Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a fantastic sign by Between You & Me

one of my most favorite friends in the blog world is
i'm sure many of you know her already,
if not, i think you're gonna love her too.

she & her cutiepie hubby just so happened to move to Athens this fall
& just so happen to work at Athens Church where my college girl attends
& they just so happen to make fantastic signs.
(that's not an exhaustive bio, just a few important details for today's post. wink)

their family rules sign is all over pinterest

so, andy & tara can create a family rules sign for you
you can choose whatever your little heart desires.

when they contacted me i knew the first thing i wanted for our sign
was a literary quote.
being huge Narnia & all things C.S. Lewis fans
i really wanted something from one of the narnia books.

Lucy & Aslan are my two favorite characters in all the world.
so...i chose the following.
the spiritual meaning behind this passage
is very special to me too.

so here's the skinny~
tara & andy will gladly create a sign for you.
it measures 4 feet by 2 feet.
it's a very substantial piece
& very well made.

i love mine. love it!!
please contact them at
for pricing & further details.
for the remainder of January
you will receive a 10% discount
just include SIMPLETHOUGHTS in your email to them.

my photos are yuck and make my walls look sorta muddy
& all my white look sorta weird
but it's been dark & gloomy for days & i really wanted to get this post 
up. so don't let my photography scare you away
try not to covet my circa early 90's light fixture.
it's a doozy isn't it?
its on the list ya'll, it's on the list.

it's always a big thrill to hear the UPS guy
stop in front of our home.
i told dan i was expecting a pair of ballet flats from nordstroms
& a sign from tara this week.

clearly the sign is what arrived.
i'm including this image so that you too
can have your hubby greet the UPS man
when he delivers your fantastic sign.
& so that you can get an idea of how substantial it is...
my hubby is 6"4'.
the sign is huge & wonderful!!

if you order one please let me know what you choose
& then send a picture.
i'd LOVE to do a follow up post of your signs!

"By Your wounds we are healed 
& You have conquered the grave 
& in Your rising, we will rise 
To carry Your name 
Above every name "


Anonymous said...

What a great sign..I am off to check out her blog..Have a fabulous day..

sara@augustfields said...

paige, i JUST got my sign from tara and andy yesterday! so much excitement :) i love your narnia sign. super cute.

Unknown said...

I love Narnia too and this quote is lovely. Their signs are gorgeous, if only I didn't live an ocean away!! x

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I have one and I LOVE it! We quote our sign all the time around here. :) I love yours, too! We're big Narnia fans at our house, too.

Pam said...

Hi there! I bought a sign from Tara a year ago and love it! I ended up using some of her words and using some of my own..

Between You and Me said...

I'm sitting here crying.
and "aunt FLOW" isn't visiting, so it's just because God has overwhelmed me with his kindness through YOU...your words.

the sign looks beautiful in your prayer today is that everyone who ever sees the truth on that sign will be overwhelmed with God's grace and love for them...that they would know him deeply.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I so adore that sweet Tara and that sign is perfect for you!! I love it there.

Michele @ {Primp} said...

I just love this quote! I was fortunate enough to win one of their signs--they're beautiful and big! Yours is amazing!

Shannon said...

Her signs are so beautiful! Love yours and what a perfect spot to see it, somewhere it will be enjoyed throughout the day.

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

Oh wow! So stinkin cool :)
I absolutely love your sign in the dining room with your table and chairs.
Uber coolio my dear ;)

Privet and Holly said...

Saw this on Twitter and
tried to retweet : ). Love,
love and it looks fab in your
house, too!

xx Suzanne

{A*very} Blessed Life said...

First, You seriously make me laugh! The 90's light fixture comment is too funny. Second, I love that sign! How awesome to have that quote. Its one of my favorites of all time! I also think the photo of Dan and the sign and the UPS truck speeding by behind him is priceless! Its like looking into the life of Paige in real time. Hope you get some sunshine soon. We've been covered with thunder clouds all week and its been kind of freaky!

Maggie said...

Hahaha love the GA flag in your yard!!!:):):):):):):)

Suz said...

I have one of Tara's signs and it is my absolutely most favorite thing in my house. I ordered the exact one that she has posted because at the time I was overwhelmed with building a house that I could not think of a better sign. It is probably the first thing I hung in my new house. My 6 year old daughter told me that the Fruits of the Spirits would have been a good thing to put on it as well. :o) I highly recommend getting one. I don't know Tara but her emails were always so sweet!
I always love reading your blog..I am just terrible about posting. Blessings, from a GA girl!

Kerri said...

I love your sign! I just discovered Tara's blog recently and have really been enjoying it and soaking everything in! XO

ejs said...

Paige, I just LOVE this sign! Is the same one for sale? It my daughter's favorite movie....the mascot at their school is Aslan! How do you order from her blog? I just adore it. I have been following your blog for probably 4 years are so inspirational. Love how some people can be so similar in so many ways!

Alecia said...

I am in LOVE!!!! I don't know HOW in the WORLD I missed this, love, LOVE the CS Lewis quote you picked....I may have to copy that! I will check them out for SURE!