Wednesday, August 31, 2011

dinner for friends

several weeks ago
we were blessed to have a quickie visit 
from two awesome ladies!
that became real life friends.
i love that girl
& feel like each time we're able to chat
which is rare & usually only for a few minutes
it's like no time has even passed.

my girls love her too.
she swings through atlanta every once in a while
& fortunately
we usually are able to hook up.

amelia & i met at ashley's home a couple years ago.
she is super cute & super funny.
she has the best laugh.
i love spending time with her!

we whipped up a quick & simple dinner
& spent the rest of the evening
chatting and laughing and talking about clothes & shoes
& jewelry and decorating
and boys and exercise and other awesome things.

my girls think i'm pretty cool
since i have such cool , fun, hysterical & YOUNG
friends like ashley & amelia.

i told them while i'd give anything to have them as real life neighbors,
i'll be more than happy to visit with them when ever i can get it!

crunchy italian bread
caesar salad & my own personal giada made home made croutons.

i can't remember if we served desert
& if we did, what it was.
but i do remember a special evening
with wonderful friends
and all my family together
(even trevor dropped by to meet the legendary ashley)
sitting around a my kitchen table 
that was painted white & looked awful
& counting my blessings
that i call these two women my friends.

 I thank my God every time I remember you. 
philippians 1.3


Privet and Holly said...

I can only
imagine the
love that went
into that dinner
and what a
wonderful time
you all had!
xx Suzanne
PS: You can't
possibly be the
older friend : )

sara@augustfields said...

paige...this is so fun! i love that you all keep in touch and persue the friendship...and your dinner looks yummy! you and your girls...beautiful as always :) great pictures and wonderful memories!

traci said...

how wonderful. i just spent a couple of days at the cabin with a couple blog friends. it was so nice. however, i didn't put on a spread like yours. that looks amazing. i am hungry already.

christina said...

oh this looks like so much fun! i hope to one day meet you and your friends. ; )

Alecia said...

What a lovely dinner and your friends sound so fun!

Between You and Me said...

love the pictures of your girls helping you.....

don't want this girl of mine to grow up, but I do look forward to a sweet relationship with her like you have with your girls....

Shannon said...

Sounds like a fun night with friends and the food looked delicious!

I'm loving that chalkboard idea behind the stovetop, I need to cover up my ugly dark granite there so that might just work ;)

Tiffini said...

what fun..girls over for dinner and chatting into the night about life...what a gift!
I always get excited when you do a food post. I don't know why I just always love your food:)

3 Peanuts said...

You 3 are SO cute. Sounds like a lovely night:) You can bet that if I ever drop through Atlanta, I will be knocking on your door to meet you and your cuties.

Kat said...

So fun!!! I love Madi's blouse! It's gorgeous. The food looks super yummy! Being surrounded by friends, family and a delicious meal is happiness indeed.

Kelli said...

This makes me want stuffed shells and to be able to get together with loved friends!

Suzanne said...

Good times, Paige! Can't beat a night in with the girls...and Trevor:)

Kimberly said...

Nothing like good friends, good food & good conversation = good times! :)

slowly going mormon said...

I just linked over for a free copy of the book of mormon...thank you. should try spreading Rondele {herb and garlic} cheese on the prosciutto...then wrap one slice around the asparagus stalk....broil it for 8 minutes.
Trust me.....

Allison said...

so.precious. so fun. i want to come;) amelia is my real life sister! she always tells me how much she loves you and your fam. friendships are such a gift from the Lord....