Sunday, July 31, 2011

her new ride

now that the girls are out of school,
one of the things i love
is caroline riding her bike with me while i get my morning run in.
she needed a new set of wheels
so dan hooked her up with a new bike
& explained how to change all her speeds.

this is her whizzing by
while i yell out things like
"you're going too fast"
"be careful"
"stay to the right"
"you look so cute"....

such a worry wart.
i would have made a terrible boy mom.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Help, burgers and feeling sorta sad

I finished Bloodroot last night.  It was a good read.
 heavy and sad, but sweetness at the end.

By the time it was light's out, i was feeling pretty sad.
as dan climbed into bed, i thought, poor guy. he's gonna have a time
with me these next several weeks.

We move Savannah into her dorm in about 10 days.
10 days.
I am thrilled for her. She is so excited.
I am proud of her. She will be successful.
I am sending off a confident, bright, beautiful daughter
to an excellent school.
I am so happy for her.
My mind is happy. This is a good thing. really it is.
But my heart....

i'll finish that thought another day....
The Help is coming to theaters the week she leaves.
thank goodness.
in order to be all refreshed,
I pulled my autographed copy off the shelf last night
to read it all over again.
by page 4 i felt like i was back with those old friends again.
I love aibileen, and skeeter. and minny.
i can hear their voices in my head.
a good book will do that to you, you know?

i whizzed through it last time
& found myself wishing i hadn't finished so fast.
the ultimate sign of a great book.

i love how aibileen loves on mae mobley.
i love her humility and her strength.
i wanna whack miss hilly with my own handbag.
i laugh out loud and i cry right along with them.
sad that many of them were treated so poorly.

my precious girlfriend gave me a copy right after it came out.
wrote in the front, "pass it along when you're done".
no way jose.
i loved this book too much.
i loaned it out a couple of times, but it's a keeper.
it's such a keeper it lives on a shelf in the family room.

i guess that's how i am about my things.
i want them with me.
whether it's an autographed copy of a favorite book
or my first born.
all under my roof.
i'm just a greedy person
who likes what i like.
gosh....i need to get a grip.

with savannah heading to the Braves game,
& my middle two at cheer camp,
dan & i took caroline to try out a new burger joint.
 Yeah Burger in virginia highlands.
grassfed burgers and for those of you who need gluten free,
you can get that too.
we are huge Farm Burger fans so we wanted to check 'em out.
i loved mine, but i'll be honest,
farm burger is out of this world delicious.
& yes, the chili cheese dog & salad was for little bit!

any place with fun outdoor seating
izze drinks
fried pickles
 tolix chairs and stools
& seriously yummy white peach shakes
is alright by me!

with emi & madi cheering for the same squad
i'm loving all their "twin" outfits.
i was strongly encouraged last night
to "stop it with the twin thing".
maybe everybody here at the knudsen home
will go easy on me the next few weeks
take me out to eat to help overcome my sadness.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

10 years 4 months 7 days

art lessons on thursdays

finger nails painted dark grey,
french manicure on toes

 chili dogs with cheese

knows all the words to Adele's cd 21
all the words.


reading "The Tail of Emily Windsnap"

favorite Harry Potter movie= number 7

loves flamingos


looking for a cute romper for school

has Ms. Swingle for 5th grade

round off double back handspring

sleeps with the same three "blankies" she's had since she was tiny baby

cracks mom up with her impersonation of amy duncan's "mama's gone have a baby child"
every. single.time.


favorite color="you know... that creamy orange mixed with light pink"

always wakes up on the right side of the bed. 

ash TOMS

pierced ears
 Gracie, Kristin & Catie

wearing Jo Malone's orange blossom
(thank you for the sample ms. nice lady at nordstroms)
& Burts Bees champagne

daily eater of popcorn

bike. tennis. tumble. art.

butterfinger snackerz

shopper extraordinaire

favorite thing to do = "when i crack up really hard. i love to laugh"

blondie with blue eyes & a random freckle on a button nose

loved like crazy