Wednesday, June 27, 2007

sunsets & sunflowers

There is a wonderful little farm house about a mile from our home. I think its lovely. White house with a little white picket fence, a red barn , and a small garden area. It sits right across the street from our cute little brick library & park. There is construction all around. Homes going up that start in the 500's. But as I drive by, for a moment, I feel like I live in a serene little country town vs. one of the largest counties in the southeast.
One of my best girlfriends let me borrow this precious has little bloomers but i just needed one more photo shot with the well worn red cowgirl boots. Two weeks ago they fit. Last night Caroline looked like Cinderella's step sister trying to get them on. She was so determined....that plus I told her I take her for cotton candy ice cream if she could squeeze into them. If she ends up with blisters- what will the neighbors say when she tells them-"mommy reaaaaaaally needed me to get them on for a photo shoot"? It was hysterical.

I love this peaceful little unstaged moment.

Laughing at daddy!

I love having my girls home during the summer, I really do. But with four busy kids-we still have ballet, cheerleading, art, violin, & swimteam going on--I have yet to have a slow quiet day. I long for a daily quiet time. Time to reflect, journal, read scripture. I am quite convinced that if I had my little water front beach cottage I would have these moments---sitting out & watching the sunrise ( ha- as I'm not a morning girl) , maybe gathering sand dollars before the girls awake. sigh
Yesterday I visited one of my girlfriends at her office. Just as I had pictured in my mind. Quiet, serene, jazz music playing, small atmosphere lighting vs heavy overhead, green tea by her computer....such a warm & inspiring space. Perfect for her.
Got back in the car with my four chatty girls & the radio station constantly changing. went to chickfila to listen to a noisy family with children that burped out loud-gasp. on to American Eagle where , i must be getting old, they played the music way too loud.
Where is that quiet peaceful place i ask?
Down to 2 sleeps & we're off to a little piece of heaven on earth. I think I'll find it there.


Anonymous said...

oh i love your entire shoot !! what awesome photos !! your daughter is adorable !!
take care,

lauren said...

These are all so beautiful. It's wonderful that you have such a chronology of your daughters growth. It will mean so much as the years go by.
Had to come over and take a peek via flickr. Your photos are entrancing.


KLKinFLA said...

Beautiful photos! I have a 5-year-old Caroline...they are delightful, yes? Where do you find these perfect venues?

Enjoy your slice of heaven! I was lucky enough to grow up in that area, and will be taking my children up there to see my folks for a week in July.

KLKinFLA said...

Hi, me again. Can't wait to see the shots you get on the beach...hope the water is pretty for you. I plan to take my 2 to the beach for some photos.

Diane Duda said...

These are my favorite photos yet! Love the red barn/red boots combo.

Jen Kershner said...

Beautiful pictures! I hope you find your peace soon!

Donna Layton said...

What dreamy and fabulous photography. Love the white dress against the vivid colors. You're quite a talented girl :)

Unknown said...

You Take the Sweetest Photos I have ever seen.... What a DOLL ! ! !
Glad I found your blog

Anonymous said...

these are the most gorgeous photos f the most darling girl!!! i can't believe you took these yourself, you are amazing!! I wanna be just like you!

Jill said...

Love your photos. My little girl is 21... miss those days!