Monday, June 20, 2011

a little update via screen captures, mobile uploads & a video

okie doke
i think we're hopefully on the upswing with emily's progress.
randy has been fantastic keeping us updated on her progress.
and while i hope i'm not guilty of over dramatizing the event
or minimizing a miracle ( which clearly is the worse of the two)
her appearance the next day sounded much much better
& she's continued to improve.
i'm sure we'll hear more details when she comes home
but i truly believe the Lord protected her 
& has kept her on the healing path.

randy called yesterday & told me the Lord had totally done another
really cool thing.
moments before he was heading out to take emi to the hospital sunday morning
one of our friends and former neighbors
walks in to where they were having a bible study.
dr. keller is in peru on a medical mission trip
& came by to visit our team before heading back to the states.
he was able to bring some much need antibiotics to one of the kids 
& take a look at em's foot.
dr. keller is also the physician for our football team
so he obviously sees injuries like this all the time.

once i posted, i received a call from one of the nurses who was
with dr. keller who gave me a great update.
her ankle is still quite swollen
with one specific area of tenderness.
there was a little more concern when the doctor heard the direction she fell.
however he felt while there could be a hairline fracture
even if they xrayed her in Lima
 they would xray her when she got back in the states.
she is on strict order to stay off it completely until they return
but he felt it was not a displaced fracture but might possibly a hairline fx.
as long as he completely keeps off it & keeps it wrapped,
he re-enforced it well
the doctor felt she would be safe, even with a fracture
to keep it immobilized until she returns home.
so, i'll schedule her an appointment & we'll keep it
she is completely better next friday.
so please continue to pray.

they are still trying to locate some crutches for her
this final leg of the trip
is much more chill than the first part.
i think they're done with the majority of the hiking, etc.
they are working in a poor section in Lima
in the orphanages.

we were able to skype with emily saturday night
& her spirits were much higher than any other time.
i know she's homesick
but i was thrilled to hear her voice
& hear how happy she sounded!!

she gave me strict orders to not quote her in my facebook updates anymore.
which reminds me, i need to go back & look as i don't remember quoting her at all!
she'll probably kill me for posting these screen captures
but i can't resist!

another yay moment
was that emi was able to go see a part of Peru
(image below)
that sounds amazing.
here's randy's description=
"Back from the mountain, very cold but the most amazing display of God's handiwork, I can't give it full credit but we slept in a mountain pass that is 7 miles long with 500-1000 ft walls of rock on each side. Mountains on both ends, 2 huge glacier lakes fill the 7 miles. We ate, watched the sunset, worshiped and then stepped outside into the darkness but the stars were beyond anything I have ever seen. You could see galaxys, there was not a point in the sky without a star, made the covenant with Abraham have a whole new meaning. Then the moon came up and it was as bright as twilight or dawn, then the Sun came up. We went up the mountain and the bus broke it's driveshaft, so we hiked back down the mountain a couple of miles to the campground. Along the way we got between a bull and it's herd (the cow herds basically run free here, even in town) but all of the Future Farmers of America training paid off and we were fine.

The worship last night and the Kairos (your kids will explain) time was incredible."

minus the injury, i'd love to be one of my girls this week.
emily is in the midst of a total lifechanger, i'm sure.
madi is loving life whipping around in her new ride.
& savannah is off for 9 days on a trip she & bailey have planned for months.

they are off to orlando and then down to west palm.
( bailey has friends and family there and her brother is playing in a tournament).

 my jealousy really kicked in to overdrive
upon finding out they were actually in Harry Potter World
for the one year anniversary.
they were even included in the video promo!
screen capture time take 2!

a few pics from smk's phone while at Dr Seuss Land.
jamie, this one is for you!

enjoying a wonderful butterbeer
which if you're not an HP fan, it's nonalcoholic.

i love their faces after the scary ride!

ok, i'm clearly pms
because i choke up everytime i think of emi being gone for so long...
i choked up today when i dropped caroline off at writers camp. it's only 3 hours long. for 5 days. but when we left her, she came back out to hug dan & me, one more time....
and i also choked up when i saw how excited they were in the following video.
it's only a minute or two long and they're near the end.
besides my madi, they are the biggest HP fanatics i know.
so this was indeed a thriller moment for them!


Debby said...

Such a post full of goodness. I am so glad that your daughter is okay. So scary. Sohappy for your other daughters as well. Being in the video is awesome. It's okay to have proud teary moments. Just a little is fun having adult children as well. It is fun seeing the paths they choose and heartwarming to see them as parents. (((((HUGS))))

Courtney said...

