Tuesday, June 07, 2011

metal chairs are in the house!!

i knew it when i first laid eyes on it.
this is exactly what i'd love for my kitchen table to look like.
chic & shabby & cool
industrial meets glam
tolix chairs
wood & white & concrete
dark & light juxtaposed
oh i just love it.
( dining area is that of famed photographer amy neunsinger & featured for one, in rachel ashwell's 

so for a few years i've had this desire to own some  metal chairs.
priced those bad boys & realized that at this stage in life.
also known as sending a child to college and the next one down needs a car
equals no room for the approximately $2,000 bill for the tolix chairs.
began the search for some a tad less.

saw this kitchen & loved her look too.
we have the same dark plank wood floors in all our downstairs
except for the kitchen
but also have the white creamy look going on in all the rooms.
LOVE her kitchen!

back to my reality.
thanks to ya'll i found a few options much more within my budget
& ended up going with the jackson metal tub chairs
from world market.
world market? who knew?
ran in the other day for my virgin visit & loved this entire yellow grey thing they also have going on.
grabbed a couple chairs to bring home for a trial run.
every one loved them.
well back up.
emi at first told me they were a little too funky & modern for our home.
i beg your pardon.

their little arm chair style is super comfy
which is big perk considering i'm not good about going for function over form.
i got the go ahead from dantheman
found a $50 off your purchase plus used another 10% off your entire purchase
& scored the other four.
& a few of the yellow & grey things too.
oh happy day!!

oh & by the way
they are not black
even though in my photos they appear black
nor or they shiny silvery 
but they are that gun metal aluminum grey color.

so here's where YOU come in.

i'm usually decisive & know what i want.
i'm a little stumped.
i think my current table needs to go.
in my mind of course i'm dreaming of amy's table
all farmtablish & cool
& functional of course.
but i also love the thought of a distressed (slightly) all white/cream table.
just like a woman
i also love the opposite
a large dark wood planked farm table.

what do you think?
remember, my kitchen tiled floor is all cream
as are my walls
& i don't want it to look too busy. too chopped up.
but maybe pulling in that dark wood like the floors would be good too?
i don't know...

lay it on me.

& because i know you'll ask
the super cute eat napkins are from lemonade makin' momma
& you can snatch some up right here.
the numbered napkin rings were picked up in Savannah.
i don't know their brand sorry
but i thought they looked all sadie olive goes pottery barn.
placemats from world market.

anyway....style advice? bring it...


Judy said...

I love World Market! I was in there Friday and saw the yellow & gray stuff...wish I could use it in my house.

As for a table, I think a farmhouse table, all rustic and shabby would look great. I have cream tile in my kitchen like yours, walls are Latte and my table is a dark wood pub table. I have a mixture of chairs, two from World Market (rattan) and two ladderback ones from my mom's house that I put a little drop cloth slip over the back, so I think a dark wood table would look good, OR you could paint the legs white and distress them and stain the top dark....OR you could buy a new table!!! (LOL)


Maria said...


If it were me, I would get a rug for under the table (or continue that awesome wood flooring in the kitchen) and I would probably go for a dark wood plank table. I personally own an all white farm table and keeping the top white has been a terrible chore. I have to repaint it every 6 months. Ugh. It's cute but high maintenance.

Pine Tree Home said...

Swoony. Love the chairs. To get by until you find your perfect table, how about staining the top of yours a darker color like the floors.

slip4 said...

Looks like I am not the first to suggest this, but I think you should sand down your table top and stain it darker. It would look more "farmish" haha that way!

I have my table done that way, and need new chairs...I am definately going to World market!

Patina said...

I say PAINT it!!! I LOVE those chairs.

Admin said...

Very cute! I love it.
World Market is the greatest.

Cheryl said...

This looks wonderful. We don't have World Market up here..it looks like there are some great finds. Good luck with the table dilemma. I am searching for one, too, but have decided to go round. Now I have to decide painted, stained, combination... Hmmmm.

Life on Lemon Lane said...

Those are from World Market?! Wow, so stylish. I say definitely a large farmhouse table...cream legs with a dark wood top. Very cute place settings. btw...I agree with your daughter, I wouldn't have they would work but you totally rocked it!

Kelli said...

oh my gosh when I saw the first picture I thought you had gone to Decatur and bought that table! haha! I love that look~ that's my vote :o)

Shannon said...

Love it Paige! Your table is beautiful too I would maybe just stain the top a darker color and it would look amazing.
Great tablesetting as well :)

Sheri said...

Awesome chairs - your setting looks adorable. I think a dark table top would look great. xo

Sogni Siciliani said...

The chairs are perfect and look great!!! Your persistence paid off. Motto for success!!! Always keep your eyes on the prize!!!!

Louise said...

This might sound difficult, or like you would neeed to be a carpenter, but I don't think you would. I think you could research how to do this yourself, or if you know a handy woodworker that would be a help. Just cover your existing table top with planks, affix them with sunken nails/glue of course! It will help that you want a slightly rustic look. Then stain the planks.

