walk over there & let me check out lighting"
before my client arrives. such a good girl.

the end.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

loving on a special friend

one of the sweetest aspects of blogging is the precious friendships i've been blessed to make.
some of my closest friends, girls i text multiple times per day
or chat with weekly
are actually friendships that blossomed from within blogging.

in the last week i've been able to meet for the first time (kim)
& spend time in our home ( jill & hutton)
with two friends who are so dear to me.

i'll share about my time with kim & the three peanuts as soon as i get my act together
with seaside pictures,
but first i'll share about celebrating with hutton.

hutton & family were scheduled to come to atlanta for hutton's 
follow up, 1 year post heart transplant, visit.
i was going to have the honor of photographing the entire "johnson party of seven".
unfortunately sweet girl got a bug & had to postpone her tests for a few days
which then conflicted with the fam's schedule.
only jill & hutton would be coming.
not wanting to miss a visit with them, we decided to have them over
& celebrate her new heart, one year later!

sadly, emi was out of town & wouldn't be here to join in the fun
but madi and caroline and i had a great day preparing for them to arrive.

{hutton's transplant was 7.8.11 by the way}

we could hardly stand it waiting on them to arrive!
 hutton has a couple golden's so she & brinkley were fast friends.

jill brought me one of the special painted hutton-hearts,


couldn't you just eat her alive?

gotta love a girl who asks for more buttercream frosting.
girls after our own heart!

i love these precious friends
& consider it a huge honor that we are able to love on them.

if you'd like to continue to follow hutton
you may follow her caringbride page right here.