Friday, March 21, 2008

Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline.....I have been singing that song to her since she was born.

We celebrated Caroline's 7th birthday yesterday.
Its so special to me that she was born on March 20th~ the first day of spring. A day that symbolizes new life, new beginnings.
You see, March 20th was also the same date that Gregg ( my first husband) was diagnosed with cancer several years ago. She's a gift from God , as all children are, but her birthday makes it even more tender & sweet for me. Sort of like the rainbow after the storm.

After Dan & I were married we knew we wanted to have another child. I suffered two miscarriages , both of them late in the first trimester. I worried ( as i always seem to do) if something was wrong with me.
When I found out I was pregnant with Caroline, my ob informed me that he was unable to find a heartbeat. He told me to prepare for another miscarriage. We were leaving for the beach the next day---he said he'd see me when I returned but not to be surprised if and when I miscarried while on vacation. ok....
Upon returning we had another sonogram & guess what....there was that beating heart!

I think this precious blue eyed, blond haired baby girl is the perfect completion to our family. There is not a day that goes that I am not hugely aware of how blessed I am to have her in my life. She fills us with giggles & hugs. Savannah, Madison, & Emily have doted on her from the first moment they saw her. She is personality plus!

We love you sweet baby girl
Happy Birthday Caroline Elizabeth!!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Gratitude is the fairest blossom
which springs from the soul.
~Henry Ward Beecher

I want to thank each of you for taking a moment of your time to send a precious note to a woman whom you will never meet, but a woman who is fighting bravely for her life.
Thank you my dear friends.....

I wanted to share this image today. Years ago Lil & I decided we would attempt to smock. One of my precious friends spent a few patient mornings teaching us. Lil & I each smocked a bishop dress for Caroline who was one at the time.....I made a pink gingham & Lil made the blue gingham.
I loved the colors of this little dress!
I know I've said this many times, but the above photograph is one of my favorites of all time. Such a precious image of her in the dress lovingly made by her grammy.

A couple of years later, another dear friend called to tell me she had a special present she wished to bring to me. She presented me with a 24x30 framed oil painting of Caroline. I was blown away! I sat there speechless for what seemed like forever. My sweet friend had seen the photograph of Caroline & asked for a copy. She spent the better part of a year painting this image for me. She also had two replicas printed to give each grandmother. She had 100 cards printed with a tender text inside. This was one of the most amazing days of my life. She gave me a gift I could never afford & more importantly she gave me a gift from her heart~ talk about a labor of love. Words can not express how special , how treasured that painting is to me. Thank you sweet Fran.

Today I walked by that painting & smiled.
The tulips are again blooming here in Atlanta. I can hear, smell & see all of nature declaring the glory of the Lord.
& I am grateful.....

Thank you again my dear friends in blogland.
I pray you have a blessed weekend
I am thankful for you

Friday, March 07, 2008

Once again~

My mother in law, Lil, was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus in 1958. She went through radiation & was told she'd have no more children. Radiation in the 50's, can you imagine?
In 1984, she was diagnosed with colon cancer.
In 1997, she began and continues to have multiple basal cell carcinomas removed from her skin.
In 2004, she was diagnosed with cancer in soft tissue of her abdomen. She went through surgery & chemo. She has been doing great with the exception of some residual effects from the chemotherapy.
My husband found out this week, that cancer has returned. She will begin chemo next week.....once again.

I would covet your prayers for her as she begins this journey, again. She has fought & conquered this nasty ole disease before and I pray she has the strength to win over it again.
She doesn't know I have a blog.
She doesn't even know what a blog is. However, if you feel led to leave a comment & let her know she was in your thoughts or prayers, if you would please also let me know which state you are from. I would love to print these out & give them to her next week before she goes to the hospital. I know it would touch her heart & lift her spirits.

Thank you my friends....

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A beautiful day....

I love beautiful sunny days. That might sound funny. Of course we all love beautiful days, right?
For years & years I loved rainy days~~ even preferred rainy days.
But this winter, some of the cold dark dreary days have just about done me in. I have struggled with blahness, blueness, and lack of motivation. yuck.
Here in Georgia, we are often times teased in the late winter with gorgeous warm 75 degree days but in the same week we will also have a chance of snow flurries.
I am longing for the sunny days where I can open my window & feel and smell the wonderful breeze. Where I can awaken to the beautiful sound of those little birdies chirping outside my window. Sun kissed days where we can light up the grill. Thankfully today is indeed one of those days!

Switching gears~
This season I am totally into Idol. In years past I thought Simon had become just down right mean & I didn't watch until the bitter end. My older girls love this show. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings we have all been gathered together from the start of this season. I have been able to spend some fun times with my girlies!
& Yes, I have felt Simon has been much more tame.
The guys this year....holy cow, are they talented or what! There is about 4 of them that I think are so fab!
Jason sang Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah-- OH MY--LOVED that!! love that song!!
David Archuleta sang Imagine last week--that was incredible.
But my word--what David Cook did to Lionel Richie's Hello was insanely awesome!!
& Yes, we love Micheal ( our atlanta boy!)
We are big fans of Brooke --I love how great she sounded singing Carly Simon last week. Wish they could always sing music from the 70's!

So between today being a gorgeous day & the fact that Idol is on tonight....I'm feeling pretty good.
What's a post without a picture--a silly one from last year