Friday, December 03, 2010

a "family photoshoot" first

the last couple of weeks have been very exciting for me.

i have been hired by several families
to shoot their family photos.

this is a dream come true for me.

just everything all wrapped up in one.

i have felt very awkward taking money from friends.
worried they won't like their finished product.

i have been very nervous about venturing out into the big world of photography
photographing others for sure.

but i'm going to spend the next several months talking, praying & dreaming.
maybe all this can roll into something new for me.

i have a long long long way to go
& much to learn.

a few weeks ago i took smk & her bff out to a location
to check lighting & such in preperation to shoot these families.

in 3 different shoots
at the exact same time of day
i had 3 seriously different weather elements to work with.
the girls...cloudy day , warm, no breeze
2 days later, i shot the family i'm sharing with you today
& major dark clouds were looming.
we had no sooner put the velvet chair in my garage
when the rain started.
a few days later i shot two more families-
super bright glare on the water,freezing & quite blustery.

i wanted to share my first venture -
this gorgeous family is very dear to me.
the younger daughter has a very special place in my heart
so i was thrilled to work with them.

here are a few from that day~


The Barker's said...

beautiful! You have a special talent =) I love the chair ones! Great job! If you lived close, I would definitely hire you!!!

Jodee said...

Holy cow! Those turned out soooo cute! What a beautiful family too!

Clare said...

goregous! i took some photos of my friend the other week too! very fun and exciting, hopefully we can go on this adventure together:)

Suzanne said...

You're hired! Well, I would hire you if I lived closer too:) What are you talking about? This has already opened a new chapter in your life. I'll be so happy to say "I knew you when":) The setting is beautiful but even more, your wonderful subjects are all so beautiful and photogenic. You've convinced me we need a family photo shoot!

Polly said...

Wow Paige!!!!! Gorgeous!! I would hire you in a heartbeat!! Best wishes as you pursue this dream! You are capturing moments and memories to last a lifetime!!

vintage girl at heart said...

You are a Natural behind the lens!
Blessings on this new venture!

Between You and Me said...

I'm so proud of you! You did a fantastic job.....

I have the same learn more about photography and then be able to capture families! I've been the girl with the camera, literally, all my life.

...this season of my life is busy with the 3 small kiddos, but I'm hoping that I can take this time and learn, learn, learn.

Dana said...

A beautiful family and beautiful photos! I think you should certainly stick with this!! You are blessed with such talent :-)

Kat said...

Oh Paige, these are gorgeous!!! I bet the families are thrilled with the results! Great job, my friend! :)

just ask beth said...

unbelievable.. we are roadtripping to Georgia for a photoshoot, your talents amaze me!!

Cheryl said...

You are truly blessed and using these these talents to bring such joy to these families!!

Annie said...

I found your blog through Edie's, and I have to say: Just beautiful-- your entire blog, really, but these pictures too. I'd definitely hire you!

Tammy said...

Hi Paige- These photos turned out fantastic! What a beautiful family and a great location!! You got talent girl!!
Happy Friday
Tammy :-)

Nancy Elizabeth Carey said...

those are just devine!! i think this is what you should do when you grow up! :) Have a great weekend! xoxo's nancy

Kate said...

You totally nailed it.

'Nuff said.


Katiebee said...

You did a great job Paige!

kasey said...

I hope you start charging the big bucks for all your TALENT!!
Because you have it Paige....
you are a wonderful photographer;-)
and if you ever need a new home for that chair...i know a girl...

Katie said...

I wish you could take my family photos! Were struggling to find a good Christmas Card photo.

Great job!

Lou said...

These photos are so stunning Paige - those girls are just beautiful. I love how you have captured them. Lou xx

Sogni Siciliani said...

Great job!! You should be very proud!!

Jboo said...

Gorgeous family and gorgeous photos! Woohoo Paige -- you're amazing!! Wishing that I lived a lot closer! :)

Have a great weekend!


Biz said...

Your photos are amazing! I wish I could come learn from you!

Catherine said...

Paige, the pictures are beautiful! You continue to inspire me with your photography. You have a special talent. I love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

If you have a lot to learn, well, I cannot imagine how great those future photos will be once you have learned it, because your photography is already amazing. You "have it" that is for sure.

Shannon said...

These are all so beautiful! I love everything about them, the colors are perfect :)

Kristin said...

these are *stunning*!! congratulations on your new adventure!! can't wait to see how far you {fly}

prairie hugs,

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Great photos, beautiful family. What a good job you did! Blogging from California . . I wished we lived closer. Lots of happy, Sandy:O)

maryelizabethroche said...

Gorgeous pictures!
You're very talented!!


Kelli said...

These are absolutely beautiful...I see why they asked you :) There's nothing like the gift of a lovely family picture and you were able to capture that for them. I know they will be cherished!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Paige you are a natural. What are you waiting for...FLY girl. Jump head first into that scary place. You were born to do this:) GORGEOUS!!!

sugar said...

So beautiful Paige. If I were there...I'd be begging you to take my picture. Be very proud of you : )

Shannan Martin said...

Smokin' hot pics of a smokin' hot family!

MMM said...

these pics are AMAZING !
and great blog as well..
have a look here!

Kitty said...

Spectacular photos of a beautiful family. Miss Page you have an amazing gift with photography!

Gina said...

I just L.O.V.E coming to visit your blog! I really do and I do it often! Please come out to Southern Cal and take beautiful pictures of my girls!!! You have tons of love and peace which helps you create a beautiful family of your own and memories for others. Never stop!!! Thank you for inspiring me often!

Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

You nailed it girlfriend! Proud of you!


Debby said...

You have a special talent. Good luck with your new adventure.
My DIL takes unbelieveable pictures like you. I think we have finally convinved her that she needs to venture futher into photography. SHe did a photo shoot with my husband and I just recently.
I love the chair as well. I also love it when they use a couch outside......a little heavy I am sure.

Kristin said...

Just BEAUTIFUL girly! I love, love, love them.
Not just saying that just caught myself staring at each image. Just beautiful.

So, excited for you as I stand beside you and will cheer you towards this dream and be there to help you in any way I can.

Wendy said...

Just gorgeous Paige! You are sooo talented.

Deborah said...

The pictures are great. You're a natural. Looking forward to seeing more.

Melanie said...

You have nothing to worry about, your photos are amazing!!!

Jen Kershner said...

Your photographs are amazing Paige. I sense very good things in your future friend!

Anonymous said...

Love the chair pics - and the two girls looking back at you - fantastic.

All That Jazz said...

Wow, seriously~ beautiful photos! Love the post-editing and textures, too! What a lovely family, they are very photogenic and their happiness just comes out in their eyes!!! ;-)
Best of luck in your new adventure, you are very talented!1

Privet and Holly said...

I tell ya,
they grow them
super cute down
there....OR, is
it just the magic
of the photographer,
waving her magic
lens? Hmmmm.....!
Happy Monday, Paige!
xx Suzanne

LuLu said...

Such a beautiful family! Gorgeous pictures... how i wish you could take my family picture.

Alecia said...

Great job on the pics....I totally understand what you're talking about. I've had a couple of families ask me to do the same for them and it is sooo much fun but at the same time...super stressful b/c you don't know if they'll like the finished product or not. I'm sure they LOVED these...they're fantastic!!! Keep it up girl! :-)

Oh...and congrats to your oldest daughters acceptance to college!!!