Thursday, September 15, 2011

my dysfunctional missoni mindset

yesterday i needed to run out for a quick errand.
hopped in the car & thought....hmmm...why don't i make a surgical strike into Target
& check out the Missoni line.
mind you ~~
it was 1:30pm
on wednesday
not 8:01 am
on tuesday.


at this point i had yet to read this nor this
i had lived safely, free from all temptation, under my rock for the last 36 hours.

well i have two words for you:
wiped & out

here's where my dysfunctional thinking comes in.
i have that personality, albeit ridiculous, where i can get totally wacked out 
because i think i'm missing out.
probably self diagnosed my facebook compulsion right there.


the bottom line~
if the entire missoni line was laid out before me in all it's moderately priced glory
i probably would have only picked out a few things.
dare i say only a couple actually.
not the entire line
which between 1:35 & 2:50 pm yesterday 
i was thinking i needed. needed? oh please.

i ran into one of my besties & grumbled something like....who the heck grabbed all the goodness?
she was there tuesday morning.
for the official release.
at 8am.

so. i'm swinging by her house tomorrow.
she's setting me up a little display of all her 
"i bought too much of it & need to return a pieces" loot.

back to the reality of the issue.
i did score a little number for caroline. she flipped. she loves it.
coming soon to a photo shoot.
& two candles.
end of story.

incidentally, the candles smell fantastic.
this coming from a woman who seldom likes an artificial fragrances in the house.
they're fab.

were you there?
 tuesday at 8 am?
did you fill your little red buggy?
i would love to hear how you scored in the missoni madness!

do tell....


Jboo said...

Of course, I heard about it way too late to take part in any of the fun shopping and all is gone! I would like a scarf or something, but some of the zigzag patterns really reminds of a migraine about to happen -- ziggy zaggy vision warning! Can't wait to see Caroline in hers!


Kimberly said...

I was in Target yesterday too! I was in search of orange tights for the oldest grandgirlies Halloween costume so I didn't go near the new Missoni line ... I did score the tights though! :)

Deanna said...

Totally missed out. That's probally a good thing!

Talia said...

Clearly, I live under a rock as I knew nothing of this fabulous event. Sadly the closest Target is 1.5 hours away. Sigh...

slip4 said...

I heard about it but was at work when it opened Tuesday. Sad!

Cheryl said...

Missoni has never been a designer that wowed me... That being said, I am not sure even if I did, I could have handled the crowds and chaos that ensued. Madness!!

Babsarella said...

I was there about noontime on Tuesday and they were almost totally wiped out on women's clothes. I did manage to get a black/white t-shirt, but none of the cute cardis I had seen. Also picked up a pair of socks for my daughter. Tried going online and did finally get through, had stuff in my cart, then went into a permanent wait. So sad. I was going to make some purchases online yesterday, but decided against it since all the cardis I really wanted were gone. Bummer. I had no idea it would be so huge.

Shannon said...

I almost went Tuesday morning after dropping Kayla off at school so I would have been there at 9ish and prob. would have gotten a lot of goodies but I decided not to make the drive so today I am off after drop off and I hope to find atleast something. The candles are so cute but I really, really want a sweater which we all know is gone by now! Those crazy shopping people that buy it all ;) Have fun picking out some goodies and please come back to share with us!!

Heather said...

Ha! I mistakingly stumbled into Target on Tuesday morning for diapers. HAD NO IDEA about the Missoni line until I saw three woman with carts loaded. LOADED. I quickly grabbed two cardigans, which are pretty cute. Got my diapers and thought I would go back to see if there was anything else I liked. EVERYTHING.WAS.GONE! AT 8am there was only one cashier open, so I was behind one of the loaded ladies...her total was over $3000. All Missoni in her cart! Now I am thinking, that is too much zigzag for me. $3000 dollars worth. Her husband is going to kill her, either for spending that much money or from having to look at Missoni everywhere in their house and on her!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

I was at Target yesterday afternoon, most things were pretty much picked over. I heard one employee say one lady had spent $5000 on stuff! Wow!
I did but two composition books and some hair clips. The clothes just remind me too much of stuff I wore, and hated, in the 70's! :)

melissa said...

Don't hate me .. be I really don't like Missoni. The zig zags and all - just not my style. So .. obviously, I was not one of masses buying it all! ;)

Unknown said...

Alas...the hoopla went unnoticed by me as well.....drat! would have loved to score a sweater....i am SO much like you....i am now obsessed with checking back at my Target for returns (like your friend!).....

Susan R said...

I must be living under a rock...never heard of it. I was more a Liberty of London line when Target had it.

christina said...

i was at the food pantry all morning, but read about the target hype, on my computer. i will pass on that.. but did find a nice calendar at the bookstore. ; )
loving on heathers comment. lol

Sheri said...

I wanted the bicycle - boo hoo :( Share pics of what you get. xo

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

I had tried to get online on Tuesday....Target's website had crashed! WTH?! I thought a few pieces were pretty cool, but I am most definitely not feelin the whole "zig zag" look for my entire house! I think it would make me puke.

Im guessing people were buying it all of to re-sell it to everyone that missed out....for a hefty price tag i bet!!

I think your candle scores are perfect. Just the right amount of Missoni to not puke...LOL


3 Peanuts said...

I posted about it too. I am kinda bothered (even though I am not really a Missoni fan) that a few greedy people ruined it for the average consumer. All these women bought $2000+++ cart fulls to re-sell on E-bay and while I know it is their prerogative, I feel bad for the person who just wanted a little piece of Missoni at a Target price.

3 Peanuts said...

PS. I want to add that there was not anything I personally wanted I just think the whole thing is unfair to people who did want some. If I headed up Target, i would place limits on future launches to discourage re-sale.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Sorry, not a fan of this line. My style is more classic I guess. The zig zag pattern is too much. Would love to see your though!

who needs target when you have walmart said...

no..i wasn't there....
i wanted to be...and i'm still fuming.
But!!! I did head over to Walmart to make my self feel better. It was great.

Anonymous said...

There are some cute tights and jackets in that Target line for sure, but it is going to be SO familiar and overdone now . . . that well, call me snobby in my own way (and I don't think I am really a snob) that the mass frenzy of it will take away much of the charm of the designs. For me, anyway. I don't want to look like a Target/Missoni ad. That might be why I am really not into designer labels at all anyway. Not even if I had the money.


Daily Tales of Sugar and Spice said...

ugh! so mad i missed the madness. was there in the morning. girl in front of me had all kinds of little girl cuteness clothes and then i saw the story.

Alecia said...

I WISH!!! I went the next day at 9 after seeing on facebook that it sold out pretty quickly...I thought...surely not in Oklahoma City...but I was WRONG! There were just a few things...Ah dinner plate, Ah scarf, Ah makeup bag, Ah package of gift get my drift. I really wanted the black & white circle rug for my bathroom but missed out on it :-( I also wanted some office supplies b/c they were soooo CUTE! Oh snooze (literally) you lose!