Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Emily's mission trip to Peru!

i am so very proud of my emily.
several months ago she came to us & asked if we would allow her to go on her first mission trip.  she was so excited about this opportunity & has waited to be old enough for a few years.

personally, i have never been on a mission trip, nor have i traveled out of the country. dan however has been on multiple mission trips & has traveled to many countries. he traveled with campus crusade and lived in Russia for a little over a year. emi is our first child to go on a mission trip such as this & we are all so excited for her!

i want to share a portion of the support letter that she wrote.....

"Our church is very mission focused. Many of my mentors and older students that I have contact with have shared about their own experiences and they sound awesome! I’ve wanted to go for many years, but I wanted to wait until I felt like I was ready. Around Thanksgiving the church talked about having many mission opportunities. One of them was being able to go to Peru for 3 weeks, June 8th through the 30th. Immediately after hearing about this opportunity, I knew I really wanted to go and I had no doubt about it.

This mission trip will be about sharing the gospel to kids, teens, and adults in Peru. Our main focus will be teaching the kids how important it is to remain pure until marriage. Purity is something very close to my heart. Last year I asked for a purity ring and I wear this as symbol of my own conviction to remain pure until marriage. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to share with others the importance of purity. This trip will allow me to see other people’s culture and what they believe in and therefore get to share with them my beliefs. While we are here we will also build a church for them.

I have a strong passion for sharing God’s Word with others and am so thankful that He has opened this door for me. I look forward to doing God’s work in Peru and letting you know all about how God has worked through this team when I return at the end of June. Thank you so very much.
In Christ, Emily"

 i'm so proud of you sweet emi!
i can't wait to hear all your stories, be a witness of how this amazing opportunity shapes you
& see how the Lord does great things in & for you!!

 {this final image is actually a close of emi's purity ring}


Dawn said...

It will be life changing, for sure.
Happy for her.
My oldest daughter had a simple gold band for her purity ring. When she married, she had the inside engraved and gave it to her husband for his wedding band.
Very meaningful.

Anonymous said...

What a life changing opportunity! You will miss her, but will love hearing all about it when she gets home :)

Anonymous said...

What an opportunity for her..I have a friend who is a pastor at a church and makes mission trips a couple of times a year..His stories are so interesting to hear about..

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Yay Emi!!! She'll likely never be the same when she returns -- in a GOOD way! How awesome!

This coming generation of young believers is going to ROCK the church's world -- in a GREAT way! :)

P.S. -- Love the ring!!

Hugs to Miss Em!!


SoSoBella said...

How exciting! What a wonderful gift, to share and teach.

Melissa said...

I have really been enjoying your blog for a bit now, and I thought I would pop in just to let you know.

I'm so excited for Emily, as missions was a life-changing thing for me. It works such compassion and selflessness in us that nothing else can really accomplish, I think.

You are raising such lovely daughters. Their sweet spirits just shine.

Lord Bless,

Melissa D.

Oh, and on a side note... where did your daughter get those rockin' boots!? Love them! :)

Alecia said...

So excited for her! Other than youth group trips...Campus Crusade is where the passion was irst ignited for me...it's fun to hear how Dan was a Campus Crusade guy and did stint in Russia...sooo fun! I did 2 stateside trips with Campus Crusade. One for a summer and one spring break...can't wait to hear from Emily's perspective about the trip, how God showed up and what she learned...so, so EXCITED for her!!

alecia8@gmail.com- I would love to contribute if you would pass along the info of how! :-)

Restoration House said...

How exciting for both of you! It will be life changing for her I know. My youngest daughter Hope went to Guatemala for 6 months and it was a real pivotol time in her life. So awesome to be able to share the love of christ!

traci said...

oh paige, how proud you must be. what an amazing young lady. and such an experience for her. xo!!

{A*very} Blessed Life said...

That is so amazing that Emily felt that calling at such an early age. She will grow in her faith from this experience and in turn help others see Christ more fully. I can't wait to hear about her experience too. And we will be praying for the entire mission trips full safety and purpose.

Jboo said...

Wow -- what an amazing girl and I'm sure it will be an amazing trip for her! Bless her sweet giving heart.

Love her ring -- it is beautiful!


Kat said...

Aw, sweet Emi! This post brought tears to my eyes. What a special and beautiful girl you are raising.

Kelli said...

What an amazing experience she will have. How awesome is it that she'll be out there being the hands and feet of Christ regarding something so close to her heart. You are raising beautiful, God-centered young ladies...what a blessing. I will be sure to keep her preparation and travel in my prayers.

christina said...

i am so proud of your daughter. how wonderful. to carry Gods grace, all around the world.

Sweet Grace Farms said...

I can tell you from experience of taking kids to third world countries to do mission work is life changing for them. They will never again look at the blessings of America in the same way. It is also very connecting for them to make sweet friends from other countries.
I have watched our little girl translators grow up, get married and have children.
I really believe it's a small world after all.
I greatly admire Emi for her heart.

Tiffany said...

Oh Paige - what an awesome opportunity for your beautiful daughter - wonderful photos of her - just wonderful! I appreicate that you shared a bit of her heart here on your blog - what an inspiration!! You must be so very honored and proud to be her momma!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us!


just ask beth said...

precious angel.. Does she look most like your late husband? I love how your girls all look different but you can TELL they are sisters, mine do too! Praying for a wonderful trip!

Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

Thank you for sharing this Paige. Love this for you sweet Emi! God is going to do something so amazing through you. Shine your light bright!

Martha said...

what an amazing opportunity for Emi and life changing! Beautiful photos too Paige...

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful daughter and an exciting trip coming up! it will change her life. :)

Tiffany said...

This is Awesome! Way to go Emily!

Tiffini said...

just a treasure is your Emi...what a beautiful heart for God and a living letter of waiting..purity! beautiful photography too:)

Lulu and Co. said...

This experience will last a life time and be so valuable as it adds to another layer of her life! wow what a great opportunity.you always capture the most gorgeous images of your children, it's so heart warming.

~j~ said...

I adored this post. I am the Mother of a full time missionary daughter in South Africa and I also have a son who prior to joining the Coast Guard was in YWAM for four years serving in several countries. I will never forget their first missions trips while in High School. It's both a proud and scary moment but one that helps us as parents solidify our own walk of faith as we daily turn over our kids to HIS great plan. Thank you for sharing a very sweet reminder of what I didn't realize at the time would truly be a life changing trip for all of us!

Angela said...

So thrilled to hear about her trip. Austin has talked to Erin and is planning to head to Jordan for two weeks of that time. I am thrilled for him. One day I will write you a message of where Austin has been and now where he is going. God has been so good!!!

Micah Jamie said...

Hi Paige, What a terrific opportunity this is for Miss Emily!
Missions is dear to my heart, and one of the little girls we sponsor through World Vision is from Peru! I'd like to contribute if you'd let me know how I can do so. You can contact me @ johnjamieheiserman@yahoo.com