Friday, September 30, 2011

a good week!

i'm choosing to look at the half full portion of the glass
& call it a great week.
the empty portion of the glass does include
not one, but two of our cars needing some major financial work done on them.
but back to the full portion...

the girls cheer tonight with the varsity for the Homecoming game
they both have the dance Saturday night.

the forecast is a beauty too
with lows tonight maybe at 49!
fall has finally arrived!

the week in review....

spirit days for HC week
complete with some love for Harry Potter

for celebrity day, madison went as kim kardashian.
that child bravely added a little "junk in her trunk".
before she left i laughed & told her...what if people think that big rear end of yours is legit!?
she didn't care.
she's always been brave with her fashion statements!

(emi wasn't in the mood for early morning photos but she did participate)

school picture day for the little one
who didn't really look so little that day....

savannh & her buddies made the road trip to Ole Miss for the game.
small world...bailey has become friends with one of smk's buddies from kindergarten!
are they cute or what?
pretty girls in great dresses & boots
seersucker trousers on trevor
& a bowtie on cody.
SEC fashion at it's finest!

the Ateam of lunches at home:
turkey, avacado, sourdough panini

homemade pimento cheese with spinach & fresh off the vine tomatoes.
guilty pleasure indeed!

and a sushi treat one day too.

forgive me if that sunflower already made a blog post.

& let's hear it 
for pumpkins in the house!

may your weekend be filled with wonderful temperatures
cool breezes
 pumpkin spice lattes
& heirloom pumpkins too!
2011 Christmas Preview from DaySpring


Kat said...

Yummy! I would like one of each of those sandwiches please. Looks like a fun week indeed, minus the cars going into the shop, boo on that. We needed to replace all four tires on my car and get a new battery so I am now driving around in what was supposed to be my newly painted bedroom... oh well, new tires and a safe ride are definitely more important, the painting can wait.

I have been MIA this past week, getting the house ready for my parents' arrival TODAY!!! Yippee.

Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend, I hope to see you at the gym sometime next week! xox

Jen Kershner said...

Beautiful! All of it! Well, except for the cars costing money thing. Because I hate when cars cost me more money. I love your fireplace, by the way, so warm and cozy and those pumpkins look so good there. Love that print in the white frame but it leads me to a question. Can you tell me where to find some great white frames? I'm not talking hunting for old ones but where to easily find new ones that have character?

Jboo said...

Love these photos of your girls and family! So cute and little bit -- you're right - she is growing up and so beautiful!!

How cute that they dress up for football games -- that would never happen in Nebraska! Gotta love your Southern people! :)

Have a fun weekend!


Pine Tree Home said...

Something always creeps up and cost money when you don't want to spend it, no? Ah well, life is good. Such great stories told through your photos. Bring on Fall!

Jennifer said...

those toe touches are something amazing! incredible! what lens do you use to capture that so fast and clear?

Lindsey said... about height in the jumps! both of your girls have it!

Can't wait to see the homecoming pictures from the weekend!

Unknown said...

Your week looks busy but perfect! What a gorgeous family you have, and LOVE basically every outfit your girls wear!!! :) Where do they shop???

Those homemade panini's look amazing too, what a great idea to try this weekend! What do you use to heat them with? Do you think a george foreman would work?

just ask beth said...

Good luck Girlies!!! The weather is divine and my oldest 15 and I splurged on our first Pumpkin Spiced Latte on her way home from study group! I am going to get some Pumpkins today..little girlie already made me buy 3 baby pumpkins on the first day of Fall! Have a beautiful weekend.. I know what you mean about finances..when it rains it pours! It always works out..God is great!

Unknown said...

Looks like a fabulous week {well, minus those car repairs, those are just plain yucky!}. Loved the pics of Savannah at the football game - love that our country has such distinct differences! Their football fashion is just plain fantastic! Let's just say, Oregon football fashion probably includes lots of Birkenstocks, gore-tex, and Patagonia!
Have a fabulous weekend!

Micah Jamie said...

The photos of Madi & Emi's jumps are PHENOMENAL. If I could do that I would literally have lifesize posters made :). That sandwich is my all time favorite...sometimes I kick it up a notch w/cream cheese & red onion...soooo good!
The Be Nice print is adorable. You have the best taste.
Madi rocked the Kim Kardashian!

christina said...

happy homecoming weekend! take lots of pics! i know i will.
i so love that madison, put that junk in her trunk, for her kim k. salute. lol go girl!

Wendy said...

Good Golly Miss Paige! Haven't been blog surfing in a while, and boy did I enjoy catching up on your blog today! Beautiful photography (as usual) and lots of great things happening around your house! Have a lovely weekend, my friend!! xoxo Wendy

Debby said...

Such beautiful girls. How do they jump like that. Talent. Enjoy seeing your girls.

just ask beth said...

no sooner was I giving you condolences about the cars!! WHAM! Iwas rear ended in CARPPOL hard..totaled the back end of my Suburban..and I repeated what I said to you God is Great.. and we are all ok!!

Kerri said...

My husband and my parents need car repairs too. I am so sorry to hear that you are dealing with the same thing! As always, I just love the photos of your beautiful girlies! I was wondering where Madison and Caroline got their scarves? I love both! And did you make your Be Kind painting or did you buy it?

Have a great weekend!

Privet and Holly said...

Sorry for the half-empty,
but my goodness, that
half-full is SO full!
xx Suzanne

PS Our homecoming is
this weekend, too. We
froze at that game last
night! brrrrr

Tina said...

Every week looks like a fun one, in your house Paige!! Sorry to hear about the car troubles! Love your gorgeous pics as always and the happy smiles on your girls faces, always inspires me to do more to make my own girls happier:) Thank you for always being such an inspiration, my friend (that goes for the fabulous sandwich making dept too!!). Happy Sunday to you ~ xx

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics and posts! Could you please share where the vintage looking art is from? The one on the table with the sunflowers...

Jodi said...

awesome pictures! Pumpkins....I am so excited it's fall and I love the search for the "perfect" pumkins! :)

The girls look great cheering, huge trophy!!! Way to go! :) You always look adorable! I am in dire need of welly's, my feet are getting wet in the mornings from the dew in the grass when Bailey and I go out in the morning.

Caroline looks so grown up, love the hoop earrings (i'm a hoop girl) and her hair is getting longer; she growing it out? :)

Take care, girlie!

Between You and Me said...

love every single picture...
do you not LOVE SEC fashion?

being back in Athens is such a breath of fresh air....I loved our time in Orlando, but let me just assure you that there ain't no fashion in Orlando on gamedays...unless you think a tank top and short shorts with flip flops is gameday fashion...

okay, I'm done judging for tonight...

Shauna said...

Love the be kind print, may I ask where ya got it?

Kelli said...

Never too many sunflowers!!! I can't get enough of how cute your girls are and how great of a mama you are. How fun that SMK was able to road trip to see her BFF!

Shelllie said...

Where did you get the Be Kind print? LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

just found your blog. i love it. thanks for sharing. i cheered for 10 years so the cheer pics made me smile!!!