Wednesday, September 14, 2011

in sync

so yesterday i was so tickled to have a real life phone conversation with tara!
i declare, this world is truly is a small one.
to think 19 years ago, while pregnant with savannah,
gregg & i attended a church pastored by andy stanley.
& now, savannah is attending one of (andy's) northpoint community's locations
in athens
where tara & hubby live
where tara's hubby works!!
i mean seriously what a small world!

i'll be the first to admit, i spend a little too much time on facebook.
gosh that's painful to admit
but there it is
& today thought i'd sync things up a little between my fb account & the blog.

most mornings i do pull up smk's page & check out all her cute photos.
no i don't stalk every conversation but i love to see her in all her glory, especially on game day.
(hoping i don't get an early morning text telling me something along the lines of, that's so creepy that you downloaded my photos.)
go dawgs! 

while i was on the phone with cutiepie tara,
another call came in...
turns out little bit had missed the bus.
& fear not, she only waited about 3 minutes for my callback.
but anyway, we're riding along & she tells me...
"mama, i've been asked out three times this week, by three different boys"
insert rolling eyes here. her's. not mine.
"but don't worry. i told the last one....walk away buddy, just walk away"
there were hand motions. it was hysterical. hysterical i tell ya!

recently had this little visitor hanging out in the family room with me.
& i will tell you, i did make an attempt to send him back outdoors.
on my own.
but he sorta creeped me out scurrying so quickly.
couldn't get a single one of my girls to help the cause...
thankful for husbands who do insect control.

have you died & gone to heaven
with one of these in your hand yet? 

& before you go & judge me.
i do order it nonfat, decaf, 1 shot, no whip & light on the mocha
it still tastes great!

so proud of madison &
her two recent personal biggie accomplishments!!
atta girl!


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the plan is to shut down facebook for the rest of the day.
baby steps.


Debby said...

No boys for Little
Bit.......she is just too cute. I bet you wanted to slam on the breaks, hah.
You have your hands full with such beautiful girls.

Kat said...

Paige, this is my favorite kind of post. A little bit of everything, love it. I hope my girls following the CEK dating rules when they are ten... she's hilarious.

Christina said...

"walk away buddy, just walk away" okaaaay!!! lol i love it!
madison is so beautiful in that photo! wow!

smk said...

not creepy mom, don't worry. i love a simple thoughts shout out just as much as the next person.
love, miss, & can't wait to see you!

Sheri said...

how cute! love it and love that you are so happy. have an awesome fb free day - ah haaaa. be blessed. xo

Shannon said...

SMK's comment above is too sweet!
I just posted about a praying mantis last night except ours was outside thankfully, I had never seen one so big. I've been wanting to try that Starbucks drink but am having a hard time drinking coffee in our 90 degree heat! Can't wait for cooler weather :)
Little bit is so funny telling that boy to "just walk away", hopefully she keeps that up until she is in college ;)
Have a great day!

Christina Bennett-Kirkwood said...

Thank you for the follow up on most everyone, these are the kind of post that drew me into your blog. Madison looks so very beautiful in that photo.

Talia said...

Oh!I had the same visitor in my house. Thank goodness my honey takes care of such things! :)

Love this post - a mix of everything.

Little Bits comment -- too cute!

3 Peanuts said...

I love the updates of all your cutie girls. I am glad lil bit told boy #3 to walk away. Cause I KNOW she is really meant for my lil bit, Harry. Seriously!

I am not on FB very is a time drain I think. I go on every once in a blue moon.

And how cute is that SMK. Love her comment. I'll tell ya you are doing this Mom thing right, girl!

Jen Kershner said...

I was so surprised to read about the going out thing! I will have to ask Emma if that is a thing at her school yet. That little girl of yours has a good head on her shoulders!

Leslie said...

little bit cracks me up! way to make em back off!!!!

Between You and Me said...

loved talking to you, too!!!!!
highlight of my day.....

love that our worlds are colliding...only God could do that!

love the picture of Madison....beautiful girl...absolutely beautiful!!!!

and caroline telling the boy to just walk away...with hands in the air...wish i'd been that smart....seriously.

praying now that Luke follows her "rules of dating" when the girls come calling.

Bring Pretty Back said...

That FB can be addicting - I have gone cold turkey - NO FB at all. I know! I know!
The girls are so so pretty!
Have a pretty day!

Lulu and Co. said...

It's so wonderful to hear that life in your household with your precious girls is all going so well. Love it when everything feels in sync at home... It's a harmony that beings calm to a full home!!

Tiffini said...

I am SO glad to hear you are hearing the same things. That is what Grace is telling me..boys asking her out...@ 12!
creepy she says:)
love sweet Tara...something hot sounds good right about now

Jodi said...

I love see pics of Savannah and hearing how things are going with her!

Caroline, how cute!!! Of course she would have so many boys asking her "out", she is a sweetheart; they are smart boys! :)She is a smart girl for telling them to "walk away!" :)

What a beautiful pic of Madison!

Take care, Paige! :)

brockey said...

Love this post. Did you make the cover for the chaise little bit is sitting on ? Stunning ! Where did you get that ?

Alecia said...

Great post & WHAT is that DRINK?!?! Looks DELISH!

erin said...

So I went to Starbucks after reading your post. Thanks. I'm addicted now.