Tuesday, August 09, 2011

move in day, here we come!!

we pull out in less than 2 hours
& i'll be honest
i think i'm as ready for this as i can be

bailey, savannah and i went out to lunch yesterday
and laughed and laughed and laughed.
the one rule: no one say "final" "last" or "leaving"
lets just head out & have fun
(ps. bailey is headed to Ole Miss--6 hours away)
& fun it was! 

(by the way, did i share these?
a couple of them from the midnight harry premiere)

i feel like we've been slowly pulling off a painful bandaid
but i really feel the Lord's joy today.
i really am so thankful that i have this opportunity & i'm so thankful
she is fired up excited!
way fired up excited!!

my goal
(thanks to some excellent advice from a recent auburn grad-thank you sweet Georgia)
is to not make this a crazy big deal day
move her in & be happy!
tomorrow is a full day for her , day one of rush!!!
which i can NOT wait to hear all about!!

so for today, my mind is set. just praying my heart gets the memo!

now, at the risk of sounding like a giant infomercial,
a few fun things i'm looking forward to:
-thankfully, after being out of stock sunday
publix had their limited edition of sea salt caramel icecream
last night when i ran in for a few things.
now, i'm not a big icecream eater
i'd prefer chips & salsa
but this might be the best i've ever had!
so i have not one, but two,of these waiting for me when we return back to the ranch!

-speaking of eating ice cream and subsequent weight gain,
i found dan on line last night looking up cottages in seaside
for us to stay during the 2012 Seaside Half Marathon!
oh yeah!

 -bailey & i are headed to see The Help this week!

-a long awaited kitchen project is underway
that i can't wait to share with ya'll hopefully by the weekend!

-and there's still a few days left to use your discount at Carol and Company
(just enter SIMPLE20 at checkout by 8.12.11)
which by the way....the john wind swung by here & left a comment the other day.
how fun is that?
i picked out some fun pieces that should be here anyday!
including the sorority girl bracelet and necklace

thank ya'll for your encouragement
i feel like i've been hugged on through your sweet words
by so many of you recently
& i am so thankful for you!!

here we go!!


Rachel said...

Saying a prayer for you and Savannah today! What an exciting day in her life. A brand new chapter is about to begin, and these next 4 years will shape her in more ways than she knows! I have loved your honesty in posts leading up to this, and I pray that He fills you with a sense of comfort today. Enjoy this exciting day...cannot wait to hear about all the exciting new changes in her life and in yours!

cathypentonatelier said...

Have the best day with your gorgeous girl sweetheart....You will both do amazing !!!!! Love c xx

Unknown said...

Tears in my eyes for you Paige....I know you are brave but I'm not!!!

Thinking of you, hope Savannah has a great day, so exciting for her.

Beautiful photos xx

traci said...

i hope the day goes well for you. have fun. it is a very exciting day.

Pine Tree Home said...

May the day bring lots of laughs and memories!

That ice cream sounds rather yummy. I may just have to taste, just a little.

I enjoy reading about your running as I am embarking on kicking up my program.

Daily Tales of Sugar and Spice said...

i remember my mom being really strong and we all stay "light" and fun and when she drove off i cried like a baby at some restaurant parking lot in auburn. then, we came best friends. she went from 'not cool' to someone i deeply respected and needed and wanted in my daily life. college years are so awesome. praying for a sweet day for you both.

Talia said...

Saying prayers for all of you today. Enjoy every second of this precious time. It really is such an exciting period in Savannah's life.

Hugs to you!

Carol S. said...

Yay Paige!! Loved the upbeat tone of your post.
Y O U C A N D O I T!

Rebecca said...

Praying that your joy continues to get you through today! Your post are always such a blessing to me - I have grown to love you and your beautiful family over the past couple of years. I feel as if I know you all! My Maggie started K-5 this week so we are all emotional around our household this week too!

Debby said...

Sending you (((((HUGS)))). Have a good day.
Our custard store Whit's had carmel sea salt the other day.....oh so good.
Your husband is a gem.
You have had a great loss in your life. Your daughter going off to college, isn't a loss, you will see she will be back home again soon. It will get easier.

Mommabelle said...

Oh, I don't even know you, but HUGS to you!!!
I am UGA grad though! Hope she enjoys her time!!!

Deborah said...

Have a happy day. What an exciting time. Luckily she's close and she'll be back for a visit in no time. I also agree with you on the ice-cream. My favorite. Luckily (or maybe not, depending on how you look at it) I have a publix at the opening our our development. ha

Maybe I should consider a half marathon. Sending a prayer your way. Good Luck Savanah.

Jboo said...

You're the sweetest! Hope you have a fabulous day -- I know you will!


Kelli said...

Their friendship is absolutely adorable and I'm so glad you all got together for lunch. This will be a wonderful day...I'll be thinking about your and saying little prayers :) I'm more of a chips and salsa gal too, but I did discover a Ben & Jerry's flavor that I adore. The Help...I can't wait!!!!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

You have your heart in the right place and Miss Georgia gave you some sound advice. When I think of my day moving into the dorms all I can see is my Mama's face and the tears rolling down her cheeks the entire day. It's a bittersweet memory, I wish she had been smiling because I know she was so happy for me, her face just didn't show it.

As for rush... Oh I am so excited to read all about that! Sorority life is the best thing ever in college life. I enjoyed each and every day with all of my "sisters."

Good luck to you both!! May His peace cover you today and the next 4 years.

wfjones said...

Welcome to UGA! It's a great place and she is going to have an amazing experience here. I know it's hard to leave her here but she has a good head on her shoulders (thanks to you) and she will do amazingly well. Have fun and enjoy this once in a lifetime day!

Lou said...

Oh Paige - take a deep breath - you will need to be so brave but I am sure it will all be fine. Such a momentous day! Funny how we are all leading to this - for our children to have the best opportunities and to be educated, but when it comes to it, it's so hard to let them go. Lou x

Shannon said...

I hope it was a happy and fun day moving in your college gal and I can't wait for you to share all about rush with us ;)
That ice cream box has got to be the prettiest one I've ever scene and sounds yummy.
I'm thinking your kitchen news is about your table??? I can't wait to see it, I'm sure it's amazing!

Beach Coast Style said...

omg!!! I can't believe the day is here already how can that be it only seemed like yesterday!! Good Luck to you and Savannah!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! I have to do this about this time next year and my heart is just not ready yet. I did the college visit this past weekend and I feel a bit more comfortable but so unsure! I guess we all just figure it out. Good Luck to everyone again!!! Have fun and be safe!!!

katie purcell said...

praying for you today sweet paige!
It seems like just yesterday I was moving Amybeth in and now she has 3 children.....!!!!!!!

Heather said...

Hi Paige! I have been following your blog for a while now. I, too have four girls, just slightly younger than your beautiful girls. You are such an inspiration to me. I can't imangine what the day will be like when I send my first daughter off to college, but I just pray that I handle it as well as you. You have a beautiful life and a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing it!

Jodi said...

I thought about you today! I know it went well :) I can't wait to hear how it went and pictures! :)

Hope Caroline is feeling better!

I am a huge ice cream fan and that looks like it is delish. I would buy it even if it wasn't good, what a cute container!!!

Take care and sleep well tonight! :)

Between You and Me said...

praying for her (and you) today!
And, I'm going by Publix TODAY to get that ice ream.

Suzanne said...

Awwww...what special days! Thanks for always being so open and sharing your stories...I really do learn from them. And here's another hug for you...HUG HUG HUG!!!