Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Yesterday the sunrise caused the sky to be this amazing pinkish salmon was breathtaking. I decided that my canon wouldn't really capture this amazing color anyway, so I just stopped & soaked it in while it lasted-something I rarely do as I usually love to document my moments on film.
Since I don't have window treatments on my downstairs rooms, they just glowed this amazing pink color. The girls came downstairs & were wondering what was going on .....why did everything look so wild outside.
I love it when God does that---throws in an everyday miracle.
Something that makes me stop & be amazed at his creation.
He knows we love the color pink around here & since I felt a little blue yesterday I like to think that he sent me that "little gift".
A little reminder that He's always with me.
He knows my every thought & sees my every tear.

Psalm 19
The heavens declare the glory of God;

the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Earlier in the week I took Emi & Caroline over to the little pumpkin patch near our home. Might be the last time I get my baby to wear a smocked dress. The only consolation for her was that I told her I doubted she'd see anyone she knew.
As if...

Anyway, they had the most fab selection of pumpkins I've seen here in Georgia & a great selection of bumpy gourds.

My sweet Emi does not like to be photographed
so I am so lucky she was in the mood that day,
well, for one anyway!

My aunt & uncle gave me this wonderful huge antique dough bowl. I mean its huge~ almost the length of my kitchen table.
I love to fill it with seasonal goodies or just leave empty out on my back porch table.....
its so gorgeous even when its empty. Definately one of my most favorite treasures.
Filled it with my fun bumpy gourds & I love it!
(See girls,
if the kitchen was still raspberry
these fun oranges, yellows & greens
would look just plain awful in there!)

Last year I won a Halloween kit from Heidi Swapp. It came the week before Halloween & i just never got around to creating with it. This fun picture of Caroline ( I'll share the zoom of the photo later this month) was what won-was supposed to be a best costume pic but Heidi liked the fun image of Caroline so we were one of the winners anyway!

(One of these days I need to share the layout she created for me. It was a summer layout from two years ago in a photo contest she had. Sent in photos & she used them to create a layout for the winner & its was lucky ole' me. It is absolutely amazing. I'll share that one later too.)

I think these papers are from my September Jenni Bowlin kit.....
look at me--
actually up to date with my kits!!

A Jennifer Lanne inspired painting I did in my art lesson friday.

Reminds me of my trip to New Hampshire & Vermont a few years ago.

For a couple of years my family celebrated a wonderful harvest party with some of my lifelong dearest friends. Roasting marshmallows, glittering pumpkins, grilling out & just enjoying each others I did a house layout of my little fam at my girlfriends front door from that night.

That's all....
sort of hodgepodgey--
enjoy your day!


Kristin said...

That was fun. We need to have a glitter night again. Love all your scrap book art, your painting so vibrant and just happy. Happy Autumn to you. My home (pillow shams, decor...etc.) is still boasting of spring...yikes! I love how you take the time to transition into each season in your home. Always looking for the new season's picture treasures. Hugs friend.

Kristin said...

By the way. Glad God supplied you with a pink sky! God is so great like that!

Carol Dunton said...

Oh my!! I LOVE your painting!! You did that??? Wow!!! You are awesome... so beautiful!!! God does gift us in so many ways... many subtle... we just have to see them for their gift! Your wooden bowl is so, so pretty...don't you just love it filled with autumn goodies?? Thanks for the eye was much needed!

Sandra Evertson said...

Sometimes it is best just to stop and soak it all in!
Beautiful pictures!
Sandra Evertson

sugar said...

I call it a view Master day when it has that glow. and in my favorite color no less. Like when you were a kid and you'd look into the view master and wish you could step into the picture. I always take the time to just stop and be in the moment when that happens. I thought I was the only one who noticed that maybe. Bummer about the smocked dresses with your youngest. I remember when that happened with mine. Sad. Love your bowl. I had one years ago like that that got lost when I moved and I still miss it so much. Hugs to you.

cammy said...

Ahh, I love that pink glow and what a perfect scripture verse. We have had some spectacular sunrises here as well this autumn.

Your painting is so beautiful and I love the antique dough bowl filled with gourds. I have been wanting a dough bowl for a while but just haven't found one in my price range.

Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

OH paige! Just wonderful layouts! And looks like a a'whole lotta of fun over at the punk'in patch too!

3 Peanuts said...

Hi many things to comment on in your hodgepodge. I am glad colored your home pink with HIs nature. Sounds like it was a day you needed it:)

I love your scapbook pages. I am SO behind. Maybe when Katie Ru goes to school...I'll catch up?

Your painting is beautiful! I love the autumn colors.

Love Caroline and Emi on the pumpkin patch. Caroline is just so cute. How old is she?

Have a great weeeknd. Oh, I almost forgot...I LOVE the dough bowl. It looks gorgeous with the bumpy gourds.


Meg said...

Your pictures are really do a great job with the camera. Your girls are just darling, Paige.

I also love the dough bowl. Thanks for all the fun pix.

Danielle Moss said...

Hi. I found your blog through Kim's (3peanuts) and I love it. Your scrapbook pages are amazing and you take beautiful photographs.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.


Jeanne said...

Your scrapbook pages are totally awesome. I love your style so much. And your photography blows me away. You take the greatest pics....of course having such a photogenic family doesn't hurt. By the way, Caroline has the exact same nose as my Natalie.

lizziefitz said...

Remembered a post awhile back about your sweet Caroline and her hair. Please tell her that my sweet Caroline thinks her hair looks beautiful in the pumpkin patch pictures.Your paintings are devine! I can't even comment on the fabulous scrapbooking...4 kids later still not one book finished:(