Friday, September 09, 2011

i want to be someone's aibileen

after taking a few years off from dance
caroline has asked to return.
she went last night & took ballet, tap & jazz
& LOVED it!!

when i picked her up last night (after 3 hours of class),
she was meeting with the studio owner and one of the teachers back in the office.
they were praising her for being such a natural.

i looked over at caroline....
she was beaming & smiling & sweaty & so very happy.
it was a priceless moment.

in the 5th grade, she sits on the brink of those years
where their little self esteem can truly take a beating.
i really hope ( & plan on telling them) the two ladies
know what a seed they planted in her spirit last night.
how powerful the words we speak over a child.

the last few days i've thought so many times about the now famous words
of aibileen from The Help
"you is kind. you is smart. you is important."
aibileen whispered those words in mae mobley's ears over & over.
usually while she was being neglected by her own mama.

while i probably will never be anyone's hired help
i will have many come & go through my life.
i pray that i seize those fleeting moments when i have a child
or an adult for that matter
sitting in front of me
& like aibileen to mae mobley,
like the dance instructors to caroline
plant those priceless words of encouragement in that person's heart. 

the last couple of days i have read some of the most tender comments, notes, emails and responses. so many of you, whether your personal mountain has been a walking through the valley of the shadow of death
or your personal mountain has been one of trying to be all things to all people, 
can relate to wearing a mask.
honestly, i think we all can.

my prayer for each of you
is that you rest in His hand today, His protective hand,
the hand that created you
really know Him.
He goes before you
He sees every tear
& He loves you
and longs to give you exceedingly more than you could ever dare to ask or dream.

teresa, miss comment #24
i'd love to send you a copy of Grace for the Good Girl
please link over through my email & send me your address.

Teresa said... I love your blog and especially this post! Thanks for sharing your heart and your amazing photos


Kat said...

Yay for Caroline!!! She is one talented girl!

Between You and Me said...

oh how I long to be Abilene to others...the power of words is beyond our comprehension.

Caroline's personality shines through your pictures of seem to capture her perfectly.

She is a blessed little girl...sweet, tender heart and talents like nobody's business!

Happy Weekend, friend! And, Congratulations to Teresa for winning a copy of the book!!!

Lindsey said...

This post pretty much sums up one of the main reasons that I mentor girls. I long to be a voice that tells them of their worth...and that their worth comes from The Lord. I pray every day that my words and actions align to that truth.

Proud of your girl for jumping feet first back into dance! The pictures definitely prove she is a natural!

Bethanie said...

Paige, My facebook status (updated during the movie)was those words of Abilene. I work in Kindergarten--Everyday, if those arent my exact words, I try to say them in some way to my babies... It is so true that the words we speak to children affect them for the good or for the bad. Such a wonderful reminder.
So glad Caroline is back at dance. What a precious smile that one has!! Have a great weekend, it's going to be perfect here in Georgia :0)

Alison Agnew said...

he goes before
and behind
never leaves nor forsakes

such reassuring words

and my
is your lovely little miss
so talented



Number 6 and no more counting! said...

beautiful post! Just beautiful!

And, your girl is as beautiful (even more I am sure) inside as she is on the outside.

such a powerful post. OUTSANDING. Thank you, for the reminder.


Debby said...

She is such a happy girl. I'm glad she is returning to dance.

Beth said...

Thank you for this post! I truly needed it today!

julieann said...

I like your blog but I confess I come to see the smiles "YOU" help to create. Your daughter is darling. I have a daugter of my own and I love this post. Thanks for reminding all of us how our words can make the difference in the life of a child.. "or adult"

Heather said...

Caroline is beautiful. I danced for 15 years up until college. I can tell from the pictures that she is a natural. You have very talented girls.

While you may not speak the exact words that Abilene did in the movie, you do speak very powerful and heart felt words through your blog. You words and your story often speak to me throughout my day. I have said this before, but you truly are an inspiration!

Jennifer said...

Yay Caroline! She looks like a natural. I finally saw the help last night...I'm still crying and longing to grab up any little girl or boy I see and love on them along with my own daughter. So many lessons in that movie for all of us to learn from.

Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

I love the way you're looking at dance for Caroline...not just as another activity to fill her schedule, but one that will bless and encourage that will bring out more of who God made her to be.

