Thursday, June 02, 2011

it's gonna be ok & some answers for you


caroline headed up to south carolina this morning for four days of camp.

bless her heart,
i dropped her off this morning at church, assuming she'd hook up with her cabin mates,
only to find that many of them were riding up in a vehicle different
from the church bus.
she was trying so hard not to cry.
thankfully i ran into a friend of mine
who incidentally is doing a fantastic job battling breast cancer
looks great & has a contagiously positive outlook.
her precious daughter was so sweet when my girlfriend asked if she'd ride up with caroline.
thank the lord for sweet girls
with big smiles
who make others feel loved.

honestly, i'm probably more worried about caroline 
who's only 3 hours away, for four days
than emi who will  hop on a plane
to Peru in 6 days for three weeks!
(kidding. sort of)

but it's all gonna be ok.
for both of them.
i know this.

i love it when i post & you guys come back with loads of questions.
hopefully i will remember everything you asked.

1. the pink polish smk wore at graduation is an american eagle color.
i looked on line & couldn't find it anywhere.
there isn't a name on the bottle either.

2. the blush colored blouse i had on a few posts ago is from Saks.
i think you can now find it at Off 5th.

3. the pink rope handled canvas laundry totes are cynthia rowley.
i looked on line & wasn't able to find them at other locations
but HomeGoods had 3 sizes also in blue. super cute!

 4. the flower print is actually a poster from hobby lobby.
how 'bout that for fine art?

5. the moss covered monogram was actually a gift
however i found one on her etsy shop which is full of great creations.

6. i just finished "On Folly Beach"
(the first book i read on my kindle)
loved it!
if i had allowed myself more than 12 minutes per night to read
before sacking out, i would have finished in a couple of sittings.
i thought it was that good.

sorry most of these pics were from previous posts
& are all pixely and blurry
(i have no idea what's up)
but i thought it would be easier for those who had emailed etc with questions.


it was interesting for me to read that so many of ya'll had also heard
the "just you wait" comments many times too
& how that had made you feel deflated.
while i'm a realist
i always want to be an encourager 
especially to younger moms.


Kat said...

Thinking about lil bit. I bet she's already having a wonderful time at camp. I just know Emi will do wonderful things while in Peru. Paige, your girls are amazing!

Jodee said...

I know she will have a great time! You can also look forward to lots of great stories when she returns.

We are shipping Carson off for another half week camp this year, however, he is begging to go for a full week! For Pete's sake, he's not even 8 yet!

Hang in there!

P.S. Can you send mail? We sent mail last year and I think it helped!

Shannon said...

Now I'm worried about Caroline! I hope her little face is smiling right now, poor thing :)
Thanks for the answer on that beautiful flower picture but of course we don't even have any Hobby Lobby' out her in CA.
Hope you have a great weekend Paige!!

Judy said...

I could feel your pain when you were telling about the situation w/Caroline...I think we've all been there (or similar spots) with our kids and it's true, we sometimes really do hurt more than they do.

I loved that book by Karen White, recommended it to my daughter (who has no time to read w/7 year old twins)!

Wish you could find the name of that nail color, I'm always looking for that "perfect" pink color.


Unknown said...

I bet the house is quiet without Caroline but I am sure she is having a wonderful time :)

I have to tell you that I've absolutely loved all the Grdauation celebrations - does it have be over Paige, can't we do more LOL?!

Have a wonderful week-end xx

Maria said...

You are such an encouragement to me! I loved the last post as well as this one. I just wish I lived in GA so I could stop over for some Godly parenting/life advice when needed:) Thank you for sharing so much with us on this beautiful blog!

{A*very} Blessed Life said...

I love your photo of Caroline. Such a sweet girl! She will come home all smiles and full of camp stories. I will be saying special prayers for Emily on her trip. She's going to have an amazing experience! Thanks for the book rec. too. Since i am about to leave my adored Carolina beaches, that little read will be perfect for the ride back home.

Anonymous said...

praying for you and your caroline, i'm sure she will have a great time , it's always hard leaving your baby! i will be thinking of you and praying too for a safe trip for emi. what an amazing time she will have , i'm sure. thanks for all the answers on all your wonderful goodies!! i think you should become a personal shopper to all your fb buddies & fellow bloggers too!! hope you have a great weekweek and try not to worry too much, about caroline, !!!

Katie said...

Thanks for filling us in on where you find all your stylish stuff!

I definitely enjoyed the "just you wait" post, as I am expecting. It is so nice to hear encouragement as opposed to all the older ladies at my job who always remind me that they're going to grow up and that it's just horrible! So negative!

My mom has your outlook also, so I am lukcy to have her as an example!

Wacie's Way said...

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. My daughter is a rising sophmore in high school and reading your adventures/advice has been a blessing!! I can hop into my Google Reader and have 200 posts to read but I always jump right to your blog to read first!

Privet and Holly said...

Wow, C is off
to camp and we
are still in
school until
Tuesday! Hope that
sweet pea has a
ball....My girl is
off to Italy in
ten days with her
Latin class. Didn't
get the chaperone
gig on that one,
darn it : ) !!
xx Suzanne

Jodi said...

I hope Caroline has a great time at camp. It was so nice of your friend's daughter to go with her; what a relief for you(I would have been worried sick)! I was just thinking that Emi was leaving soon, boy, what are you going to do; your house is going to be quiet! I always wander around like a lost person for a while and then enjoy some quiet me time! :)

P.S. I tried the Oriental salad tonight for supper. Loved it! Even my hunny ate it and had seconds; SURPRISE, because he is a meat and potatoes guy too!
Have a great weekend! Jodi

Anonymous said...

Caroline will have a great time once there..She will meet so many wonderful friends..Peru will be awesome for your other daughter and such a blessing to see how another part of the world lives..Have a wonderful weekend,Paige..

LuLu said...

My tummy felt the flutters she must have felt, but I just know she will haVe a fabulous time! Will be thinking of your friend, next saturday my older daught will be participating in the Relay for Life, she joined a group and they will walk from 5:30PM to 6AM to fight cancer!!!!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Stephanie said...

Doesn't it break our mama hearts when our little girls are sad? Glad it worked out for Caroline. 3 of my 5 are girls and I find navigating those waters challenging sometimes...But sweet.