Thursday, August 04, 2011

the secret's out. i'm a psycho beach photographer

i'm going to tell you a little secret.
it's not a quality i'm proud of
but i'm going to lay the truth right out there for you.

i've been known to get kinda nuts about my beach photos.
before you roll your eyes at me & think to yourself,
get a real problem
let me explain.

i think you've heard me explain my absolute love of the beach
once or a thousand times.
our beach trip is 7 holy days for me.

i want to be outside on the beach during the magic sunset hour
i want backlighting & natural sunflare.
i want big huge open smiles & everyone just acting natural
all loving each other & me just capturing the moments.
well. obviously that's not real life. not everyday anyway.

on our last night in seaside we had just arrived at our favorite restraunt
& were told we'd have over an hour wait.
i knew by the time we finished eating my magic hour would be long gone
& i was totally disappointed.
we wanted our last night to be awesome, eating at our most fave destination,
a quick shoot & then on to more shopping.

we figured we'd head out on the beach with our pager from the restraunt
& hoof it down to the shore while we were waiting.
there were other people "in my way"
it was hot & everyone was starving.
honestly i took a moment & prayed
i asked the Lord to help me with my bad mood
because who can be all relaxed, loving & smile big
if the photographer is a total grump.

as soon as i shot it
i knew i captured my most favorite picture of all my girls together.
i asked the Lord to just help me with my own selfish disappointed attitude
& instead
He gave me a priceless capture that i love 
of all my babies



Katie said...

Love that first photo!

Debby said...

I never tire of your beautiful family beach pictures. It is nature's backdrop.
And the whole family looks so natural.
I found when we were at the beach with all of our grands that the pictures taken by their moms were the best. So much better than a photographer. You can see it in their little faces, how trusting and happy they are, looking at their moms.
I would want to frame every picture you take, if I was you, How do you decide what gets framed. So many good pictures.

Alecia said...

AWESOME photo shoot! You can feel the love in all the do a wonderful job of capturing that! The girls are absolutely lovely...the pics of Dan and his girls...precious and the one of Trevor and his 2 best CUTE!!! Glad you're a Psycho Beach Photographer! :-)

Jboo said...



Coastal Health and Home said...

Dear Paige,

Love the colors.

Caroline looked like she got her
hair styled in the pictures with the black glasses.

So fun! What memories.



Shannon said...

I can't wait until my girls will actually stand still so I can take pictures :) We are at the beach right now and I have to bribe, beg and plead with them to get maybe a 3 second smile until they run away!
Your pictures are always so beautiful and thanks for giving me hope that I will someday have some cute ones.

Kat said...

Paige, I just love all these images! So sweet, but that one of the girls is truly amazing. What a treasured shot indeed! Love all the Lilly!!!

Stephanie said...

That is a perfect photo. Hope you get it blown up onto a great big canvas and I can't wait to see it!

Unknown said...

Simply beautiful!

Cyn said...

Your pictures are beautiful! The first one is my favorite =)

Catherine said...

Hi Paige, I love the colors! Fabulous photos. I'm on vaca in Maui, HI right now and hope to capture 1/2 of what you've captured when I take pictures of my 9 year old daughter on the beach! Thank you for the inspiration!

Catherine said...

Paige, forgot to ask you a question..what is the best time to capture the light on the beach? 2 hours before sunset? 1 hour? thanks!

my2twins said...

I always love vaca pictures the best. This year I warned everyone to just relax and put up with me. I had fun and got good candids and even some posed. I'm getting better! Thanks for your inspiration!
Love your psycho beach photos.

Chez Zizi said...

That is an amazing picture! A real keeper. However, I think all of your photos are amazing.

Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

You love beach photos the way I love Maine photos. There's nothing like that coastal light!

LOVE the perfect moment God gave you to capture your girls.


Wendy said...

Seriously one of the cutest families...ever! Love all your pastels! Darling for the beach!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh gosh... someday I'm so going there.

I love that you're a photo crazy girl. It gives us gorgeous things to look at... and drool over your amazing talent. Love it.

Love Being A Nonny said...

The most stressful part of my beach trip is the family photo I want to capture every year. It's just so important to me...You captured yours beautifully! What a gorgeous family!

Kelli said...

I've had to do that where I need to stop and snap out of my grumpiness...that it doesn't have to be "perfect." I LOVE that first it already in a frame? Your colors are just striking :)

Unknown said...

Unbelievably gorgeous Paige, especially the first b&w shot, I love it :) X

Anne Marie said...

I officially want to live on the beach now....oh my gosh so awesome

how have you been??

Jodi said...

Beautiful.....what a perfect picture of the girls; you nailed it!

I LOVE to see all your pictures and the esp. the beach ones. I would LOVE the beach!

Take care!

melissa said...

Beautifully PERFECT! I am a psycho beach photographer too .. in my dreams ;). Just isn't happening with a family of all BOYS. What I would give for even ONE decent shot of them once a year .. beach or no beach!! Ha.
Gorgeous photos .. gorgeous family. And you know I LOVE the LILLY!! :) Um .. NO chance of getting my boys in Lilly either!