Monday, April 23, 2012

too many pans or burning plates or something like that...

i have way too many pans up in the air.


what? did i say it wrong?


it's not pans is it?

no babe. it's balls.

balls? balls in the air?

yes. you know. like juggling. you have too many balls up in the air.

oh. well what's the saying about too many pans?

there isn't one.

isn't there a too many pans somewhere saying? like too many pans on the oven?

um. no. there's one about too many pots on the fire.

well whatever. burning pots, stacked plates, or juggling balls. i've got too many of them going on.


i say things wrong a lot don't i?

yeah babe. you do.

insert completely unrelated
albeit priceless image
of my 11 year old evangelizing,
tebow style. of course.

we're flirting with the month of may aren't we?
 she's just around the corner. 
perennially my least favorite busiest month. 
she has way too much going on
& no gathering around a christmas tree
or the promise of a new year as her consolation prize.
i looked at my calender & boldly proclaimed
i'm officially overwhelmed with may
& it's only april.

i spent most of this weekend working on a recent photo session.
i texted the mama & told her
if i'd have known they were going to be as cute as they were...
with one year old twins who rocked the session
for over an hour... they smiled the entire time...
i would've charged them double for the thousand images i took...

see what i mean?


i would love to send a copy of the Christy Nockels cd to
& yesenia

if ya'll would please email me your address
(in my profile link just over on the right)
& i'll pop them in the mail.

"if faith can move the mountains
let the mountains move.
we come with expectation.
waiting here for You"
christy nockels


Sheri said...

Amen. We have Savannah's birthday, my birthday, Mother's Day and our 21st wedding anniversary oh and cheer tryouts! But on the bright side Robert will be home so who cares ??? :) Oh and did I add that Sav is turning 16 and we are car shopping - yikes!!!!

Love Being A Nonny said...

your girl. those twins. busy may. pans in the sir. lovin' this stuff.

just ask beth said...

too many pots on the stove..pans could be substituted..just sayin..precious pure!!

Kelli said...

Too many irons in the fire.. ?? That's the one I've always heard (along with the juggling one, too) Yes, it is crazy and overwhelming, but at least we don't have a graduating senior this year! ;o) Hang it there girlie

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

LOL I've personally declared May my month of "NO." (I'm saying No to everything this month and taking care of me so I can be prepared for Summer.)

Cheryl said...

Such a great photo...
Hold on tight.. May will be here and gone before you know it!

christina said...

i am loving on this photo!

Amanda said...

Oh girl. I am with you on the month of May. Our lives always just explode in May. I want so much not to hate it but it's hard not to! Jesus come!!

Ruth said...

May is a busy month here, too. I always get those sayings wrong. I blame it on being bilingual. Sometimes, I still struggle with the basics.
Hope things go smoothly for you as you enter May. Hopefully you will find some time to enjoy it.

Susan R said...

If I were to say, "too many balls in the air", my kids would laugh at me, so I like too pany pans in the air, too many pots on the fire, whatever...I know what you mean.
I LOVE Tebow and I'm very sorry we lost him. I have nothin' against Manning, but Tebow is just such a fine young man and likeable guy.
Those twins are so darn cute.

Tiffany said...

Good Morning Paige - happy Monday!

Totally 100% know the feeling about too many pots on the stove!

And yes May is crazy busy for us too! One day at a time is my montra lately!

Love the picture of Caroline!

Katiebee said...

*LOL* this was such a cute post! i too, find that i have too many pans, along with dishes & dirty laundry~
love the photos!



Bethanie said...

Im still cracking up over the first Adam and Annabelle picture. She will have that used against her for the rest of her life!! xoxox

3 Peanuts said...

me too friend..too many pans;)

SSM said...

I think that we're all looking for that balance. :)

six chicks said...

Your post ( and the verse at the end) was just the right thing that this tired momma & nurse needed to hear at the end of a very long day. Thank you Paige. Many blessings to you and your family.

martha said...

if you find a soultion to all the PANdemoniam (!) pls let me know...i am SOOO there too-
love your commenter who is declaring May a say NO month....
we MUST so learn to leave white margins on the calendar pages...
very hard tho... pray and push through, with what He directs is all i know for now... i know i need to press in to listen better :)
ps sending hugs from franklin

martha said...

ps :
Related Words for : pandemonium
bedlam, chaos, topsy-turvydom, topsy-turvyness

Anonymous said...

I'm a fairly new follower and I'm finding myself feeling right at home here. I can related to so many of your post. A friend of mine introduced me to your blog when discussing the Pearls and Grace event.
BTW - All your daughters are amazingly beautiful...just like their mother. :-)

Kat said...

Sweetness. Those babies are precious. Paige, you crack me up. Remind me to tell you some stories of expressions gone wrong. You'll get a huge kick out of it!