Monday, September 19, 2011

strawberry fields forever

one of my favorite things to do each year
is to head over to the strawberry patch.
while the berries are long gone
& we'll soon head to the pumpkin patch,
i thought i'd share some images from this summer's event.

each year we come home with a couple gallons of 
delicious berries. 
using most to make jam
& freezing the rest for smoothies.

this year i simplified my already easy peasy freezer jam plan.
which involved nothing more than adding pectin
& sugar
into a bowl of sliced berries.
home made jam.
end of story.
& melt in your mouth 

we always leave a little time for a little post strawberry pickin' dance party


Evan said...

We went strawberry picking this year and Morgan ate so many berries afterwards she broke out in hives. She's not allergic, but apparently you can OD on strawberries!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful photographs today!
I have just ventured back into reading my favorite blogs again,and read the blog about Evan. It rang so true. I know many did not understand why or how I chose to live the past six years with Kenny as sick as he was. Unconditional love, no matter what the circumstances. Thank you for such a beautiful example of it. I wish this young couple all the best.

traci said...

i loooooove strawberries. what a great place. looks like a fun day all around.

The Avery House said...

Beautiful photos my dear friend! You've inspired me, as always, to get to snapping my photos once again. I love how Caroline is color coordintaed to the strawberry fields. She looks like she could be on the cover of a magazine in these shots. And Madison too is beautiful. And let's not forget about you if I am gonna hand out some compliments. I love the shot of you and your "blues" girls. BTW, where did you get Caroline';s boots. I love them!

Carol S. said...

Too cute, love the red plaid shorts with boots. My mom makes that simple jam, delicious!

Sibi said...

You all are now known as "the family with the best legs!"over here at my house:)

What a happy and cheerful post!

I love the sassy scarf tied around Caroline's head!!

Happy Monday!

Big Hug,


Christina said...

what beautiful photos! and such a sunny and clear day. i have fallen in love with those red covers to the canning jars. oh won't you please share, where i can find those?

melissa said...

I love Sibi's comment about the best legs .. that's what I always say about you and all your girlie ... beauitful legs! Love Carolline's sassy looking outfit too! :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

You guys look awfully cute for strawberry picking!! I love how Caroline's shorts match the strawberry theme. (We are past shorts season over here in the PNW now... I think Fall has officially hit us.)

Privet and Holly said...

Perfect reminder!
I've got 17 pounds
of frozen strawberries
from two June trips
to our strawberry fields,
crying out to be made
into jams...and maybe
some for smoothies : )
LOVE these pics; the
one of Dan and your
baby tugged at my heart.
xx Suzanne

Tiffini said...

just stinkin' precious! beautiful capture of life.
You rock:)

Anonymous said...

As always, beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! Though we missed strawberry picking this year last year we tried the recipe you posted -- and it was delicious!


Kelli said...

We missed strawberry picking this year so I can live vicariously through your pictures. I love that red headband of Miss Caroline :)

Micah Jamie said...

adorable girls & beautiful photos! one of Miss C. dancing is priceless!

Kristin said...

summer sweetness!

love the images of your madison and caroline.

Between You and Me said...

your girls are rockin' the shots on that red tractor!

Kat said...

Fun pictures!!! I can still taste that yummy strawberry jam! Oh how it made my day when you gave me a sweet jar of it. Yummy.