Friday, October 31, 2008


A few Ocotober images from around the house~

I found this yummy velvet pumpkin from Blissful Living

Ordered this wonderful Penny Mcalister pumpkin head box from Bayberry Cove....about flipped when it arrived in its ginormous package. He's huge! The picture doesn't do him justice....I hate to pack him up~~I've enjoyed his cute face for several weeks now.

Between tonight & Sunday night we have trick or treat at the same time Savannah has her last home game at the same time Dan needs to be the administrator on at his school's football game, region cheer competition, 2 girls have parties, one sleep over, work on Sunday , & Young Life banquet & then trying to not eat too much of my girls chocolate loot!
Not exactly sure what everyone is going to be this year. When they were little we always went way out on fun costumes. Of course they would pass them down each year plus endless days of dress up. Now that they are older I really hate to pony up bucks for a costume I'm certain they'll wear only once, especially with Christmas less than 2 months away. Caroline was a great sport this year & decided to be a cheerleader for the second year in a row....atta girl!

Savannah & her buddies were M&M's last year...way too cute.

Emily went to a costume party last weekend. We pulled up to the house ( new friends who's parents I don't know ) to see their yard all decorated in a charming grave yard theme. Emily, sportin her twister costume, was certainly the only one in preppy primary color garb. She told me one of her friends was dressing up as a "dead fairy".....what the heck? When Madison heard that, she chimed in one of her friends was going to be a 'dead cheerleader'---maybe we need a family inservice on choosing friends!
the only dead thing around here will be me sunday night around 9:30!
.... so between the M&M's and the Twister costume & a perky pigtailed cheerleader with a golden retriever, hopefully we can spread some trick or treat cheer! :)

a few pre-digital camera fall oldies....

one more thing....if any one is interested i will be listing some Bear Feet mary janes on Ebay. These were our all time favorite brand...super soft & comfy. Ordered them on line for Caroline & she never wore them. here is their little bio~

Youth size 1
Wonderful shoes, NEW , sorry I forgot to save the box. Bear Feet were our favorite shoes, very very comfy & will conform to her little feet.
Black soles
Black suade straps & interior
Length approx 8 3/4" bottom of sole
approx 1/2 cm area on toe where it appears to have none of the leopard hair, ordered online & was there when we purchased.
Very hard to find!
Will come to you from a smoke free home
$50 ( i will ship for free)
let me know if you're interested & Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Broadway, books, & ballet

sounds like a sermon, huh?

One of my dear friends treated several of us to an evening at Wicked!!

What an amazing story, what amazing voices, what amazing everything!

I loved the storyline. I love the relationship between glinda ( the good witch) & her friend elpheba ( the misunderstood wicked witch). Despite their opposing views & very different personalities ,they built an amazing lifelong loyalty to each other. Oh my~

I laughed & I cried.

I want to see it again & absorb it all over again.

Turns out she wasn't such a wicked witch after all....who knew?

( just a little ps-if you click on the wicked link , go to the home icon on the left, you can scroll to music & enjoy several of the pieces).

Some of the books we read this weekend

Sophie's Masterpiece~ a precious story about a truly kind gentle soul. I swear I tear up everytime I read it with Caroline.
The Wednesday Letters. A tender story about the power of forgiveness & redemption. Cried in that one too.

Twilight. I'm sorry but I must confess I too have jumped on the bandwagon. Feeling a little guilty reading a book about vampires. I mean I've already confessed our complete infatuation with Harry Potter & now this. My two girls have read the entire series & loved them. Figured I've give it a try. I'm really not a dark gothic person, but truth be told, this is a great story. Haven't cried yet, though.
The Comfort excellent cookbook. my current favorite. I've tried several recipes & they are all wonderful.

Ballet....Madison loves ballet. She would live at the studio if she could. Honestly, its a struggle for me. She dances 6 days a week. It is an all encompassing, year round commitment. While I truly want each of my girls to find the one thing they love & pour their heart into it....I also worry that she will one day feel like she missed out on other things while she was dancing --dancing every day. I wonder if all this time, energy, ( & dare i mention money) will pay off for her. Will she find herself in dance as she continues to grow & mature. We'll see...

For now I am so proud of her passion for dance, her commitment, & her desire to do her best.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My mother in law gave us a wonderful old chair before she passed away. It's been in her family for quite some time. I hope to one day have it reupholstered in a yummy creamy white, but for now it sits in storage all alone.
Just down the street is a small field, complete with a dilapidated barn & the obligatory 'no trespassing' sign.
I have wanted to go there at sunset with one of the girls, the great old chair & try to capture the sunflare. Maybe have them wear some of their old tattered jeans & cowboy boots. The other night Madison was dancing, Emily wasn't in the mood, Savannah had a headache, but little bit was up for the challenge. I had just received her fun farm chicks style dress from A Bushel & A peck. Sure, she needs some old brown ropers but for now these little black boots will have to work.
So after a small bribe, we ran out with only a few minutes before the sun was behind the trees. As soon as she hopped out of the suburban, she reached down to touch, what i hope is not a poisonous , mushroom & there it sunflare!
I have no idea what i'm doing. I wish I had some funky actions to play with for these images, but for today, they make me happy!
Now if i can only get the teenagers to head out with me next time!

ps--thank you sweet debbie :)