Tuesday, December 22, 2009

~wishing you & yours a very Merry Christmas~

my soul magnifies the Lord
He has done great things for me

Of His government
There will be no end
He'll establish it with His righteousness
He shall reign on David's throne
And His name shall be from this day on
Everlasting Father

my soul magnifies the Lord

Merry Christmas to each of you!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

merry christmas from our home ~~part 2

after posting that dreadful half-done garland
i needed to redeem that garland & show the finished product
glad i've gotten that all cleared up & out of the way
so we can move on...

i had high hopes of creating dozens of these
when in actuality there really is only about a few
& they aren't even complete
but...anyway...i took some glass ornaments
printed off a little smaller than wallet size image
added vintage mica & crystal glitter to the inside
& voila
had wanted to add a little white button at the top
but haven't gotten there yet.
little tip-you might wanna glue the pic to the ornament thingy at the top or your pic might just roll all around
that part , my friends, does require some tweezers & patience
maybe a spiked coffee too

being compulsive does have its rewards
because i can tell if someone has been
shall we say
peeking around in the gifts
so yesterday i asked that certain little someone
if she'd been peeking around
maybe even opened a carefully precisely wrapped anthro box
to which she replied with a very guilty little face
"which gift mama?"
don't ya love it when they really think they've got ya fooled?

madison's pink tree

in our upstairs hallway i've framed several pieces of the girls artwork over the years
traded out a few & added their christmas crafts
the ole' footprint for rudolph's face & hands for his antlers

savannah created this little nativity years ago
talk about a treasure....

sweet baby jesus....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


wanted to share a few of the items i've purchased recently
just in case you need some last minute ideas

a few months ago i simply cut & pasted
the words of a wonderful song
i'm not a big cut & paster
but this particular song said it better than i could have....
in hopes to encourage one of my girls
i added a few words of my own

kristy wrote a simple yet tender email to me
& let me know she was inspired to create a piece of jewelry
after that post

i remember that day
guess i was just extra tender
but as i read her sweet words
tears just rolled down my cheeks

weeks later
this arrived
its gorgeous
even more so in 'real life'

thank you kristy
you are a treasure

ya'll go check out her fabulous items at so so bella & her adorable blog

emilie's items are wonderful sparkly glittery goodness
i ordered this huge medalion to place on one of dan's packages for his birthday

firefly hill designs
i have an ever growing collection of stockings
this year i ordered from annie
love this little elf-like creation

she's precious
you'll love her shop & her blog too


gorgeous little matryoshka dolls

mcc designs
melissa carries a wonderful selection of monogrammed goodies
these are precious book plate stickers


paper eclectiques

alice's looking glass

kelly has long been one of my most favorite artists
her blog is a breath of fresh air
her latest book, Taking Flight
will inspire & encourage you

just had to add this one
my most favorite accessory this season
my gold scarf
love it
could wear it every day

Friday, December 11, 2009

merry christmas from our home~~ part 1

ya'll come on in....oops....just realize i took the 'before' pic of the garland
vs the much better 'after-its been fluffed up' pic
oh well...

i'm loving this bowl of ornaments
so very much
they'll be with us until valentines day