Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the evolution of a daddy

20 years ago
on june 22
i married gregg.
he had swept me off my feet.
i was young & thin
still in nursing school
naively dreamed that we'd have forever.

we had 5 years.

in that time
we bought a home
and a small business
i graduated from nursing school
had three baby girls
and he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

when savannah was born
he was crazy proud of that little girl.
calling her savy, which drove me nuts
driving her around in his convertible, which drove her nuts
& toted her to many coaching events.

then we had little birdie
our tiny blue eyed baby girl.
he fainted when i got my epidural
& after a trip down to the E.R.
ended up with a dozen stitches
and his own labor & delivery story.
he carried that tiny 6 pound baby girl like a football.
she never cried.

by the time sweet emi was born
he was very very sick
and only held her a few times.
 my sweet em is the spitting image of him.

fast forward a few years.
dan had been a groomsman in our wedding
he was tall and strong
& quiet
he was tender and protective of me.
he played barbies with savannah
& colored with madison.
i was smitten.

i'm sure many were skeptical of our relationship
as many are anytime a widow or widower remarries.
but i'd be lying 
if i told you our relationship
has been anything other than a seamless transition.

dan loves my three girls as if they were biologically his.
i bet most folks assume they are.
and makes me feel like i'm the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth.
actually, he makes me feel like i'm the only beautiful woman on the face of the earth.

after miscarrying our first two babies
caroline was born.
the man who many had wondered if he'd ever marry
now had a houseful of girls.

one of the sweetest components of our marriage
has been watching the girls grow up & mature
and really appreciate and respect dan.

before savannah left for the weekend
she asked him if they could go out to breakfast together.
let me tell you, he was so honored when he told me of their plan,
her idea.
the words she wrote in his father day card
were the strongest affirmation
that i married a winner
and that God had blessed our relationship.

i often tell him
that he loves the girls and me
just like Jesus.
he is strong and loyal
and gentle and forgiving
kind and selfless.

he has evolved into a daddy
that all four of my girls 
will see as Jesus in their life.
i knew he'd be just that.
all along....

heading out on their breakfast date....

thank you for laying down your life for us
sweet man.
i will love you

(ps. i'll share the sweet way the other girls
honored dan for father's day
in my next post)


Love Being A Nonny said...

Precious post. I love the LOVE shown here. What a gift he is to all of yu.

sara@augustfields said...

paige, this is beautiful. God is so good!

Godeliva said...

Congratulations ! How tenderly you write and how lucky this man has become, sorrounded by five beautiful loving angels. Bless you all.

katie purcell said...


Kelli said...

What a sweet story...what a true blessing.

traci said...

what a sweet post. i have tears in my eyes. what a wonderful man he is.

Judy said...

I love reading your "love story" Paige! I was sharing your blog with a good friend of mine over the weekend so I'm sure she'll be checking it out.

A little different story but my 2nd husband is more of a father and grandfather to my grown children and grandchildren than their biological dad/grandfather....long sad story not worth going into, so I can appreciate how much you love Dan for always being there and stepping up to the plate. We are both blessed women!


Anonymous said...

paige, you always amaze me in each post you write. what a lovely post this morning. someone once told me,"God only gives us what we can handle", how true this is. one door closes but, another door opens just as quickly. seem's as though God had a plan for you and your mr. tall dark and handsome! he now has a beautiful family adorned with five beautiful ladies.... god is good! prayers continue for your sweet girl emi.... donna h.

chicago bestie said...

Love.Love.Love listening to your story of how Dan the Man who was once a groomsmen is in your life.
Love you!!

Debby said...

Such a heartwarming story. I think you are all blessed. What a wonderful man your husband is.
My cousin that we lost a few months ago, had a similar story. I will try to make it short. Her husband and their best friend were riding atv's. Her husband ended up dying from the ride. Their best friend was there to comfort my cousin and they eventually married. The were married 23 years and they were so in love. I think it is an extra blessing that you both married friends of your husbands. (((((HUGS)))))

Coastal Health and Home said...
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Anonymous said...

i think this little (huge) love story of you two is one of my favorite things about you...

Coastal Health and Home said...

Dear Paige,

Thank you for sharing.

This is how I feel.

It's great knowing that you have chosen the Best Husband for yourself it's even better knowing that you've chosen the best Father for your children.

Wondering when you will reveal the invisible kleenex advertisement in the sidebar.

Thanks again for always sharing your journey with such transparency.

