Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lil Light O' Mine

let me introduce you to courtney
courtney & i met through my friend ashley.
ashley & i met through our blogs.
funny thing though, courtney grew up around the corner from my home.
she graduated from the same high school my girls attend
danced at the studio where caroline now dances
was mentored a few years ago by the very same woman who mentored me over 20 years ago
& the list goes on.
it's just yet another confirmation to me that the blogging world is awesome.
otherwise, despite all those connections, we may have never met!

 courtney & i met at the atlanta market back in the spring
when the seed for her company was just being planted.
she dropped by last week with her new products & i was blown away.
less than 9 months & here she is birthing her new baby,

they currently feature two products that i am in love with.
the first is a set of scripture cards
the colors are beautiful
the verses are powerful yet simple to learn
& they come with a little easel for easy display.

the second product is a set of money jars.
three jars will come in their own little stand.
the chalkboard stickers on front are blank & you and your child
are able to decide what to write on them.
as confessed yesterday, i've done a poor job of teaching my girls
good money management. despite my failure, they're actually already doing well in making wise choices
& already have a heart for giving.

caroline spent a while trying to decide what her jars would be used for.
apparently she's saving up for a phone :)

in no time she had taken ownership of her set
& was so excited to learn a verse
empty her wallet.

sunday night at church is when she brought her jar
and as the offering bucket was passed
she opened up that little jar labeled "offers for people who need it"
and cheerfully gave everything.

it's so exciting for me to watch courtney's dream to help equip moms
with creative & functional ways to teach their children
come to fruition!


Kat said...

Wow. Courtney's products are fabulous. Your Mama heart must be full of pride for your CEK. Such a precious girl.

Lindsey said...

I've been waiting for this post!

Are you ready for another fun blog connection?! When I lived in Atlanta for two years, I used to baby-sit for Courtney, and she was and continues to be a mentor for me! I agree with you 100%...she's fabulous!! I can hardly wait to see the impact that Lil Light O' Mine has on kids...their parents...and the "rest" like me. :)

Love that sweet Caroline has taken to both the products so quickly, too.

Between You and Me said...

I love it!!!! Those jars are amazing and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the scripture memory cards!!!

courtney said...

paige! i am so blown away and humbled by this post. our morning was so amazing and God knew the timing. knew i needed to lose it and boohoo in your driveway. you are so precious to me. seeing that caroline loving those products is more than i can take this morning.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! Love both products, especially the scripture cards. What a wonderful way to commit scripture to memory, and such a bonus that they are absolutely adorable : )) But...I cannot load the pages/links in your post, Paige. Can't wait to see more of Courtney's products. Love following your blog!!


Debby said...

I love both products as well but can't upload them. I even clicked on Courtney herself. Can you help us get to her site.
Love the Little Bit

courtney said...

hey guys! i am so sorry. i am getting in touch with my web agency. wouldn't you know it's the first time the site goes down. paige even joked "i hope i crash your site". :) my sincerest apologies and i so thank you for your interest. stay tuned! "like" lil light o' mine on facebook and i'll post the updates there.

Jennifer said...

love love love. can't wait to get my hands on a set of these. it makes me even more excited about teaching my daughter all the wonderful things of the LORD and making sure we are getting some of HIS word everyday!

courtney said...

ok ladies. it's back up! thanks for your patience.

Susan R said...

Cute products, but my favorite is Miss C's heart. She has such a generous heart, I love that girl.

Kelli said...

Those cards are wonderful and I love the little holder. I hope your little Miss gets her phone :) I enjoyed visiting the Lil Light O'Mine site...thanks for sharing.

Jen Kershner said...

I love that! And those jars would make great gifts!

Micah Jamie said...

Thes products are fantastic! Kynlee Paige's birthday is coming up & I think the jars would be perfect for her! Thanks for supplying the link :). Oh, and yesterday was so busy I didn't have a chance to comment on your previous post. I wanted to let you know, while you say you've not done the best job of teaching them generosity I KNOW you are raising 4fantastic, poised,gracious and kindhearted young let me assure you, you've done a TON of things right. You & your sweet heart & precious girls are very dear to me! xoxo

Lulu and Co. said...

This is amazing!!!! Love her products and love that the blogging world brought your worlds together! The scriptures are wonderful....oh I am just loving this!!!
happy Friday!

Jodi said...

Wow, I love the site and all the products, so pretty!

I think Caroline made great choices on her money jars! Of course a girl need something for herself! Beka saved and saved her money too and bought herself her phone. She loves and takes such good care of it.

Take care, paige!