Thursday, August 18, 2011

my new old farm table!

she had lived a good life
but she no longer looked beautiful in our kitchen.
& honestly, 
while she had made me once very content,
she was getting on my nerves.

i was tired of looking at her dated little self.
she needed a face lift.

 we purchased the metal tub chairs a few months ago.
table would be next
then hopefully a new light fixture.

i road tripped to flea markets & antique stores
i put out an apb on facebook
i perused pinterest 
and favorite blogs
trying to find a new her.

 did i mention,
i had a dollar figure we knew we'd top out with
but another dollar figure we'd much prefer to pay.
college fees were starting to roll in.

since putting in dark hard woods in all but the kitchen
i thought maybe i'd like a super dark table
to juxtapose with all our creamy white.
we laid left over planks from the flooring on top
just to get a feel for what it would look like....

this process began 2 months ago.
i'm not a good inbetween projects kinda girl.
if i decide i want to do something, 
i want it done.

in the mean time, i decided to paint the top white.
figured i had nothing to lose.
it ended up looking
like i had painted the top white.
now she's really getting on my nerves.
poor old table.

i found a man in our church & commissioned him to help us.
i asked if he could either take the dark planks we had & add them on top
start from scratch & make us a new table.
i handed him a picture from a magazine
told him i wanted the wood to look old & worn
yet it would need to serve as a functional, frequently used, table for six.
i said things like~
greyed wood that looks like it was from a barn
or has maybe sat out in the sun all day
& can you beat it up too?

he quoted me the exact
dollar figure we were hoping to spend
( NOT the high one we would top out with!)
he started from scratch.
distressed maple planks with watered down black wash and glaze.
i think her legs look great with the metal chairs too!
here she is 
i hope you like her.
i love her!
she has just the right amount of dark to flow with our hardwoods in the other rooms.
she is exactly what i wanted!

the end

table made by Brown's Cabinetry


Melissa said...

Gorgeous table!!!

Cheryl said...

It looks amazing!! The color, the pantina, everything! So happy for you!!

Kat said...

Paige! Do you just squeal with delight every time you walk in the kichen? It looks amazing!!! Love it!

christina said...

So very beautiful!

Alison Agnew said...

she looks altogether the new old table!


Urban Farmgirl said...

OMG PAIGE!! Love, love...LOVE the table! Seriously fabulous, you are one lucky girl! ;o)

And I stalk your chairs every now and then, too. I am thinking about those for my breakfast room. Hee...hee!


Paige said...

LOVE IT!!!! Really it is perfect!!

just ask beth said...


kimberly said...

Paige - she is fabulous! Love love love! that finish is divine and she looks great with those chairs. I can see why you are so happy with her. Think of all of the memories that will be made around her~
Bravo girlie!

Jessica said...


Seawashed said...

Looks wonderful. I really like how the wood of the tabletop turned out. Beautiful with your tub chairs.

Kelli said...

Very nice! Enjoy :)

Shannon@ Cozy Home Scenes said...

I really like your "new" table! It looks so nice with the chairs. You must be very happy with the way it turned out.

Tracey @ BellaSky said...


louise said...

I have been waiting and waiting for this. Was worth the wait, the table looks great. I love that alive looking candlestick also.

Linda @ bushel and a pickle said...

your story ehcos my current table dilemma! Btw you and Yvonne @ stone gables I do believe i am ready to carry one and get it done so our kitchen update will be complete!! Yeah! Thanks for the great pictures and inspiration.

Yvonne from North Carolina said...

L O V E I T ! ! ! !

Alecia said...

GORGEOUS!!!! Nice job Team Brown...he did an amazing job! Praise the Lamb he quoted your first price :-) gotta love those sweet God moments!

Hillcrest Acres said...


Love the new farm table!!!!! Chairs and table look beautiful together!

Just read thru your older posts. So glad things worked out for Savannah with pledging and that she got her first choice in sororities.

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful Paige , I would LOVE that table!! x

Lulu and Co. said...

I love her, love her, love her!!!!
So fantastic!!! My kitchen table has been kinda bugging me too.... Great legs too its the too that I'm so have totally sparked the ideas running through my head!

Your table looks so inviting...perfect spot to start and end the day with your sweet family!!

Tiffini said...

just perfect. I have a table that I have done the same thing with...painted, it is sanded down to bare wood.
what to do?;)

Nancy said...

She's perfect! I LOVE her :) I bet you stand in the kicthen and just stare at her, I know I would.

Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

Awesome, Paige! A year ago, I sold my dining room table because I was wanting something different, but the search for a new one turned into a long, drawn out ordeal...with way too much thought and energy poured into scouring the city and internet for a table! {Did you read back then?} I finally had one made, but the amount of time I spent on it was silly in hindsight. Glad your process didn't take so long!


Judy said...

gorgeous-ness in a table (is that a word?)


PS~Erin said...

LOVE it! And those chairs look perfect with it! I know this makes you so happy :-)

3 Peanuts said...

Looks beautiful Paige. I so need to do something with ours too:) LOve this!

WhyCuzICan said...

You had a dream table in mind, and you made it come true-- don't settle if you don't have to. I liked your story start to finish, thanks for sharing!

Smiles, visiting from MMS Linky Party today,
~Suzanne in IL

smk said...

I'm so glad you have a blog paigey! i can keep up with the changes around our home. the table looks AMAZING! can't wait to be back home to eat at it.

Simply Jen said...


Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Love it! It is fabulous!!! I would love for you to come share at Feathered Nest Friday at my blog sometime! :)

Shannon said...

It looks great Paige :)
I've always loved the dark wood mixed in with the white, it feels so cozy to me. I still need to do my table and chairs but it's just been too hot for me to stain & paint, maybe soon since school is starting again!
Have a great weekend!!!

niartist said...

WOW! What a transformation. Oh you give me hope that I can do this myself one day!!!! Really, WOW. I'm bookmarking so I can remember this!!

I love transformations! I just turned my secretary into a bar area in my dining room. I really hope you'll stop by and check it out:

See you soon, I hope!

Wendy said...

Just lovely Paige! I am so wanting a new kitchen table as I know what you were going through. What a lovely "end" to your story!

Privet and Holly said...

Love your
git 'er done
I need to ratchet
mine up! And SHE
looks great!
xx Suzanne

Susan R said...

Absolutely awesome table and the chairs go so well with it. Looks like a keeper.

Miss Charming said...

Beautiful top!

Courtney Walsh said...

She is beautiful!!! You've got my wheels turning. Ours is on its very last leg. Beautiful and OH how I love maple!!

Anonymous said...

Your table is beautiful..What a great look it gives the room..

Bonnie@ The Hopeless Romantic said...

I love it! He did an awesome job! Ive recently purchased a farmhouse table for a mere $50 bucks off cragslist....Im on an inspiration hunt when i came across ur blog...Im still lookin for chairs. Hope mine comes out half this good.............ur newest follower, Bonnie

Jodi said...

OMG! It's beautiful, Paige; I LOVE it too! I love how the top looks like it's been around forever! He did a fabulous job!



Chez Zizi said...

I love it!
Looks great with the chairs.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I LOVE the whole thing! How fun. :)

brockey said...

Love the table . Where did you get the placemats & napkins ?

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi there~ just stopping back by to let you know I am highlighting your table at tonights party! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Beautiful! That's exactly what I want, too.....aged-looking top with turned legs - love it! Linda