Friday, November 30, 2007

Today's the day!

Madison has studied ballet since she was four years old--8 years so far. This year marks her third Nutcracker production & we are so excited for her. This week between rehearsals & actual performances she will put in over 30 hours...but she loves it. Today she will have her first 3 performances!

The picture below is from the first time she went to the Fox Theatre here in Atlanta ---she was absolutely spell bound. She looked up and said "mommy , I want to do that one day". Isn't it wonderful to see your child's dream come to fruition?
As I've shared before, I'm a confessed neat freak ---clutter makes me nervous! ha! However, the one space I don't mind looking too busy is my scrap area. Hopefully after this current crazy week I will get back in here and create!

Since the rest of my home is much more simple & neutral--this is where i have placed some of my fun & funky little pieces.

We have a tiny , dare I say dining room---not sure what the builders were thinking. Anyway, it holds one of our 'little' tables for six. Last year I found these wonderful huge pinecones that are a light silvery color. They look wonderful in the candlelight.
Had to share another shot of these fun old ornaments.

Fun sisboom stocking hung outside Caroline's door.

She has an old armoir in her room--we took the doors off and added a little light inside....looks so sweet at bedtime.
Once again some of my little bottle brush trees & a sweet star from last years Target collection!
I love this simple ( but glittery) nativity scene. Hope everyone has a blessed weekend.!


Unknown said...

Very, very pretty pics from your home! Wishing Madison all the luck in her performances--wish I could see one!


Carol Dunton said...

Best wishes to your daughter in her performance! Your home is beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing a part of your world with me/us. A true joy to visit with you! : )

Kiki said...

Do you have a source for those AWESOME bottle brush trees??? I live in a wasteland for thrift store shopping so I am hoping they are a recent find.

Lovely decorations, I am inspired...

Elle Jay Bee said...

Oh my goodness, Paige, but your home is unbelievably beautifully decorated. You have such an amazing sense of style...I know I will be back repeatedly in the next few days to get more and more inspiration from you!!

You are a very proud mama and is so nice to see!!


3 Peanuts said...

Paige...Congrats to your daughter. I am sure your were one proud Mama!

I LOVE your decorations! I cannot wait to be able to ahve the time to do that again. FINALLY got your tree up but the rest of the decorating is going VERY slowly with Miss Kate Emerson! I will post photos in a few days.


Unknown said...

Oh Paige! I love what you have done to your wonderful home! Thanks for sharing!