Friday, September 30, 2011

a good week!

i'm choosing to look at the half full portion of the glass
& call it a great week.
the empty portion of the glass does include
not one, but two of our cars needing some major financial work done on them.
but back to the full portion...

the girls cheer tonight with the varsity for the Homecoming game
they both have the dance Saturday night.

the forecast is a beauty too
with lows tonight maybe at 49!
fall has finally arrived!

the week in review....

spirit days for HC week
complete with some love for Harry Potter

for celebrity day, madison went as kim kardashian.
that child bravely added a little "junk in her trunk".
before she left i laughed & told her...what if people think that big rear end of yours is legit!?
she didn't care.
she's always been brave with her fashion statements!

(emi wasn't in the mood for early morning photos but she did participate)

school picture day for the little one
who didn't really look so little that day....

savannh & her buddies made the road trip to Ole Miss for the game.
small world...bailey has become friends with one of smk's buddies from kindergarten!
are they cute or what?
pretty girls in great dresses & boots
seersucker trousers on trevor
& a bowtie on cody.
SEC fashion at it's finest!

the Ateam of lunches at home:
turkey, avacado, sourdough panini

homemade pimento cheese with spinach & fresh off the vine tomatoes.
guilty pleasure indeed!

and a sushi treat one day too.

forgive me if that sunflower already made a blog post.

& let's hear it 
for pumpkins in the house!

may your weekend be filled with wonderful temperatures
cool breezes
 pumpkin spice lattes
& heirloom pumpkins too!
2011 Christmas Preview from DaySpring

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

spectacular sunsets & a spectacular senior

the sunset was absolutely spectacular last night.
undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking i've ever seen.

it was the perfect weather to have the top down on the beetle
so caroline & i thoroughly enjoyed our ride at sunset.
we listened to the Glee soundtrack
& then i taught her the words to "have you ever seen the rain".
a little classic rock appreciation moment thanks to Creedence Clearwater Revival.
it was my favorite thing of yesterday.

we had to stop & pick up some supplies so she could create a model of a plant cell.
we had continued to watch the colors of the sky blow our minds.
as we walked into hobby lobby, i wanted to ask for the microphone 
& announce something along the lines of...
" attention shoppers, put down your craft supplies,
 go outside
&  be wowed by the amazing sunset".
but i refrained.

when caroline & i walked out
it was still stunning.
while my humble canon would not have captured its grandeur
i would have loved to be shooting with that sun as my backlight.

we stood on the sidewalk for a second
& i encouraged her
to give God a hand.
so we stood there
& applauded God 
for His own masterpiece.

you know, i doubt the sunset really has to be all those shades of marvelous
but He is an artist
& i think sometimes He loves to blow our mind
with something like a splendid sunset
to remind us He's in control.

i love my abby!
she & her mama are two of my most favorite people.ever.
i told you that bailey, savannah & i headed over 
& invaded her Homecoming evening
with silly antics, goofy jokes & paparazzi style obnoxious photography.
that's what friends are for anyway!

she & her bestfriend were stunning!!
i love few things more than capturing the laughter
& giggles of teenage girls.

abby, you beautiful girl
you were you own version of spectacular
& you blew our minds!
don't ever let anyone tell you anything different.
love you sweet girl!

oh & ps
the boys have a bit of a tradition
which involves shopping at the local thrift shop
for their attire.

 The heavens declare the glory of God,
   and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
Psalm 19.1

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

rise & shine

i woke today around 3:50.
after laying there long enough to review all the things i need to do today,
i gave in & silently slid out of bed.

it's a full week around here~
caroline now dances a couple nights
& tumbles on one.
emi & madi are cheering at three games this week
thankfully no competition is on the calender.
their homecoming dance is this weekend.
loads of photos to edit.
not one, but two cars are headed to the shop.

you get the picture 
& your week is probably even more stacked!

i have a dozen or so posts in my drafts, most of which are from the summer that no one will want to read as we enter the beloved season of autumn. 
but in an attempt to keep up with my journaling, i may need to subject blogger to a few flash backs. i apologize in advance.
i also got bit by that crazy 365 bug in january
which....i think most sane folks abandoned ship on long long ago.
so mixed in with some random august/september highlights,
i have some of those random shots to share too.

one of my favorite facebook moments was the following:
i'll take a blog recognition anyday!

favorite blog comment ever:
"Unlike usual, I don't actually have something really funny to say. I just want you to know this may be my favorite blog post ever. I loved being home. I loved seeing everyone and cheering on Madison and Emily. And especially laughing with all the Pauls. Thanks for making this weekend so amazing and being such a wonderful mom. I miss you already and cannot wait to be home again. I love you!"

pre or post "high cholesterol" status? you decide.

goodnight moon.

congrats on team captain, madi!

 a pretty day of mail.

my favorite smoothie.  blueberries, greek yogurt, spinach, flax seed, protein powder, & a little agave.

new treats.
had my cholesterol checked (non-fasting).
it was high.
hoping it was off a little. even though i had just left a kickboxing class
i had also just enjoyed chickfila...fries. 
obviously not eating enough of this.

sweet treats from sweet friends.
 just realized how many of my photos are about food.
 she picked out a new necklace.

& likes to pretend they're real glasses.

 we love our jeanne oliver designs around here.

summer things soon to be traded out for fall.

my constant companion.

time flies.

 all creatures great & small.

a big honor.

one last swim.

found a highlighted verse in one of the bibles belonging to dan's father.
with the date he married his bride right beside.
psalm 126.3
the lord has done great things for us,
and we are filled with joy.
a rich legacy of love indeed.

hope your day is wonderful
that you got more sleep than i did!