Tuesday, September 27, 2011

rise & shine

i woke today around 3:50.
after laying there long enough to review all the things i need to do today,
i gave in & silently slid out of bed.

it's a full week around here~
caroline now dances a couple nights
& tumbles on one.
emi & madi are cheering at three games this week
thankfully no competition is on the calender.
their homecoming dance is this weekend.
loads of photos to edit.
not one, but two cars are headed to the shop.

you get the picture 
& your week is probably even more stacked!

i have a dozen or so posts in my drafts, most of which are from the summer that no one will want to read as we enter the beloved season of autumn. 
but in an attempt to keep up with my journaling, i may need to subject blogger to a few flash backs. i apologize in advance.
i also got bit by that crazy 365 bug in january
which....i think most sane folks abandoned ship on long long ago.
so mixed in with some random august/september highlights,
i have some of those random shots to share too.

one of my favorite facebook moments was the following:
i'll take a blog recognition anyday!

favorite blog comment ever:
"Unlike usual, I don't actually have something really funny to say. I just want you to know this may be my favorite blog post ever. I loved being home. I loved seeing everyone and cheering on Madison and Emily. And especially laughing with all the Pauls. Thanks for making this weekend so amazing and being such a wonderful mom. I miss you already and cannot wait to be home again. I love you!"

pre or post "high cholesterol" status? you decide.

goodnight moon.

congrats on team captain, madi!

 a pretty day of mail.

my favorite smoothie.  blueberries, greek yogurt, spinach, flax seed, protein powder, & a little agave.

new treats.
had my cholesterol checked (non-fasting).
it was high.
hoping it was off a little. even though i had just left a kickboxing class
i had also just enjoyed chickfila...fries. 
obviously not eating enough of this.

sweet treats from sweet friends.
 just realized how many of my photos are about food.
 she picked out a new necklace.

& likes to pretend they're real glasses.

 we love our jeanne oliver designs around here.

summer things soon to be traded out for fall.

my constant companion.

time flies.

 all creatures great & small.

a big honor.

one last swim.

found a highlighted verse in one of the bibles belonging to dan's father.
with the date he married his bride right beside.
psalm 126.3
the lord has done great things for us,
and we are filled with joy.
a rich legacy of love indeed.

hope your day is wonderful
that you got more sleep than i did!


traci said...

good morning my dear. what a great way to start my day. a beautiful post by you. :)

Leslie said...

I love it when you pack a post full of photos, sure wish we lived closer, maybe one day when we retire and head south! Get to bed early tonight!

Kim said...

just had to chime in and tell you that i ordered the ruffle messenger bag from jeanne oliver! it arrived yesterday - l.o.v.e. it!!!! so sweet! thanks for the source

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing so many lovely things! I hope you catch up on your sleep tonight.

Micah Jamie said...

I woke up at 3:30 (CST)too! Had some precious young lives on my mind so just prayed and sipped coffee :). I adore the highlighted/dated passage. What a precious hidden treasure!
Here's to having a good day and not running out of energy! xoxo

Kelli said...

This seems to be such a busy time for everyone right now...a little overwhelming too. I hope your week goes smoothly. I loved the recap of all things going on with you...through your words and your beautiful photography. I still need to order that book.

Tiffini said...

oh dear..have i had those early early mornings. have you ever just talked to God at those times?:)
beautiful pictures...praying your heart is drinking in His infinite peace and love for you today.

christina said...

i just love that fb post! lol

and the bible verse... so amazing.

Alecia said...

Sweet post and I love all your goodies...including Gigi's...a lady I work with has a daughter that works at Gigi's and we occasionally get blessed with some in our break room :-)
Praying for your cholesterol to go down.

Between You and Me said...

love this post.
long for the day that one of my kids reads my blog and leaves a comment telling me it's their favorite post ever.

love all of your pictures....all of them.

3 Peanuts said...

LOVE it all. HUGE Congrats to Madison!!!! Woo hoo!!! Cannot wait for homecoming pics. Will's is Friday too but he "might" be meeting his "date" at the dance? It is all very top secret at this point...you know. BOYS!

ANd that comment from SMK. Oh my goodness. She is the sweetest. I want Kate to grow up to be her(well you know what I mean).

Hope your busy week sails by with blissful memories:)


Lulu and Co. said...

I've been just absolutely terrIble about picking up my camera lately...loved what you captured as always!!!!

Carol S. said...

I like your stories, pictures and comments in season or out! You brighten lots of days around the world. I'm a low carb queen...lost to maintained over the past 4 years or so, it's the one program that consistently works for me. Sorry to hear about your high chol, hope it comes down soon. (www.lowcarbfriends.com, check out the recipe suggestions blog if anyone is considering this lifestyle) You didn't ask for eating plan tips, now did you? sorry!!!!

sugar said...

Love this post!

sugar said...

2 things....please send me smoothie recipes...i'm trying so hard to eat healthy and i hate proteing shakes, i'd like to hide it in a smooooothie :)

....have you tried Josie Maran's argan oil? you will fall in love!


Anonymous said...

good mishmash of pics and love the love note from smk-I treasure notes/IMs-lol- from my boys!! Floors are looking great-how are you cleaning them?

Jodi said...

I love all the pictures! Beka loves the ones of Caroline, she said she almost bought that same necklace! :) I also love the bible verse!

I ordered a cuff bracelet from Jeanne Oliver....can't wait to get it! :)

Take care Paige!