Wednesday, June 22, 2011

& they made pizza

 the other day my sweet friend darby posted that she was 
whipping up a little corn, pesto, tomato pizza.
i was all over that one!

i was heading to the gym
( yes, you can tell this is riveting blog material at it's finest)
but since we had a tight schedule that day
i would need madi & caroline to finish it up for me.
i prepped everything & had it all ready 
for them to complete & then pop in the oven.

 i snapped a few pictures before i left.
even had caroline take one of me 
prepping the food
all pioneer woman style of course.

they are my two super helpers at home
so i headed out with confidence.
pulled in a hour or so later to a wonderful smelling kitchen
& a camera full of cute pics!

caroline had climbed up on chairs,
stood at funky angles
and gotten some great shots
full of pesto close ups & zoomed images of fresh mozzarella.

madison had chronicled caroline's incessant tippy toes stance
and the step by step process of putting the pie together.

the rest of the images are all theirs!

oh &
yes the pizza was great!
even though our wheat dough did not have a victorious outcome.
maybe preheating the oven for an hour
like bree said to
would have solved our problem.
but it was yummy
& i ended up with an unplanned blog post!


 (maybe we'll do a little knife- cutting- safety- inservice tonight)

 ( thank heavens her polish was all chippy. how little girl cute is that?)

my fave shot of the day.
while they shot fantastic shots
of their process,
i had the camera iso set for indoors.
so when they stepped outside for this one
the iso was wonky.
but i LOVE the end result!

delicious lunch
& sweet sister time project
all in one!
the end.


Katie said...

Looks delicious! How fun to cook dinner with your sister. Caroline is so cute on her tippy toes.

{A*very} Blessed Life said...

Yummm!!!! We are out having sushi right now, which I do not care for btw, and I wish I were having that pizza instead. I will pretend I am eating your yummy pizza with each bite of veggie sushi that I eat. Sigh!

Sheri said...

That pizza looks yummy. We just bought stuff from Publix to make a pizza too - great minds think alike. However, my princess is PICKY. Ours will be very plain - cheese only. Your girls are adorable.

Shannon said...

How sweet that they took all those pictures and what a great memory of them two cooking in the kitchen preparing dinner for the family.
The pizza looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

The pizza looks de.lish..Cute photos..

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

That looks DELICIOUS!! I will be giving this a try..... anything with Fresh Mozarella and Basil will be a sure winner in this house!

Caroline is SO CUTE in the kitchen!! She look pretty comfortable there:)



Privet and Holly said...

Bree has
nothing on
the Knudsen
xx Suzanne
PS: That last
shot was magic.

3 Peanuts said...

Well lookey there....all you ladies are talented behind the lens now aren't you????? I am so impressed with the pizza, the photography, the Mom and the girls. You have it all Paige. Blessed you are. Now I am off to make a boring old tuna sandwich which seems so lame after my mouth watering just looking at your pizza.

Thanks for your kindess this week (and always)

Bree said...

Looks like you all had a great time making pizza! Glad that you liked it.

Bethanie said...

YUM!!! Im going to have to try this!! Love the picture of Caroline on her tip-toes. Just precious!!

Darby said...

They are so precious... and you know what? I love that chippy nail polish... it means she works hard and plays hard! The pizza looks delicious and I know it was!! xoxo

Susan R said...

That's my little Miss C on her tippy toes. I love that girl.

Farmgirl Paints said...

well that looked amazing. love those plates girlie. i have canisters just like that. now i've got this uncontrollable urge for mozzerella.

Lindsey said...

That looks DELISH!! Yummy!!! Cute photos too!

Beach Coast Style said...

oh my that looks soooo good!

ellieshine said...

so cute! the chippy nails were making me smile before I read your comment about them :)

awesome photos - my fave is the tippy toes!

xo ellie

oh and YUM!!

Martha said...

the pizza looks so yummy:) I love making homemade pizza and love your photos with your numbered dishes and the fish:) very fun picture of caroline holding the pizza too:) ~ sorry I've been so absent lately in keeping up with you

just ask beth said...

How "LITTLE GIRL" cute is her HAIR!!! love her tippy toes and pizza looks uber good!!

Rox said...

Wholly Moly! That looks De-Lish :)

They did such a nice job on the photos too.. Smart girls.. Smart Momma :)

Kelli said...

What a sweet day...I love all of the moments that were captured. Chippy nails is so little girl...I just took Jamison's off the other day.

Just in Case.. said...

I'm so hungry and I still have a while to go until lunch. Death by photos.

christina said...

lol!! c. did fabulously, like i knew she would though- it's hard to cut that mozzarella. ; )

it's so sweet the girls did this together.

Gina said...

Looks delish! I struggled with getting my crust just right too butthen found this blog post on the perfect pizza! Preheating the stone in the oven is the trick. Check it out.
Now I want pizza! ;)

Gina said...

Looks delish! I struggled with getting my crust just right too until I found this blog post.
Preheating your stone in the oven for an hour is the trick. Check it out. Now I want pizza. ;)

Louise said...

It looks so good, I live in a HOT, hot place, don't like to turn the oven on for five mins during the summer let alone an hour, I wonder if that dough would work well for grilled pizza.

Jodi said...

Looks delish and what a great "girlie" lunch! The girls did a great job with the pizza and the pictures!

I would definately love this pizza, my hunny and daughter; prob. not so much! Altho, I did get hunny to eat the oriental sald tho! :)
Take care, Paige!

Courtney Walsh said...

What!? That's amazing!!! And looks so so yummy and healthy. I may have to try that for my kids...I've been looking for something new to try, feeling like I do the same thing every week! Love their cute shots! :) And especially the chippy nail polish and standing on tiptoes!

Jboo said...

Yay for your cooks and jr photographers! That looks so yummy!


Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

So up my alley!

Between You and Me said...

love the prom pics....remember seeing some of them when you put them on fb....never tire of looking at your beautiful girls and the awesome shots you capture...

the pizza looks AMAZING and you know I"m totally digging your black nails in those pictures. :)