I saw this exact thing done with a table JUST like yours on a blog a few weeks ago . .oh I WISH I could remember what blog that was. It looked fantastic.

You could paint your table legs if wanted . .painted legs, a stained slightly rustic plank top . .your talbe would be wonderful.

I'd also paint that little table off to the side, the one with the little clock on top of it.

Louise said...

HERE IT IS http://redoux.blogspot.com/2011/05/plank-table-top-gift-of-junk-from-road.html

That is the link, you will have to copy and paste, I don't "do" more technical than a stapler.

The site is redoux and the lady used planks she round by the ROAD (so they were lovely and aged!!) . . . doesn't it look LOVELY!

Anonymous said...

You could save some money and use the table you have. Sand down the top and make it super dark, like the floors in the other photo. I would get a neat rug for under the table and it will help break up the white without re-doing your floors!! :)

Louise said...

Me AGAIN (sorry) but if you don't make your own table top I really think finding an OLD table and staining, sanding, fixing up would be the way to go. Would bring a much more authentic feeling to the look I think you want with your table and chairs of super modern chairs and old or aged farmhouse table.

This is another blog where a really old beat up table was fixed up and now it looks AMAZING.

Do you ever check your local craigslist . .. in many places it is a minefield of furniture that can be transformed with some paint and stain.

Yvonne from North Carolina said...

In the Rachel Ashwell picture the table coloring is similar to yours, only difference the chairs are creamy off white metal. Thought about painting your chairs that color? You could shabby chic them by letting the metal "bleed" through?? You have great taste, so what ever you decide I'm sure it will look fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just left a comment for you about staining the top and putting a neat rug underneath,and btw, I'm only anonymous because I'm pretty much computer illiterate and don't know how to become a follower even though I read your blog daily. Whew!! Anyhoo, another idea is, sand down the top and paint it with chalk board paint. I did that to and older table of ours and it was really neat! You can write family members names at each place setting or "Eat, Drink and be Merry", anything cute for the kitch!!

christina said...

oooh so pretty. i know whatever you decide, it will look fab. i have never regretted getting the farm table of my dreams. i have moved it to 3 different states, with us. ; ) this is the table our food is served upon, where we bow our heads in prayer, laugh, cry and welcome people over for a meal. i thought of all those things, while standing in the little shop, in which our table came from. ; )

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

Oh Paige! LOVE LOVE these!!! I havnt gotten my booty into Cost Plus in awhile (its probably a good thing!) but I have seen quite a few things from their new "knock off line"(As I call it) that I really really NEED :)
I say keep your table (hubs will be happy). Rough up the top and stain it a deep dark rustic color. Then sand and slap on a bunch of paint on your table legs. First paint them grey, then distress. Then add some cream, then distress. Then finish with white, and beat them up a bit with the sander :)

Orrrr....you could take the entire top of your table (im assuming it was a manufactured table that has screws holding it together?) and buy a piece of galvanized steel to put over the top of it (or over a piece of plywood). Do a wash over it and tada....your table top marries your chairs :) But still do the leg distressing.


ps - did I tell you I love those chairs?! Cost Plus also has the smocked curtains from Pottery Barn that I have been dying over...*sigh*

Shawn Seay said...

Love the new chairs;) let me know if you decide to sell your beautiful slip covers.

Seawashed said...

Ive been drooling over those chairs at WM too. I bought some of the grey and yellow placemats(a different design than yours though). I have a very similar farmhouse table and we recently sanded off all the varnish on the oak top so it looks like bleached wood now. (I have a photo on my sidebar) I think your table looks great...you could always try sanding and distressing for a more rustic look. Seeing yours all put together makes me want to get those chairs too.

Jboo said...

Oh wow -- looks beautiful! Think painting the table would work -- but what do I know? I had a DIY disaster when attempting to spray-paint a mirror frame, so have moved away from the paint for now! Good luck!


Jodi said...

Your chairs look great, love the style! I love the inspiration pictures, the first one is my all time fav! I agree w/ Yvonne, what if you painted them creamy white? I just love your white kitchen and the simplicity of everything. What ever you decide to do is going to be beautiful and I can't wait to see.OR if you leave everything the same, it's beautiful too, i like the bit of color that the chairs bring in!

Maggie said...

Maybe be a white or yellow table cloth??
White would make the placemats pop!!!!

OH and LOVE the chairs!!!!

Wendy said...

Loooooove them!! I got white tolix-style chair, but I do love the metal ones...sooo much! I also love the arms. They're great! I'm thinking that the dark wood table would be a beautiful juxtaposition.

Can't wait to see what you decide!

Kat said...

Paige, love the chairs, girl. Love them. Here is a link to our farmhouse style dining room table. I think it would look great with your chairs.
We can actually get twelve people around ours when it is fully extended. It's fabulous.