Can't wait to hear about Emi's details after she returns from Peru. Glad she is healing from the injury.

Savannah and Bailey are just too cool for words!

Life. is. good! :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Wow I missed a lot being absent from blogs all week! I'm sorry you had such a scare but so glad Emi is alright! I bet your Mama heart was just beating a mile a minute while you waited for updates.

So glad she is going to be alright.


Shell in your Pocket said...

Hope the healing process is quick and 100%!

sandy toe

my2twins said...

Continuing to keep Emi in my thoughts and prayers. It sounds like she is in good hands which I know is a help for you. Here's hoping for more good news later this week.
My whole family are Harry Potter junkies so we get the excitement for Bailey and Savannah, such fun!

Micah Jamie said...

Thank you!!! The pics of smiling Emi are precious and the one of Savannah in front of the giant OTPTYG book is darling. I can't believe I'm admitting this, b/c how pathetically hormonal am I...but I serious teared up @ 1st pic of Emi, got it back together, had my breath taken away by the description and the photo of the valley they stay in, lost it again @ Savannah in front of the giant book...and literally squealed and said out loud "I'm so excited too!" when they showed up on the video. FANTASTIC!! I believe my blue eyes just turned a slight shade of green...I'm dealing w/some envy issues here...just can't figure out which one I'm jealous of most :) xoxo

Beach Coast Style said...

So glad to here all is going well can't wait to hear all about everyone's adventures.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! I do not think you're being dramatic. I would certainly be beside myself. At least you have a great church group that you trust so much. That's so huge. I really don't trust (maybe agree with their values is a better term) alot of the adults in our church group, so I'm really unsure I'd let my kids go anywhere with them let alone Peru. I can NOT imgine.

Lulu and Co. said...

You've got me choked up thinking of my kiddos all on their own adventures one day.... I was choked up today just having my 15 yr old starting her first babysitting job today for a friend of mine.... She will be working for her 3 days a week sitting for 8 hours a day.... I missed her all day!!!!!
So happy to hear all the goodn news in this post!!!

Clare said...

it sounds like all of your girls are having an amazing time!! i am so sorry i haven't been commenting, but i have been checking in with you! lots of love, c

Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

Wow. I can't believe (and yet I can) that a doctor you know from home walked in and got to take a look at Emi's ankle! God is just too much! That must make you feel so good!


{A*very} Blessed Life said...

Paige, I am so glad to hear Emi is doing better and to see her smiling face! God is so awesome! Her life is changing in ways only He knows. How amazing! ANd I must say, OH. My. Word! I am jealous too of Savannah and Bailey! How cool is that! I loved seeing them in that video. So adorable. I especially loved hearing of them talk. We see photos, but really don't know what your girls sound like. It was cool hearing them. You keep your chin up, friend. It's all gonna be all right. And I am continuing to pray.

Cheryl said...

So good to see Emi is doing well. And it sounds like all of your princesses are having incredible summers!! It is an incredible thing to witness. Enjoy watching them experience the blessing you have trained them up for.

Coastal Health and Home said...

Dear Paige,

Glad to hear the good news!

We will keep praying for Emily.

How exciting for Savannah and Bailey.


Coastal Blue Ocean

Unknown said...

Hi Paige,

I feel for your Emi - do you remember I broke my ankle/tore ligaments back in October? I think immobilizing will completely help and with ligaments, there is really nothing but immobilization to DO. Time heals....bummer for her that she probably had to miss out on some fun. And double bummer to not have crutches. But sounds like she is a trooper.

I have a BIG HP fan in my house too and she is dying to go to Harry Potter at Universal! Someday....

Besides the pms, you seem to be doing better, glad to see/hear!

Susan R said...

So relieved to hear she is doing better.
How long will she be gone? Will she stay in Lima, or close by? Should the need arise,she can be close by decent medical care yea?
Not that we as mothers want these kinds of challenges in our children's lives, but Emi is going to be a strong, young lady for this. God blesses each of us in different ways, somehow, I have to believe, Emi will come out of this with great blessings.

Jodi said...

I love the skype pictures, it's great the you can do that; I am sure it relieves a little anxiety just to be able to see and talk to her a bit!

Anonymous said...

What great news about your daughter..I bet you can't wait to see her when she comes home..Have a great week..

Privet and Holly said...

start to finish.
I've missed a lot
in two days!
Have to catch up
after the baseball
game I'm off to...
xx Suzanne

Sharla said...

What wonderful experiences your daughters are having! So glad to hear Emi is doing better and Savannah looks like she is having a blast on her trip. How cool is the HP village?! My boys would love those choclolate frogs :)