Sunday, August 07, 2011

kissing summer goodbye

i haven't done this before but i thought i might occasionally repost an entry from the past
i hope that's not a blogger foul
i was perusing old posts & ran into this one from last summer.
except for the fact that we're heading out bright & early tuesday morning
for move in day at UGA
pretty much everything else feels just the same.
funny how life often feels that way...

its hard for me to believe that the girls start back to school tomorrow
we'll kiss the summer goodbye

i'm usually the one
who's more than ready for the routine to begin

but not this year

i have ( except for loosing our pop pop) loved this summer
our schedule has seemed relaxed & so enjoyable

maybe it's because savannah has her own car
making logistics much easier
but honestly she's been quite the busy bee
life guarding & involved in a volunteer program at the same children's hospital
that i work

i told madison that once they start back to school
i'm going to take over their summer jobs
& make some fast cash for an anthro shopping spree for myself
between dog walking and baby sitting
their wallets are thicker than mine!

maybe i don't want summer to end
because there's a part of me
that is even more acutely aware
that my girls are growing up
& our time together
all under the same roof
is precious & priceless to me

i've enjoyed our slower pace

 most dinners being cooked on the grill
which reminds me
i have to share~

one of my favorite bloggers had visited another fave blogger
among the other incredibly yummy foods that were served
they grilled artichokes

so i figured
let's grill an artichoke!

course i only bought one
figuring i'd be the only brave one

so the other night i had dan grill some corn on the cob
& the one lone artichoke
i had becky email me the directions
& the recipe for the sauce so i was ready to go!

so we all sit down to the table with our
beautiful grilled veggies, lasagna and crustini
& i look up to madison
and ask her
hey sweetie, can you run upstairs & google
"how to eat an artichoke"
because i sat there & looked at that grilled artichoke
& realized
i had no idea
what to do next
surely i'm not the only one

obviously i'm not
very sophisticated
but it was yummy indeed

most of our school supplies have been purchased
schedules written in the mom agenda
cheerleading uniforms are washed & ready to go

now i just need to be



Suzanne said...

hey girlfriend,
I would read your old posts before reading just about anything else...they are that good...and this one was beautiful as always! You have an amazing family and that doesn't just happen, so can't wait for your book some day!!!
Hugs, Suzanne

cathypentonatelier said...

Hope all your wonderful children have a wonderful time back at school and I hope that Savannah settles in and enjoys every minute of uni...Love to you all c xxxx

Pine Tree Home said...

I remember that feeling of preparing for move in day. Fun shopping beforehand gathering all the supplies and then arriving on campus...such good times. Document every minute.

Maggie said...

Love the post!!! I'm sure we will see pictures tomorrow about the 1st day of school!!! So exciting!!! School starts here the 22nd...... Your right we are kissing the summer goodbye:( But I am ready for some colder weather, this heat is KILLING ME!!!! LOL

Happy Schools Days!!

Jodi said...

I feel the same way this year, I am just not ready for a schedule or for High School! It just seems like time is flying by me so fast! I think the same with Beka, she seems to have more money in her pockets with her jobs; I told her the same thing!

I will definately be thinking about you on Monday night and Tuesday morning!

Take care....and....I wouldn't know how to eat an artichoke either, nor cook it for that matter!:)

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos as always!

Anonymous said...

Oh! the dreaded move in day. Make sure you document the day because all I remember was being so TIRED after moving my daughter in. Of course she lived in the dorm that sat on a hill and on the second floor with no elevator. Can't tell you how many times we climbed the hill that day. I complain but I wouldn't trade those times for anything. You will have a great time and I wish her all the luck with rush.

Jboo said...

Love this post! So sweet from last year!

Will be thinking of you on move-in day!

It'll be ok -- I promise! :)