Friday, December 02, 2011

new phones & new friends with new hearts

santa came early.
seems i dropped my phone in the toilet.
which incidentally, while sharing this little nugget of information in public
i thought my 15 year old would die a slow and painful death caused by utter humiliation.
as if
her mom mentioning a toilet & her proximity to said toilet
was just too much.

the only thing that died a slow death was my phone.
so i'm now president of the #iPhoneforrookies club
& yes, i love to use hashtags
while i twitter which i can now accomplish easily
thanks to my new jewel of a phone.

& i'm here to tell you
that if i didn't live with a 10 year old & an albeit embarassed 15 year old
i'd never learn how to use this little fella.
but i love her!!
the phone that is
( well my daughters too, but today is all about the phone)

i've been busy posting mobile uploads
such as black friday scores,
snuggling cuties home from college,

downloading instagram while hanging out in the doctors office
& coveting a stranger's louis bag,
taking photos of my happy place
after the 6 hour stressful trip to the doctor,
which incidentally restored all joy in my little world.
anthro, not the doctor.
wow, is my post confusing today or what?

 chronicling the limber child,

but the highlight of having my new phone fun is this~~

jill & i have been blog friends for a couple years.
she lives in tennessee & we often times have some facebook banter
about smk's boyfriend being a huge UT fan.

jill has precious children
with awesome names like mimi & reagan
mary lawson & cooper.
& then baby hutton was born.
predicted to be  still born
proved the doctors wrong & decided to show up anyway!

she immediately had a pacemaker installed, a shunt placed
only to be told she also had a major liver problem.
she was later placed on "the" list to receive a new heart.

fast forward
7.7.11 her family received the call,
hutton would be receiving her new heart.

this sweet baby child is brave & strong 
& the Lord clearly has a plan for good for her little 
powerful life!

she was life flighted here to atlanta the week prior to thanksgiving.
she was unresponsive and critically ill.
reading jill's updates left me humbly praying for a miracle for this sweet little one
who i only knew through the stories of her mommy & daddy.

she's home now all well & happy 
& playing yo gabba gabba 
& hanging out with her iPad
like any other healthy almost four year old.
we loaded up the car the weekend before she left
drove to the hospital 
& were able to meet her
& jill
& her beautiful sissies and daddy too
hug their necks 
& rejoice in her life!

what a thanksgiving for her family!!
we love ya'll,
johnson party of 7!!


Privet and Holly said...

Loving your big
old heart...seriously
too big for your tiny
frame! Enjoy that i-phone!
I am very happy for
you, even if I do have
an android phone with
a cracked screen.

xx Suzanne

just ask beth said...

God bless Hutton, precious gift! Your daughter jumps and lifts and splits like my middle girly..always dancing!

Debby said...

Bless Hutton.........she is a miracle.
Caroline has the moves.....I never could do that.
Love your new phone and the fun you are having. Sorry about the "toilet"......

christina said...

this is what it's all about... hutton. her story shines such a precious light on life.

traci said...

hutton is just too cute. my prayers are with her. i am hoping to get the new iphone soon. looks like so much fun.

Kelli said...

Yeah for your new phone!!! And what sweet pictures you were able to capture...especially with little Hutton. That is one amazing story :)

Kristin said...

I was sitting this morning as tears ran down my face from being so tired that I could not remember how to dry my hair and said in a phone call.... "I need a kick of positive! You know, Paige finds good in everything...even her phone landing in the toilet." So, it's funny that you posted this today. I want to tell you thank you friend. Thank you for showing me often, that there is good to be found in everything. I love you much for that blessing.

Yippee for your new iphone. You of all people will have the greatest time with it!

An even greater yippie for a new heart for a beautiful girl! Life is good.

Happy, beautiful day to you.

Alecia said...

Fun post! I love you were able to meet up with your friends and love on them during this season of life. She's a miracle for sure...can't wait to see how God uses her for His Kingdom! :-)

Lulu and Co. said...

What a lovely friend you, with such a generous heart. It was so nice to see Hutton with your girls smiling! So sweet. I'm do for an upgrade on my's on my wish list!!!!

Between You and Me said...

love this post....
love your heart.....
love the miracle of Hutton's life.

your friend, Jill, is seriously talented at naming children.

Tiffany Interiors, LLC said...

Love your blog! What a sweet and precious little girl. Your children are beautiful, too.

brockey said...

Love that post and love the black friday wreath !!!!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

YOu are so darn cute in every way!!

Jackie said...

So, so, so proud of you for upgrading to your iphone. :-)