Have a great day.


Coastal Blue Ocean

Jackie said...

This is so precious. I can't say more right now because I'm in tears. God has blessed you & your girls, wonderfully!!

Anonymous said...

That is soooo sweet!! Loving family!

Liz McNeil

Debbie L. said...

Paige, this is one of the reasons I come to your blog each day. I am always refreshed in what I read.

The love and tenderness in your home is so heartwarming.

Tears of joy I have today to see such a Godly man taking care of his precious family.

God bless you all and prayers continuing for Emi.

Simply Jen said...

Just lovely. This is a beautiful, beautiful post. Your family...your journey...is so tender. So sweet. So reassuring.
I always look forward to taking in your words.
Jen xo

Shera said...

so sweet....you and your girls do have an awesome picture of God's love.

Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

Awww. What a tender post. Your story is beautiful, Paige gut wrenchingly sad and unspeakably joyful. Only God.

I have a husband like Dan and give thanks for him every day!


Susan R said...

Such a lovely post and beautiful thoughts. Dan sounds like good people to me. Sounds like you have found your "true love" twice. Now haw many people can boast that? I love to see the photos of Dan with the girls, he may not have ever thought that he would ever marry, but he definitely looks like a natural at being a father and a husband.
Good on ya Dan.

Just in Case.. said...

You make me cry. Every. Single. Time.

He's a beautiful man, inside and out.

My Vintage Studio said...

A beautiful post!
Wishing you a wonderful week.

Kristin said...

Gregg was a great Man...loved God and just people.
He was just cool you know!

Time...heartache....many prayers...seriously, from me and I am certain many.

God has blessed you indeed, not that hardship wasn't present, but your faith without asking for a new husband and your gracefullness in the midst of something so hard, God found good in and made the story beautiful. When I wonder if God will see me through this journey I am walking through currently in my life, I stop and think of how your attitude was all in that time of just a grateful soul, no matter what you were just going to stand in grace and find life colorful still. I have always admired that in your soul and it has become a sweet refllection in my life and how I walk. so, thank you. You bless me much.

Dan we all love you. Thank you for showing people that real men exist! Just thank you! Enough said.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful post the thoughts were so sweet.

Unknown said...

My mom remarried when I was 8 and I call my stepfather "daddy"....he has been the perfect daddy for me. What a blessing that God brought him into all our lives. Amazing how God works out His plans.

Talia said...

What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing your love story with us.

Katie said...

Can't wait for you next post!

Cheryl said...

You know where we are in our lives... it is always a blessing to read how God has touched yours in such a beautiful way.
love to you

Lorri said...

Oh my word. I am crying. You AND your girls are so lucky to have such an amazing man in your lives. And I know he is proud!

Jodi said...

How sweet, what a love story! :) Dan is truely "the man" ! :)

I love the pictures, so cute; the last one esp. your are a wonderful couple! :)


Anonymous said...

My heart cannot take the huge lump in my throat and yet ... I can't wait for your next post. Destiny

Denise said...

Paige, I didn't know the story of the transition from Gregg to Dan. I just had read how much love and respect you had for both of them. WOW. God has truly blessed you. And all of your girls. And Dan. Gregg isn't making out too bad himself since he's where we'd all wish we could be! Praising God with you and for you for all the amazing ways that He has shown Himself to you and yours. :)


Lulu and Co. said...

So sweet Paige. Your post brought tears to my eyes and I'm just so happy for all of you. I love reading about strong, loving families!!!

Beth said...

This post brought me to tears and gives me hope! Thank you for sharing so much of your lives! Praying for Em and you and your family.

Janie Fox said...

God is so smart!I love this.

just ask beth said...

sounds like DAN is the lucky one...

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

What a beautiful post!

Privet and Holly said...

We need more
Dans in this
world! Glad
you found yours : )
xx Suzanne

One Woman's Thoughts said...

I am sitting here just a watery eyed sniffling romantic. You have hugged my heart with your post. I think ALL of you are a pretty special family.

Sassy said...

I happened apon your blog and have loved going through and reading your words and looking at your beautiful pictures.....you are amazing and this is one of the sweetest love stories I have ever read......you are both very blessed and ohhhh my goodness what your heart has been through.....thank you for sharing....

Between You and Me said...

beautiful picture of God's unending love for us.

Meg said...

This gave me goosebumps! Beautiful! I am the youngest of three girls and my Daddy is Jesus to me. Love your posts!