Adrienne said...

i agree with so many other commenters... farmhouse. chalk paint those legs and distress them and stain top dark.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with some of the previous posts..I would stain the table top dark..I love the chairs,the napkins,the place mats,etc..Love it all..Can't wait to see what ya decide..Have a great week..

Amy Kinser said...

I love you chairs! They look fantastic!

Thanks to whoever sent you over to my blog to see my "new" farmtable that I am absolutely in love with. How crazy it is to love a table so much! I love the nostalgia of it and the look...

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

Blessings, Amy

Jill said...

Paige! Love the chairs. And I will take this as a reminder to go World Market soon - love that place but just don't think to go in. My suggestion on your table would to not go dark because you would lose the impact and beauty of the chairs against something dark. If you instead use something more washed and light(er), your chairs will stand out more. And from reading your blog post you mention light and washed much more than you do a darker finish, which you mention at the end....so your interal fabulous taste and thought is already leading you in a great direction!

Debra said...

I LOVE your chairs! What a great find. I love World Market- unfortunately we don't have one in town - actually it's probably better that way. :)

I really like your table - I think I would paint it and see how I liked it- I think I would start with white/cream and go from there. Can't wait to see what you do. I know it will be fab!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I just love everything you do! Always. :)

And thanks for the sweet shout out! I sold out of my napkins, and I'm pretty sure you and your precious plug had a little something to do with it... you sweet thing.

Unknown said...

absolutely love that first image what a lovely table, i love everything about it the chairs, the beautiful light fitting its all so gorgeous

i love the chairs... said...

So...I love the chairs.
Every time i go into world market i swoon but i can't buy them. boo hiss.
anyhoo....i think a white table would look good in there to off set the metal chairs. Try painting the top of your table first...and if it doesn't look it's god telling you to go out and buy a farm table;-)

Micah Jamie said...

I.love.this.look. FABULOUS. My vote goes for a rich deep wood table that compliments your flooring throughout the rest of your house, I love mixing rustic with elegant, old with new, fresh with traditional...so much more chic :). It would give the room a depth and dimension that a white table wouldn't achieve. Do you have a dark wood sofa table or coffee table you could move in there to get a feel for how it will look? and get out of town with your yellow and grey placemats...to DIE for.

Bring Pretty Back said...

I love posts like this because I love to see what suggestions people give! I sadly have no decorating talent , so I learn from people that do! Like you!
I can not wait to see what you come up with!
Have a pretty day~!

Simply Jen said...

Good Morning Paige!
Love, Love, Love the new chairs!
Ok...here's my suggestion (and I think it's the same as many other suggestions)...
If finances allow, I would definitely add the dark plank floors in the kitchen. If not, I suggest a natural fiber rug underneath the table and then possibly a runner by the sink/island. As for the table, I think finding planks to affix to your table would be absolutely beautiful!...staining them a darker color. I have so much luck on craigslist...so...you may even be able to find a table and stain/paint accordingly. I also would stain/paint the little cabinet (with the clock)...cream if you have the dark wood floors...stained dark if you keep the white tile.
Hope that helps. As always...it will look wonderful...as it already does.
Have a lovely day!
Jen xo

Louise said...

I have become a tad obsessed with your table quest I think!


This one is stained pale, but I think your table top should be dark . . it's all about contrasts in to my mind, the modern chairs with an old table, white floor with dark table top . . .

Your first inspiration photo looks so lovely, but the walls are not white, they are rough and textured and very light beige . .you have smooth white walls, so a more textured and darker table top will give you the same feeling as that phote but in reverse.

Ok, I am going to stop obsessing about this now. :-)

Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

Oh, girl. Don't get me started on tables. Were you with me during my table drama last fall? I went a little crazy. But if you look at my "table drama" category, you can at least peer at some images to see if anything steers you in the right direction.

For now, restain the top if you have the energy.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Love your blog!! I love the new chairs! So happy you finally got them! My suggetion would be to lengthen the table and place three chairs on each side, instead of two on each side and two on the ends. In your inspiration pictures the chairs run the length of the table and not on the end. I like that look, for a big family table to have at least three chairs down the sides. Emily

Privet and Holly said...

Yep, I'm
thinking a
longer table....
love the idea
of darker wood
farmhouse style ~
and a rug would
tie it all up
neat and pretty!
Love, love the
xx Suzanne

3 Peanuts said...

I think you could paint that table or stain the top darker. I loathe my current kitchen table and chairs but it is not in the budget right now to get new ones either so i have been rolling these ideas around as well. Are those chairs truly comfy...like sitting around the table talking after dinner...comfy????

If you do decide to paint...check out the chalk paints (Miss mustard seed writes about them). I am planning a couple of projects using them myself. They seem GREAT!

LOVE the yellow and gray...one of my friends just bought the umbrella and pillow for her poolside area. so CUTE! And we just bought a desk there. They are really coming around.