Happy Friday!!!

PS - I have the same "4" pillow. :)

Sogni Siciliani said...

I left you a comment a few weeks ago about Caroline and her pretty feet!!!! I am so glad to see she is in dance class. She is truly a natural. Good luck to you and all your girls in all endeavors!!!

Daily Tales of Sugar and Spice said...

i love that my precious friends linds is on here commenting. hey linds! didn't know we both read this one. or did i? paige - i think i did a leap or a twirl when i opened this one up. hoping she's with simply dancing and dotti is in her life. dance was my world in high school.

Sheri said...

Awesome post Paige. Still haven't seen the movie yet but things are finally settling down and I'm going to. Have a blessed weekend. xo

Alecia said...

That's so awesome for Miss Caroline! It's fun to hear how excited she was about dance...3 that's a long time...glad she loved every minute of it!

I too long to be Abilene to many people...right now it's my sweet niece whose mom is not in her life and her dad (my brother) is doing a poor job of loving mom is raising her now. She needs the words of love, encouragement and Truth to be spoken over her and I KNOW that's what God is calling me to be in her life...a person who will speak Truth into her life and spirit.
Thanks for your encouragement to be an Abilene to others it's sooo needed!

Kerri said...

Prayer is powerful! I just went back to teaching this week and I didn't even know you had a giveaway! We took our students to mass today and I had tears of joy because the students were holding hands and dancing at the closing song, it was wonderful to truly see God's Children showing Him their love. I love when I have missed a few of your posts and I can catch up~I am like a child at Christmas!

Home: Inside and Out said...

Caroline is just so stinkin' precious! Thanks for sharing.

rachel said...

Your Caroline is so beautiful!! I love your "4" pillow. Where did you purchase it? Thanks!!

becky said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm dying to!

Just wanted to say that your previous post is beautiful. Thanks for being so real : )

Caroline is beautiful too!

Adrienne said...

from one (former!) ballerina to another... tell Caroline she has beautiful arches!!!

Tiffini said...

your words make me cry..and the words of other souls that have echoed the same thing throughout the centuries...those hearts who feel the world deep and want heap that onto others..i cry because of my lack of speaking grace over my own children and those around me and for the lack of those words spoken over me and this 43 when I feel as if my whole life is turning upside down how I long to hear those words now..and what a blessing that before i get ready to go for the second day of this fair that you speak those words for me...i swear they were just for my heart today..paige..i pray the same for are a sweet old soul..thank you. a joyful saturday to you..

Courtney Walsh said...

Sophia is back at dance too. It's been a trying couple of weeks because she feels behind, but she loves it--and dances all day long. Looks like Caroline is so happy! :)

I love Aibileen...and those words. I wrote them in my daughter's lunch box this week. :) Love this Paige!!

Privet and Holly said...

I do believe
you ARE someone's
Abilene, already.
Four beautiful
someones : ) And
you always inspire,
lovely soul that
you are. Thanks
for that, Paige!
xx Suzanne

Susan R said...

I just knew Lil' Bit was a dancer. I'll tell you what, she looks like she'd be an excellent swimmer and gymnist too. She obviously has great flexibility, but she looks like she has a lot of upper body strength.
Okay, that scrunched up nose grin of hers just kills me, it's so stinking adorable. Love that girl.
Now about being someones Aibileen, aint it the truth. I think she was my favorite character in that book. The little girl that plays in the movie is a doll. Even if you're not someone's Aibileen, I'm glad your someone's Paige. "Paige is good, Paige is smart, Paige is important."

Jodi said...

I am sure Caroline is going to LOVE being back in dance again; I think she's a natural! Her teachers must see that in her too.

Beka is sitting out this year, she has done tap and jazz for 10 years. I am kind of bummed about it; I love to watch the girls dance. Does Caroline's class have a recital?

Take care Paige! I have yet to read the book; my life is so crazy busy right now, but it's definately on my list! :)


Kimberly said...

I loved those words of Abilene so much ... I'm with you Paige. I want to be someone's Aibileen too :) YAY Caroline -- You go girl!

patty said...

i've visited you often, but today i am coming directly from miss suzanne's beautiful space, where her words flowed from your words, which had been planted by miss abileen... and you are all so right.
beautiful photos, and from one dancing mom to another, i'm glad she's back! :)