Tuesday, October 16, 2007


What a super fun weekend!
Savannah had a blast at her homecoming Saturday. She went with a precious young man & about 10 other couples. I took the obligatory picture when he came to the door to pick her up despite the 'OH Mom!!' comments.
Are they cute or what?! Then over to his home for all the couple shots. I just loved seeing all those cuties dressed up in suits & cocktail dresses!!
some of my favs of them goofing off!

All the moms loved the backs of the girl's dresses & they were quite fun posing when we told them that!
They are so cute I could just squeeze 'em--but I did refrain.

One of my best girlfriends thought it was so fun that the kids were going in a limo bus. She told Savannah to consider herself lucky as her first limo ride was on her wedding night!

"Make good choices!!!" These last several weeks have been full of fun events for Savannah---cheering at the football games, competition cheer off's, pagaent preperations & homecoming. I love watching her enjoy all these things & making memories that will last a lifetime.
Now this mom needs a nap!!


Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

Fun, Beautiful, Silly, Sweet pictures. Tell Savannah that she has just grown into lovely, both inside and out for me. And yes, after talking with you yesterday, you do need a serious nap! For that matter, after hearing of your busy life with all of your girls, I need a nap. HA. You are a great Mom though. So glad that this year so far for Savannah has been filled with great effort that has sweetly turned into smiles and bliss for her.

Anonymous said...


What fun ! I remember those days w/ my son. He is now nearly 25 !
The years fly by !
Take in all that you can !

Jackie Carl

Anonymous said...

That looks like it was a really fun night for your daughter and her friends! Loved seing the pix! Such a beautiful girl and couple!

bethy said...

wow! what a beautiful group. and ms. savannah had herself a cute date :) :) i can't imagine those days ahead of me...kind of scares me!!!